Things to embroider for summer using your embroidery machine

By on April 7th, 2021
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things to embroider for summer
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.Summer is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to get started on all the things you want to make for summer on your embroidery machine. Summer gear presents some great opportunities for using your embroidery machine. Kids go away to camp and get out more often, so using your embroidery machine to personalize some of their summer gear will help ensure that these items make it back to you. But not every embroidery project is purely for identification purposes only. There are a lot of ways to add some fun style to your summer wardrobe and around your home using your embroidery machine. So let’s get started, here are 10 fun things to embroider for summer using your embroidery machine.

My favorite things to embroider for summer

Personalized beach towels

embroidered beach towel
Photo provided by Pam Lenois of Sew Much More Than Bows and used with her permission.

If you are a beginner when it comes to machine embroidery, a great place to get comfortable with your embroidery is by personalizing some towels. First of all, towels are flat which makes it easy to float them on an embroidery hoop.  Never done it before? Learn how.

Beach towels in particular tend to be easy to embroider because of their strong visual pattern. It is much easier to stitch out a name or a monogram straight with a bold graphic design due to the strong visual cues.

While you can buy standard beach towels just about anywhere, I really like the lighter weight Turkish towels. They not only  look more elegant, but on the hottest days of summer it’s nicer to wrap yourself up in a lighter weight material as opposed to a big bulky beach towel.

If you own a swimming pool, matching monogrammed beach towels can elevate your whole outdoor look. But embroidered beach towels also make great birthday and graduation gifts.

Embroidered Swimsuit

And while we are on the topic of embroidering swim gear, what about embroidering a swimsuit?  A swimsuit is one of my favorite things to embroider for summer. And, it’s really not as scary as it seems – especially kids’ swimwear (like a gingham bikini) as it tends not to need to stretch as much as it would on an adult.

things to embroider for summer: monogrammed bikini for a little girl
Photo provided by Courtney Presley and used with her permission.

But, monogrammed swimsuits are not just for little people.  Many teens and tweens love a monogrammed bikini.  But the embroidery you stitch out on a swimsuit does not need to be limited to a monogram. While a monogram can add a touch of elegance to an otherwise basic bikini or tank, you can create a truly custom look by stitch out an embroidery design on a swimsuit.

monogrammed bikini top for a woman
Photo provided by Margaret Campbell of Moonbay Creek and used with her permission.

Monogrammed Sneakers

Things to embroider for summer: monogrammed sneakers: a fun think to embroidery for summer on your embroidery machine
Photo courtesy of Carol Cooper Dodson and used with her permission.

Colorful, casual sneakers are one of the most satisfying things to embroider for summer. Last year, I gave my casual sneakers a fun new look by adding a monogram to the tongue. And, I did it on a single needle machine!

Typically, you see monograms most often on Converse brand sneakers, but you can also buy generic sneakers in an array of fun colors similar to Converse ones for half the price and get the same look.  Plus – with a snazzy monogram – who’s going to notice the brand of sneakers?

Embroidered flip flops

Things to embroider for summer: embroidered flip flops

Nothing says summer more than a pair of flip-flops, and a monogrammed set is add a bit of elegance to any summer time look. There are a couple of different ways you can monogram on flip-flops. I like the styles from where you can remove the disks to embroidery them and swap them out for different colors and styles. The only problem is that they are not the most comfortable flip-flops in the whole world.

But, he problem with monogramming other types of flip-flops is the accessibility issue. I did find this adjustable style on Amazon where you can get easier embroidery access to the top of the shoe because you can open up the strap.

Monogrammed floppy straw hats

monogrammed straw hat

Once I figured out how to monogram a straw hat, I started making them for just about everyone. The great thing about a straw hat is that they have such a wide brim, it makes them easy to monogram, even on a single needle home machine.

The only tricky aspect of this project is that the straw hat material tends to be quite porous, so you may want to incorporate some foam underneath your embroidery. This will prevent stitches from getting lost and result in a bolder monogram. I’ve actually monogrammed straw hats with or without foam, and I’ve been pretty happy with both results.

Amazon carries a number of different straw hats in a range of styles from dressy to sporty, but I like just this floppy straw hat.

Straw hats for embroidery

Monogrammed bags for summer travel

personalized duffel bags

Summer is a time for travel whether it’s just over to the pool or some we’re out of the country. A great way to help you identify your bag is by having your monogram her name stitched on it. It really is true what they say at the airport – some bags do look A LOT alike. But, a distinctive embroidered duffel bag will help you quickly identify yours and help prevent someone else from walking off with it.

I like these simple little duffels from Amazon, but if you are sending your kid off to camp for a few weeks – they will surely need a larger style.

Duffel Bags Perfect for Embroidery

Embroidered picnic blanket

Summer is a great season for dining al fresco – especially this summer while people may still be wanting to keep their distance. But what is one to do when no table is around? Lay the food out on a picnic blanket!  But not all picnic blankets are created equal.  One that is water resistant on the backside will help keep your bum dry even when you don’t settle in on the driest terrain.

Adding a name or a monogram to an outdoor blanket can help you identify your spot in a crowd, and it will look a bit classier slung over your shoulder.  I like the ones with the built-in carrying straps: stylish and functional.

Insulated market tote

monogrammed food travel tote

If you are going to eat outside, then you are going to need something for transporting your food.  I really love these insulated market totes exactly for this purpose.  And, because the top zips off almost completely, they are super easy to get on an embroidery hoop.

Monogrammed appliqué skorts

monogrammed skort

A little bit nice than shorts but not quite as fancy as a skirt: the skort.  It’s the perfect summertime look.  A few years back I found these soft skorts at Sams for next to nothing. But I thought they would be a lot cuter with an appliqué monogram. So, I bought up a bunch and made them as birthday presents for all my daughter’s friends who had summertime birthdays.

It’s been a few years now – and I think it’s time to bring the look back.  I really like this style of skort on Amazon, but you may be able to find them cheaper at your local Sams or Costco.

Personalized camping chair

A great thing to embroidery for summer: a camping chair
Photo provided by Mari Dwyer of Shenaniganstotes and used with her permission.

A fold up camping chair is another great thing you can embroider that you will surely get lots of use out of over the summer. If you tend to go to a lot of outdoor youth sporting events, movie nights, camping, or any outdoor gatherings, you got to have something to sit on. Why not let everyone know whose chair it is?

Embroidering a name or a monogram on one of these outdoor chairs is a lot easier if you can remove the chair back from the chair frame, if it is possible. Sometimes you can slide the back piece off the metal frame, then take the two pieces apart to embroider on the front piece. Once you are done, you can stitch it back together and then slide it back on the chair.

Alternatively, you can embroider on the back of the chair while the back is still on the chair frame. But, it can be a bit tricky. I have done it before and I held my breath the entire time. There’s a lot of weight in the chair pulling away from the embroidery hoop.

The problem with this method is that you have the unsightly name or monogram on the back of the chair. So, you may want to cover that with some type of patch.  Another option is to embroider a name or monogram on a separate fabric and then attach it to the back of the chair.  Any way you decide to go about it will result in a truly custom seat that someone would have a hard time taking.

Ready to start your summer embroidery projects?

So, who is ready to get stitching? Summer is just around the corner. Hook yourself up with some stylish embroidered gear. Or, start cranking out some fun, personalized summertime gifts that anyone will love.

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