Machine embroidery projects for a dog

By on June 10th, 2020
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machine embroidery projects for a dog
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Sometimes your dog truly is the most deserving. I write that first sentence with the utmost honesty.  Unlike my children, our dog, Chili, never has an attitude or talks back and is always up for hanging out with me. So maybe I should be devoting more of my creative energy to making stuff for her, especially now that i have uncovered so many great machine embroidery projects for a dog.

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Machine embroidery projects for a dog

Ok – I know that we are acting as though these projects are all for your dog. But, most of them will actually make your life easier as well.  Here’s what I mean.

In-the-hoop dog name tag

Probably one of the smartest things you can do for your dog is to put some type of identification on him or her which is why this is one of the best machine embroidery projects for a dog. We actually sprang for a little metal disc engraved with Chili’s name attached to her collar, but it has fallen off and we’ve had to replace it which can get a little pricey. Until recently, it hadn’t occurred to me that I could make a dog name tag in-the-hoop on my embroidery machine. But, guess what?  You absolutely can!

There are a lot of different name tags you can stitch in-the-hoop. I personally love this simple, in-the-hoop bone-shaped dog name tag design from Nana’s Handmade Baby. You simply add the name (and perhaps a phone number) as you stitch out the design. Then, finish with a snap and a key ring.

in-the-hoop dog name tag
Stitch out these cute dog name tags in you embroidery hoop. Photo provided by Nana’s Handmade Baby and used with their permission.

Personalized dog collar

Machine embroidery projects for a dog: a personalized dog collar
Ellie seems very excited about her personalized dog collar. Image provided by Abbey Chapman and used with her permission.

Another great idea (in case your dog gets lost) is to stitch your dog’s name (and even a phone number) on her collar.  Just purchase one of these really inexpensive, bold colored collars on Amazon, float it on some stabilizer and start stitching! 

Personalized kerchief

Let’s say your dog needs to get dressed up for a fancier occasion, what about a seasonal kerchief? There are a number of in-the-hoop kerchiefs, some of which are actually pretty silly.  JJs Appliques on Etsy has a nice variety of fun in-the-hoop dog kerchiefs that you can make on your embroidery machine.

machine embroidery projects for dogs: bad to the bone bandana in-the-hoop
In-the-hoop dog bandanas by JJ’s Appliques. Photo provided by JJ’s Appliques and used with their permission.

Don’t despair if your embroidery hoop is not large enough to make a  kerchief in-the-hoop, you can still make them on your sewing machine and add a name or monogram. Michelle Mieure of Razzmatazz Embroidery created a free step by step tutorial on how to make a darling dog kerchief that you can easily personalize on your embroidery machine. The pattern is particularly nice because the kerchief is designed so that the collar slips right through it, holding it in place.

Machine embroidery project for a dog: personalized kerchief
Taz is rocking his personalized kerchief. Image provided by Michele Mieure and used with her permission.

In-the-hoop dog toys

If your dog goes through toys as fast as mine, it’s good to know that you can easily make more in your embroidery hoop. There are quite a few different dog toy in-the-hoop patterns to choose from. I personally like this little in-the-hoop toy mouse.  You can actually even make it in a 4″ x 4″ hoop.  And (don’t tell Chili) it’s appropriate for other types of pets as well.  I also love these silly in-the-hoop donut dog toy by Plush Fish Studios.

machine embroidery project for a dog: in-the-hoop toy
In-the-hoop dog toyPlush Fish Studios. Photo provided by Plush Fish Studios and used with their permission.

Side note: interested in in-the-hoop toys and games for kids? Look no further. 

In-the-hoop poop bag dispenser

This may be the most useful of all the machine embroidery projects for a dog. You see, I run with my dog, Chili, A LOT. And there is nothing worse then forgetting a poop bag and then watching your dog do her business on a neighbor’s lawn. That’s why a poop bag dispenser that attaches to your keychain is such a smart, practical item to make on your embroidery machine.

