10 gifts to make for teenage girls on an embroidery machine

By on November 13th, 2019
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gifts to make for a teenage girl on your embroidery machine
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Let’s face it. Teenage girls are hard to shop for, especially if you are not a teenage girl. Once you are no longer in your teens, you probably are not aware of what is super trendy (nor do you probably care). But, in my experience, (and I do have some experience as a mother of two teenage girls), a cute monogrammed gift is always a winner for a teen gal.  In fact, there are a lot of great gifts to make for teenage girls on an embroidery machine.

To expedite your holiday gift giving, I’ve put together my top 10 personalized items that I have made on my embroidery machine that my girls and their friends and cousins have loved.  Most of these gifts range in price from $10-$25 range, so they’re pretty budget friendly, while allowing you to take advantage of the capabilities of your embroidery machine.

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Monogrammed Bluetooth beanie

monogrammed bluetooth beenie is one of the best gifts to make for teenage girls on an embroidery machine

Last year, I asked my friend if her teenage daughter already owned a Bluetooth beanie.  Her response?  “What’s that?”

Bingo.  I knew I had a good gift for a teenage girl.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, a Bluetooth beanie is essentially a ski cap with headphones built into the hat. You can connect your iPhone or iPad to the headphones via Bluetooth, so that you can listen to music or podcasts or the sound effects of a game through your hat. Bluetooth beanies are great for outdoor sports. Or, if you are one of my kids, then you sport them as loungewear as you slink around the house.

Bluetooth beanies are actually pretty easy to personalize on an embroidery machine. The only challenge is that you need to remember to take out the headphones prior to monogramming so that you don’t stitch through the wire. Also, you want to remove the headphones before you throw the beanie in the wash… that is, if you can get it off your kid’s head.

Learn how to machine embroider on a beanie.

Monogrammed and loaded up technology pack

monogrammed technology pack
monogrammed technology pack

For years my husband has joked me about what I referred to as my “technology pack.” It was a lame plastic case full of chargers and plugs that I kept with me in my computer bag.

Then, I discovered that a friend of mine had a much better looking technology pack that was actually designed for the purpose of caring plugs and cords. She bought it off of Amazon for less than $10 and swore that it was a game changer. So I ordered one for myself.

Once my husband saw my new and improved technology pack he changed his tune, and he asked me to order one for him. Then the kids chimed in and asked that I order technology packs for the as well. So I thought hey if these teenagers like a technology pack this could be a great gift and maybe I could even monogram it.

So, this year I ordered 7 of them for my nieces and nephews, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I order a few more.  I stitched out a monogram on all of them and stocked them up with the most common chargers, batteries, plugs etc. so that they are never out of juice. This may be one the the most appreciated and best gifts to make for teenage girls on an embroidery machine.

Monogrammed vest. You choose: fleece or puffy

monogrammed puffy vest
I made these monogrammed vests for me and my daughters a few years ago. I actually go the vests at Sam’s Club, but I do like these similar ones from Amazon.

A monogrammed fleece or a puffy vest is a great gift for a teenage girl, and they are super easy to monogram. Check out my previous articles about monogramming on a fleece, and monogramming a puffy vest if you are not sure how to go about it.

Most often you will see vests with a monogram over the left breast, but I’ve also seen really cute vests with an oversize monogram on the back. If you have a large enough embroidery hoop, this could be fun to try.

Monogrammed throw

monogrammed throw

A monogrammed throw is one of the quickest and easiest teenage girl gifts to make on an embroidery machine. My kids have a couple extra throws in their bedroom that they might put on top of themselves in bed if it’s an especially cold night. They also study with them on their laps, and  cuddle with them while they’re watching TV. They even pack them in the car on a long road trip for extra comfort.

There are some great fuzzy throws available at places like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx, almost always priced less than $20. I like these simple fleece throws at Amazon in solid colors. Grab a throw for a teenage girl, that matches with her bedroom decor, add a monogram and you will hit a home run.

Big bed pillows

And while we are on the topic of room decor for the teenage girl… big oversized monogram pillows are another winner, especially if you can coordinate the fabric with the colors of her bedroom.

applique pillows make a great gift for a teen

I made these oversized chevron pillows with single initials monograms for my daughter a few years back. I actually made the pillow shams myself. Check out my tutorial on how to make pillow shams.

If you are not up for making the pillow shams yourself, you can also buy  ready-made pillow covers.  However, the advantage of making the pillow shams yourselves is that you can choose the exact fabric you want to use. It’s also a little bit easier to embroiderer or appliqué on a flat piece of fabric prior to stitching the pillow sham together as opposed to embroidering or appliquéing a finished pillow sham.

