Best sewing chairs: great options for sewing and embroidery

By on April 14th, 2021
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best sewing chairs
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So…. what kind of chair are you using in your sewing / embroidery room?  A janky old thrift store find?  Rejected dining room chair?  Or (GASP) a folding chair??  Sure this may work for a little while, but once you spend hours at your sewing and/or embroidery machine working on a project, you will start to understand the importance of a good sewing chair. So, what do you think?  Time to upgrade? Here are some of the best sewing chairs for sewing and embroidery.

Essential traits of the best sewing chairs


Listen, I’m really not THAT old, but sitting on a hard chair for long periods of time is pretty miserable.  I have learned this during the pandemic, working from home and sitting outside on outdoor furniture. 

Now, whenever I do work outside, I bring a cushion out for my bum.  Therefore, when it comes to picking out a sewing / embroidery chair, find one that’s soft on the tush.

Lumbar support

Sitting can cause a great deal of stress on the lower back. Turns out, much more so than standing. 

Chairs with an adjustable lumbar support pad will help relieve some of the stress and pressure applied to your spine and will result in less back pain.


I move around A LOT from machine to machine when I’m working in my sewing room. And, I don’t need more than one chair cluttering up my space. Therefore, mobility is essential.   The best sewing chairs typically have wheels on the bottom.


If you work with more than one machine, e.g. sewing machine, embroidery machine, serger, cover stitch machine, you may find that some sit higher than others. For this reason, you will likely want to be able to raise or lower your seat.


Let’s  be real.  An ugly chair is not going to inspire you to do any sewing or embroidery. A cute chair in a cute sewing room makes your it a pleasant place to be and can inspire you to create.

This is why the walls in my sewing room are painted orange.  I strive the for the optimal sewing room decor! I am the only person that goes in that room, and it makes me very very happy.  A cute chair can have the same effect.

What is the best chair for sewing?

Many sewing machine dealers also offer sewing chairs which is a great place to try some out.

For example, has 100+ styles of sewing chairs.

But, you don’t necessarily need to buy a sewing chair from a sewing machine dealer. There are plenty of great options that may be cheaper and more stylish than what you can find in a sewing store.

Here are some of the favorites as recommended by some of the sewing and embroidery nerds I know.

Best sewing chairs for sewing and embroidery

The bargain chair

If price is your biggest consideration, then you may like this adjustable and cushioned task chair from Amazon. It checks all the boxes without costing a bundle.

The quilted pink faux leather dream

The people that own this pink rolling faux leather chair  absolutely love it. It has a modern look with a sweet, soft color. And, check out all that cushion! The only downside that I can see is the lack of adjustable lumbar support.  Put for the price and style, I think it would make an excellent addition to any sewing room.

Best sewing chairs: a pretty pink stylish leather chair

The Bungee Chair from The Container Store

Don’t let the odd look fool you.  The Bungee Chair from the Container Store is a favorite with many sewing and embroidery enthusiasts.  The look is unique and the construction is durable. Many people claim that it’s the most comfortable chair they own.  The rows of bungees provide tons of support while cradling your bum and supporting your back.

You can get the Bungee chair with or without arms.  Some seamstresses feel like arms on a chair hinder mobility. It that’s the case for you, go with the armless version (as pictured below).

Gaming Chair

Gamers are known for being glued to their video games for hours at a time. So, they need a comfortable chair to participate in their “sport.” The comfort, mobility, support and adjustability also make it a good candidate for a sewing and embroidery chair. While most of the game chairs come in dark and brooding colors, you can find some versions in unconventional hues that will liven up your sewing room.

I especially like the Ohaho racing style game chair in pink.  While it sort of looks a bit like futuristic Barbie furniture, it sure seems comfortable. And the fact that it reclines and has a foot rest? Who says you can’t chill out in your sewing room. Sometimes it’s the best place to go and escape.

Arrow Chair

If you want to get a chair that is specifically designed for a crafter, consider the Arrow adjustable height sewing and craft chair.  It is specifically designed to support your lower back while giving you the freedom to move your arms unencumbered.

Plus, it has a built-in storage area under the seat cushion.  My friend, Ellie (owner of the Janome MB-7), owns one of these chairs and this is where she stashes her cash. Shhhh!  Don’t tell anyone.

Arrow Chair for sewing and embroidery

Fitness Ball Chair

If you view sewing time as an opportunity to strengthen your core, then you may be interested in using a Fitness Ball Chair  as your sewing and embroidery seating.  Apparently these chairs will boost your energy and focus – something that’s always needed when you have a lot of sewing and embroidery projects to finish.

Fitness Ball Chair for Sewing

How to improve your existing sewing and embroidery chair

If you are committed to your current sewing / embroidery chair but are looking for ways to make it a little better, I have a few suggestions.

Replace the wheels

The casters on typical rolling chairs can be magnets for threads. They can get stuck inside of the casters, and then suddenly your chairs don’t roll as well.  If this has happened to you and you are ready to get your roll on again, consider replacing your wheels.  You can actually buy chair wheels that look and feel like wheels on a pair of rollerblades. The roll a heck of a lot better and they don’t suck up strings like typical chair casters.

Add a cushion

A chair is so much more comfortable with a little extra cushion. Not only will your chair be a lot more comfortable, a cushion is an opportunity to add a little color and style to your room.  I like this memory foam seat cushion because it looks so comfortable and it’s also in a great color.

Recover it

If you’re on a budget and your sewing chair is high on comfort but low on style, consider recovering it.  You can brighten up your whole sewing room with an attractive, new and improved chair.

Raise your machine(s)

If the preferred height of your chair and the position of your machine are not in sync, consider investing in a riser for your machine. A riser can be especially helpful if you find yourself hunched over too much. A riser can be an easy fix.

Frequently asked questions about sewing and embroidery room chairs

Should a sewing chair have arms?

Most typical sewing chairs do not have arms, as they might get in the way. But if they are small an unobtrusive, they are probably fine. I think it is totally a matter of personal preference.

Many of the chairs that my embroidery friends raved about do have arm rests – so you really could go either way.

How do you choose a chair for your sewing room?

Remember, the best sewing room chairs are the ones that are comfortable, support your back and allow you to move your arms freely. Think about how you like to sew and what type of chair would work best for you.

Once you have a few chairs in mind, go to a store where you can test them out. Even if it’s not the exact same version that you plan to purchase – you can probably get an idea of whether a particular style of chair will work for you.

What is the difference between an office chair and a sewing chair?

Marketing. There is no reason why an office chair can not be used as a sewing chair. Just consider your specific needs when you sew and embroider when deciding whether a particular office chair will meet your needs in your sewing room.

Ready to update your seat game?

Let me know what you buy and why! Leave a comment below.

Happy stitching!



Best Sewing Chairs

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