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How to use a multi-position embroidery hoop

How to use a multi-position embroidery hoop

Have you ever wanted to stitch out an embroidery design that is larger than the largest embroidery hoop, you own? The solution may be within reach – and take the form of a multi-position hoop. These unique embroidery hoops (also referred to as repositionable hoops) are add on accessory you can purchase to enhance the […]

How to use a multi-needle embroidery machine

How to Use a Brother Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

Are you tired of all the thread changing, small embroidery hoops, and slow stitch-outs? Well – maybe it’s time to say hello to a Brother multi-needle embroidery machine. As a beginner, using a multi-needle embroidery machine can seem a bit daunting. But trust me, it’s not as difficult as it appears. In this article, we’ll […]