how to make an in-the-hoop gift card holder

How to make an in-the-hoop gift card holder

Now that my kids are getting older and (gasp) even driving – they have the capability to buy any gift they want. So, these days, gift giving is a bit more challenging. Gone are the days when I could appliqué a goofy design on a sweatshirt and hit a home run.  My kids’ tastes have […]

best sewing room decor

Best sewing room decor tips

Do you know what will keep you from your sewing and embroidery projects? A very unpleasant sewing environment. When you have a cluttered and poorly designed sewing room, it’s hardly a place you want to be. So what is the best sewing room decor to make your space feel welcoming and productive?  In this post, […]

How to make a Santa pillow

How to make a Santa pillow with an appliqué belt

Around Christmastime, my husband often refers to me as the Scrooge because I’m not the most willing participant when it comes to Christmas decorating. This is probably because I am usually embroidering, wrapping gifts, sending out Christmas cards, or doing some tasks that ago along with celebrating the Christmas season.  Would the Scrooge be willing […]

how to make in-the-hoop towel toppers

How to make in-the-hoop towel toppers

It seems like every time I walk in our kitchen, there is at least one towel on the floor as well as 4 or 5 wadded up in different locations around the kitchen.  Mostly, I blame my 3 teenage roommates. But, in their defense, we don’t really have a great place for them to hang […]

how to make an in-the-hoop matching game

How to make an in-the-hoop matching game

I made my first in-the-hoop matching game several years back when my two nieces were toddlers. At the time, I had actually never seen an in-the-hoop matching game, so I really thought I invented the idea myself. Therefore, I had no idea how it would turn out. To my amazement, the tiles turned out perfectly. […]

how to make in-the-hoop hair bows

In-the-hoop hair accessories

When my two girls were little, I made a lot of cutesy embroidered hair accessories, including personalized knit headbands, woven headbands and even embroidered button ponytail holders.  But, now that they are teenagers, they’ve kind of grown out of such things. Fortunately, I’ve got two little nieces whose personal styles have not transitioned into “truck […]

how to make in-the-hoop coasters

How to make in-the-hoop coasters

Christmas parties are just around the corner, which means you will probably want to have some host / hostess gifts on hand.  Of course, you could be like everyone else and show up with a bottle of wine. But why not take advantage of your embroidery machine and make your host some in-the-hoop coasters?  Sound […]

how to make in-the-hoop gift tags

How to make in-the-hoop tags

It wasn’t long after I started using my embroidery machine that I recognized its potential as a labeling device.  Back then, my kids were little and we had bins of toys and doodads everywhere.  So, I started stitching out words on cloth and attaching them to the bins with glue or (eventually – after I […]

how to appliqué on a sweatshirt

How to appliqué on a sweatshirt

If you are looking for the perfect personalized gift for a little girl that she will actually love, I have the project for you. A single initial appliqué on a sweatshirt is one of my favorite go-to projects for a little girl. In fact, this year I made two appliqué sweatshirts for my nieces featuring […]

how to make an in-the-hoop ornament stuffies

How to make in-the-hoop stuffies

If you need to make a large quantity of ornaments quickly and inexpensively, I have the solution for you. These super basic ornament stuffies inspired by classic Christmas silhouettes come together in a snap. In this post I’ll show you how to make in-the-hoop stuffies using my own ornament design. And, I’ll also point out […]

how to make an embroidered-belt

How to make an embroidered belt

I have always wanted to make an embroidered belt. But, I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about the prospect of embroidering a repeated pattern again and again. I have never tried such a thing. My fear was that the patterns would not line up properly, and I would not be able to create […]

in-the-hoop Christmas napkin rings

In-the-hoop Christmas napkin rings

Are you looking for a way to make your table a little bit more festive this Christmas? One super easy way of doing so is to use your embroidery machine to make festive in-the-hoop Christmas napkin rings. These darling little nuggets stitch out quickly and can be made even in the smallest of embroidery hoops.  […]