One of the in-the-hoop design poop bag dispenser that I like comes from Simple Stuff Creations. It has a silly design on the front, “I poop, you scoop” and just needs to be finished with a small clip keychain to attach it to your bag, stroller, or combine with your keychain.

in-the-hoop poop bag dispenser
Hilarious in-the-hoop poop bag dispensers. Photo provided by Simple Stuff Creations and used with their permission.

Personalized outerwear

Let me just start by saying, our dog, Chili is not a sweater-wearing kind of dog.  She has a shiny black coat and looks like she is on the verge of heat stroke the entire summer.  However, I know several dog owners that love to put a sweater or other form of outerwear on their dogs. And if you are going to put a dog in a sweater, you might as well monogram it!

I’ve seen dog sweaters at places like Walmart and Target for next to nothing! But there is also a great variety of dog sweaters on Amazon that are super cheap.

machine embroidery projects for a dog: monogrammed dog sweaters

Wait? Your dog doesn’t have a middle name? Time to give her one. For example, my kids gave my sister-in-law’s dog, Gus, a middle name (“Lamberson” – yes – pretty random). And no one is going to judge you if you choose a middle initial based on what looks nice for the  monogram.

Machine embroidery projects for a dog: monogrammed dog vest
Ellie looks super stylish in her monogrammed dog vest.  Ellie’s owner, Abbey, found this vest in the $1 section at Target. Image provided by Abbey Chapman and used with her permission.

Personalized dog bed

machine embroidery projects for a dog: personalized dog bed

If you own a dog, a dog bed becomes part of your decor. So why not elevate the dog bed a bit with some fancy embroidery? My friend, Ellie, made this dog bed from remnant fleece she had laying around, and personalized it using the Grace font by Stitchtopia.

Ellie is an experienced seamstress, so she just improvised on the pattern.  But, if you are needing a bit more guidance about how to make a dog bed, you can use this free PDF dog bed pattern and just embroider on the top piece before you stitch it all together.

Another option, if you already own an old, worn out dog bed is to simply recover it. There are plenty of dog bed covers available which are nice because you can take them off and wash them. And, they are super easy to personalize on an embroidery machine.

In-the-hoop dog treat bags

A lady in my neighborhood, named Dina, is the ultimate dog lady.  She actually brings dog treats with her on her runs! We tend to go running around the same time, and as soon as Chili spots her, she starts pulling like crazy! Dina gives Chili her treat then the two of them have a brief make out session while I watch in horror.

While I’m not suggesting you go full-on dog lady, if you tend to carry dog treats, it helps to have a treat bag. Adorable 3D dog treat bag from Smart D’sign Embroidery is the perfect size and clips on to anything.

machine embroidery projects for dogs: in-the-hoop dog treat bag
3D in-the-hoop treat bag. Photo provided by Smart D’sign Embroidery and used with their permission.

Microfiber towel

I don’t care how much you love your pooch. No one wants to dry off with the same towel that the dog uses. Why not make it abundantly clear who the dog towel belongs to by stitching out her name on it?

Microfiber towels are very effective at wicking away moisture and hence minimizing the amount of water your dog shakes off on you after giving her a bath.  In fact, you can buy microfiber towels, specifically designed for drying off your pup!

Personalized leash

You know how many leashes we have lost since we have owned a dog?  A lot. Again, you can find really inexpensive, fun colored leashes on Amazon that would be super easy to personalize on your embroidery machine.

Another option, if you feeling a bit gun shy about embroidering through the nylon material of a collar or leash is to, instead, stitch out the name on a tag that the collar or leash feeds through.

machine embroidery projects for a dog: embroidered dog name slide

I personally like this simple in-the-hoop name slide from Blue Pumpkin that is designed to slip right over most collars or leashes.

So, wait… you don’t own a dog?

Well – I’m sure glad you read this post, not because I think you should run out and get one.  You should know about these machine embroidery projects for dogs because a lot of these items are great sellers at craft shows! Many dog owners love to spoil their mutts – so stitch up some of these items and get ready to hear the cash register ring!

Happy stitching!



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machine embroidery projects for a dog

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