Whatever method you choose, you will need pillow forms in the appropriate size. They come in all different sizes and are fairly inexpensive. You can also buy home decor pillows for next to nothing at Goodwill, wash them THOROUGHLY and recover them.  Actually, if you find some good ones to recover, base your sham size on the pillows you fine. No one will know the difference.

Personalized poof or bean bag chair.

personalized bean bag chair is a great gift for a teen girl

I admit I haven’t tried this one yet, but it’s on my to do list. I’m a big fan of the floor poufs, especially around a coffee table to inspire some impromptu game plane or for sitting at a coffee table to eat study, whatever. I was recently surprised to learn that I could make a floor pouf myself.  And if I did make one, I would most certainly personalize it with embroidery or appliqué!

While a pouf may not be needed in a teenage bedroom, it’s a great addition to a recreation area or or a dorm room. An alternative to a pouf is a bean bag chair. I bought my two girls beanbag chairs for their bedrooms years ago, and I’ve definitely gotten my moneys worth. They often sit in those beanbag chairs and do their homework or read.

You can either make your own beanbag chairs which would make it easy for monogramming or adding a name. However, you can also buy a bean bag chair with a removable cover which would make it easy for you to personalize it with your embroidery machine.

Cosmetic kit

monogrammed cosmetic bag is one of the best gifts to make for teenage girls on an embroidery machine

My teenage girls are now at the age where they travel with a few items other than a toothbrush. If you are looking for a gift for a newly minted teen, it’s possible that she is in need of a legit cosmetic bag.

While some cosmetic bags are a little bit tricky to get on an embroidery hoop, it is doable. In fact I treated myself to a new monogrammed cosmetic case a while back and had doubts that I could even monogram it on a single needle machine. But, I made it work. To make personalization easier, look for cosmetic bag styles that open up completely to make it easier to flatten them on an embroidery hoop.

Monogrammed Sweatpants

monogrammed sweat pants

In addition to the aforementioned monogrammed Bluetooth beanie, my teenage girls lounge around the house outfit is also usually comprised of a pair of sweatpants. Actually, they even wear them to school and it’s totally acceptable which makes monogrammed sweatpants a great gift to make for teenage girls on an embroidery machine

Sweatpants can be dressed up with a three letter appliqué monogram over the left hip bone. For an even higher end look, consider doing the appliqué in a Lily Pulitzer print. Yes, I know they are sweatpants, but they can get a little fancier with a stylish monogram.

Beach bag, towel and hat or swimsuit

monogrammed beach gear is a great gift for a teen girl

Beach gear is always one of the easiest gifts to make for teenage girls on an embroidery machine. But, if you are gift giving over the holidays, swim and beach gear may not be the first gift that comes to mind. But, if your recipient is planning a post holiday or spring break beach getaway, these items will sure come in handy.

And in fact, you can coordinate them all for a cohesive personalized cohesive beach look. Beach towels, beach bags, straw hats and even bikinis can be monogrammed and coordinated into a multi-item gift.

Nervous about monogramming a sun hat? Check out my tutorial on how to embroidery on a sun hat. Sewforless.com is my go to shop for cute beach towels, bags and even  bikinis.

Monogrammed baseball cap

A baseball cap is a fun and adorable teenage girl gifts to make on an embroidery machine to personalize for not only a teenage girl, but actually just about anyone.  Not sure you can monogram a baseball cap on your single needle embroidery machine?  Check out my post that will show you how.  

monogrammed baseball cap is one of the best gifts for a teenage girl to make on your embroidery machine

UPDATE: A couple more gifts to make for teenage girls on an embroidery machine ideas

Since I wrote this post a few months ago – I’ve stumbled upon a few more great ideas that I had to share with you all.

    • Monogrammed or personalized sheets. Monogrammed sheets seemed like a very “adult” kind of gift to me until I saw them pictured in the Pottery Barn Teen catalog. The bold typeface choice and unconventional colors made the monogram look hip and modern and completely teen-appropriate.
    • Monogrammed fur tote bags. Just follow a simple tote bag pattern and line the inside with faux fur.  Be sure to monogram the outside of the bag before stitching it all together.
    • Monogrammed bath robes – think crazy colors with a bold monogram.
    • Cheeky sleep masks. Yes – you can make these in the hoop! There are some pretty silly ITH sleep masks or you can make a plain one that is personalized with a name or a monogram.
    • Inspirational message stitched on a pillow. What teen doesn’t need a bit of a boost from time to time? Stitch it out in a crazy bold typeface on a throw pillow so that they wake up to a positive affirmation every day. I would simply embroider on a pre-made pillow sham and then put a pillow form inside.

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So there you go. Feeling inspired?  I would love to hear if any of these gift ideas inspired you.  Or maybe you have other thoughts about great gifts to make for teenage girls on an embroidery machine. Leave me a comment below!
Happy stitching!

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Gifts to make for teen girls using your embroidery machine

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