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St. Louis love applique design

An arch appliqué t-shirt for a little boy who * MIGHT * be moving to St. Louis

Hello from the Netherlands! I’m here visiting our university’s campus in Leiden before attending a conference in Spain. I know, I know… My life is rough. And how does this all relate to machine embroidery? My colleague in Leiden has a 1-year-old son, Freddie,  who I had never met so I wanted to take him […]

sugar skull applique

Skeleton (Day of the Dead) Embroidery Design / Best Gift Ever

I love embroidering gifts for my friend Alix, because she likes just about anything I make. (See lotus flower dress from last year.) Or maybe that’s just what she tells me. Anyway – when her birthday came around this year, I felt a lot of pressure to top some of the gifts I had embroidered […]

Patricia Michaels of Project Runway

My big Spring Break thrill: meeting Patricia from Project Runway in Taos, NM!

I am a HUGE Project Runway fan.  I know, I know, the show has been on for years, it’s formulaic, it’s reality TV – but I love it anyway.  As a creator – I totally appreciate how much work goes into every piece these designers crank out and I totally get it… it’s NOT easy. […]

modeling applique gifts

Mother daughter Machine Embroidery Geek fashion shoot!

There is nothing better than seeing your friends and family wear the embroidered and appliqued items you have made, right? These pictures, from my friend, Alix, totally made my day…. mother and daughter having fun making silly pics with PhotoBooth and both wearing the shirts I made them.  Pretty silly. Enjoy! Like the designs? Check […]

monogrammed booties

Cobbling and monogramming for babies

For some strange reason, I have been absolutely OBSESSED with the idea of shoemaking. I have even tried my hand at making shoes for myself and developed my own pattern for some ballet flats. And for my birthday this year, my mom actually gave me a class at the Chicago School of Shoemaking, which I […]

in the hoop Thanksgiving wine tag

In-the-hoop wine tag for awkward Thanksgiving meals.

A friend of mine is totally and completely dreading her Thanksgiving dinner.  Let’s just say she has a bit of strained relationship with her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law.  Nevertheless – the matriarch has insisted that they all dine together for Thanksgiving.  AWK-WARD!! We have had several discussions about coping strategies – agreeing that consuming the […]

monogrammed pillow that matches throw

A new monogram design + 1 Christmas gift done = thank you, Iowa

This summer we took a trip to the Iowa state fair (my husband’s idea), where we mingled with the locals and ate every meal (and dessert) on a stick.  While I can’t deny that milking a cow wasn’t a thrill, my favorite part of the trip was stopping off at Amana Colonies, Iowa on the […]

Chinook helicopter quilt

A Chinook helicopter embroidery design collaboration

One of the benefits of writing a blog and selling embroidery designs is that I have a lot of opportunities to connect with some major embroidery enthusiasts. One recent connection resulted in a mutually beneficial collaboration; I digitized a unique design, and my new friend provided me with super cute images for the new product […]

This is my house embroidery design

This is my house and I’ll do as I damn please!

One of my favorite things that my grandmother had in her kitchen was a hand-painted plate mounted on the wall.  It was painted with sweet flowers with a subtle message above the flowers that was anything but sweet. In dainty cursive, it said: “this is my house and I’ll do as I damn please.” What […]

One to follow on Creative Embroidery Magazine

Machine Embroidery Geek is “One to Follow!”

Guess who is featured in the September issue of Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine (CME)??? ME! And it keeps getting better…  CME has hired me to write some articles for the magazine.  I’m up against the deadline now, so I’m dying to share the details with you all – but they have sworn me to secrecy. […]

Roz purse

Need that monogrammed? What I now ask my house guests.

Have you ever had a friendship where you discover the more you get to know this friend – the more you have in common… and maybe that’s why you got along so well all this time? This is exactly what happened to me when our friends from Boston came to visit last week. Roz and […]

My book is on Amazon!

I know I know… I owe you all some fresh content on my blog. In fact I’m almost embarassed to be writing a new post without sharing something new, but I’m so excited I just had to post about it.   I am now selling my first e-book on Amazon – available in the Kindle […]