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What is Embrilliance Enthusiast?

What is Embrilliance Enthusiast?

Want to be able to edit the embroidery designs you purchase or find for free online? Then maybe you need Embrilliance Enthusiast. Embriliance Enthusiast is an advanced embroidery design editor that runs on either a Mac or a PC. And in this article, I’ll be covering exactly what is Embrilliance Enthusiast. If you new to […]

how to make an in the hoop pouch on your embroidery machine

How to make an in-the-hoop pouch on your embroidery machine

In-the-hoop machine embroidery projects are pretty remarkable. All you have to do is lay pieces of fabric and zippers on top of floated stabilizer, following the directions of the pattern designer. Then, when you’ve made it through the steps, remarkably, you have a finished project! I love in-the-hoop projects. In fact – I’m a member […]