How to embroider on a puffy vest (or coat)

By on November 6th, 2019
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how to embroider on a puffy vest
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A few years ago, I kicked off my Christmas shopping when I stumbled upon the most adorable, shiny, silver, plush, pink-lined vests in the girls section at Walmart. I scooped them up immediately with the intention of personalizing them for my two little nieces. And, in my haste, I didn’t even consider how difficult it would be to do it. I wasn’t even sure how to embroider on a puffy vest.  But – when you see the perfect gift, you need to go for it! So, that’s exactly what I did.  

Perhaps I haven’t emphasized enough how fabulous these vests were. Frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so cozy, but yet so shiny.  One of the reviewers on Walmart’s website actually called them “the most amazing piece of girls clothing” she has ever owned.

Oh – and they actually came in coats, too! It doesn’t get more glam than that, especially at Walmart. I even tried in vain to find one for me in the ladies department or even a real big girl size that I might be able to squeeze into. Unfortunately, no such luck (at least not at my Walmart, but now I do see a big girl size online, hmmm… could I really pull this off?) 

Anyway – in my haste to make this purchase, I caught myself second guessing what I had done in the checkout line. How difficult was this going to be? The last thing I wanted to do was destroy these fabulous vests.  Turns out, embroidering on a puffy vest (or a coat) is no. big. deal. 

And while Walmart may not have the shiny silver puffy vests and coats available this season, you can find similar ones on Amazon – plus a whole lot more if shiny silver is not your thing.

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Why embroider on a puffy vest? 

They make great gifts

Personalized puffy vests make great gifts for men, women and children, which is probably what you need at this time of year. And, people LOVE personalized gifts because it shows you were thinking of exclusively of them. 

Also, if you stitch out a monogram, it shows you actually took the time (and maybe did some undercover work) to figure out their middle name. 

They are inexpensive

Puffy vests are pretty inexpensive, at least as far as outerwear goes.  You can find puffy vests for men, women and children for $10 – $30. 

And, if you are really strategic, (aka hitting the Old Navy sale racks in January), you can get puffy vests for next to nothing. 

They are easy to size

Also, puffy vests are pretty easy to size.  I’m always concerned about personalizing a gift for someone and not having it fit.

However, puffy vests only come in a few sizes, and you can likely size someone based on their appearance.  Or, you can sneak a peek in the coat or vest they are wearing. 

They are practical

Puffy vests are practical.  They keep your core toasty which (and I know this sounds crazy) keeps your extremities warm as well. 

You see, I learned this in my protective clothing class. When your body is cold, blood travels away from your fingers and toes. But when it’s warm, your blood can make it’s way out to the far reaches of your body.  When you keep the core warm, you keep your entire body warm. 

They pull together your look

A monogramed puffy vest dresses up the utilitarian look of outerwear. In many casual workplaces, you can wear it around the office and look stylish while staying warm. 

So are you convinced now?  Let’s start shopping. 

Where can I buy a puffy vest? 

Around the holidays you can find puffy vests suitable for embroidery, just about anywhere.  For kids, I’ve found great puffy vests at Oshkosh, the Gap Factory and Old Navy. For women, I have found adorable vests at Sam’s Club and on Amazon

But now, I’ve gotten to the point where if I can Amazon Prime a something, it’s worth it to keep me out of the stores.  So, here are some great puffy vest options you can snap up on Amazon.  Check out the rainbow puffy vest for kids.  AMAZING. 

The best inexpensive puffy vests to embroider

Puffy vests to personalize for women

Puffy vests to personalize for men


Tips for embroidering on a puffy vest

Fortunately, embroidering on a puffy vest or coat is pretty easy if you take your time and follow the prescribed steps. However, if you are new to embroidery and/or have never embroidered on a puffy vest or coat, you may want to pick up a similar used item at Goodwill for practice before embroidering your actual vest.  But, I think you will find that embroidering on a puffy vest is pretty easy.  

Here’s the step by step process I recommend based on what worked for me. 

  1. First, decide where you want to add the monogram on your puffy vest. Typically, I stitch a monogram over the left breast, but an oversized monogram on the back of a puffy vest is a cute look for women and kids. 
  2. Hoop a piece of sticky back stabilizer and score the edges and peel back the paper to expose the sticky surface. 
  3. Mark the center point of the hoop and extend the horizontal and vertical lines.
  4. Cut out a piece of cut away stabilizer larger than the name or monogram you plan to embroider and spray it with temporary adhesive 
  5. Stick the cut away stabilizer onto the inside of the vest at the location of the name or monogram you plan to stitch out. 
  6. Mark the center point of the name or monogram on the cutaway stabilizer and extend the line horizontally and vertically. 
  7. Fold the vest back on itself along the vertical line you drew over the cutaway stabilizer on the inside of the vest. Line up the fold along the vertical line you drew on the hooped stabilizer
  8. Flatten out the vest so that it is fully stuck to the stabilizer. 
  9. Pin the vest to the stabilizer making sure that the pins are placed away from any stitching. 
  10. Start stitching. 

Embroidering on a puffy vest in action. 

Ok – still don’t get it?  Check out my video stitching these name on these amazing vests.  

Enjoy everyone!  And happy stitching. 


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how to embroider on a puffy vest

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How to embroider on a puffy vest

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  1. I love that I found your website! I soooo needed to find this form of embroidery help! I believe it’s an answer to my prayers! I really need help with placement issues In knowing where to embroider monograms on left chest placement on t-shirts and sweatshirts. I’ve struggled with this. I spend way too much time stressing over it. Also, with placing it straight and it not embroidering crooked on the shirt. I’ve had many to stitch out perfect, but some not so perfect. I truly want to feel confident in my work and not be so stressed when it comes to placement issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Oh thank you! Your comment made my day. Yes – I will make a post on placement. That’s a great idea. Stay tuned!

  2. Children should never have their names on clothing as now “strangers can become friendly ” with them and abduction may be the outcome.

    1. Good point. I don’t recommend names on backpacks- just monograms. I think with clothing – parents should be smart about where they let their kids wear clothing with a name on it.

  3. What needle size do you recommend?

    1. I just used a 75/11.

  4. I just found this page by accident. I’ve been machine embroidering for over 20 years and don’t have many problems anymore, but, I would like to get more ideas on something a little different. I hope by joining your site I may learn something new. I sure wish that your wonderful help was available when I started.

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