Free Halloween embroidery designs

By on October 19th, 2021
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free Halloween machine embroidery designs
free machine embroidery designs

Ready to get spooky but you are working with a limited budget? Not a problem. There are oodles of free Halloween embroidery designs available and I’m about to show you exactly where you can find them. So, sit back, relax and get ready to start downloading. These free Halloween embroidery designs are sure to make you scream.

Why do digitizers offer free Halloween embroidery designs?

The reason why digitizers often give away a free design is the same reason why vendors give out free samples at the grocery store. When giving you embroidery designs that are free, the digitizers hope that you will like what they offer; and if you do, then there’s a good chance that may want to purchase some of their other embroidery designs. You also get an opportunity to witness the quality of the embroidery design. In other words, you get a chance to try out that digitizer before you buy.

Many sites that offer free embroidery designs require you to register or checkout which will require you to provide an email address. Do not worry. These embroidery sites do not share your contact information to third parties. They use the email address to send embroidery designs that you “purchased” (i.e. want to download for free) after checkout. Then they hold on to your email to send you embroidery updates, news and offers for paid designs.

Many embroidery digitizers offer free Halloween embroidery designs because they know embroiderers LOVE Halloween, and there are a lot of fun items to make to celebrate the spooky season. Therefore, Halloween is a great opportunity for a digitizer to give out “free samples.”

What embroidery machines can be used for free embroidery designs?

Almost all embroidery designs can be used on a wide array of embroidery machines. Even if the free embroidery design does not come in a format that your embroidery machine reads, you can easily convert it into the appropriate format.

The only issue you need to be aware of is the size of the embroidery design. If the embroidery design is too large for your hoop, you will not be able to stitch it out. You will need to carefully resize it in a program like SewWhat-Pro, being careful to adjust the density when making the design smaller.

What to embroider for Halloween?

Wondering what do do with these free Halloween embroidery designs?

Well, you can embroider them on just about anything. For example, you could embroider t-shirts for you or your kids to wear to celebrate the season. Fun Halloween hand towels are a subtle way of adding some seasonal decor to your home. You can even add a last name underneath the design to make a perfect hostess gift if you are attending a Halloween party.

Trick or treat bags are another great place to add a name and one of these free Halloween designs.

Some of the designers even offer free Halloween themed in-the-hoop designs which could provide you with a perfect opportunity to try out in-the-hoop embroidery if you have never done it before.

Keep reading for more ideas as we take a look at each of these free designs.

Free embroidery designs for Halloween

Here are some of the best free embroidery (and appliqué and in-the-hoop) designs that I could find on the Internet. Most include a version that will fit within a 4″ x 4″ and allow you to download them in several different formats, but be sure to read the description for details.

Creepy haunted house embroidery design by Emerald Originals on SWAK

You will never get me to actually go in a haunted house on Halloween, but I have no problem stitching one out. Add a name underneath in a super creepy typeface and stitch it out on some dish towels to make a perfect Halloween party hostess gift.

This super creepy haunted house embroidery design is free at Emerald Originals on SWAK.

Edgy / abstract bat embroidery design by Emerald Originals on SWAK

Here’s a free bat embroidery design perfect for kids’ t-shirt. Not too cutesy and not to scary – this edgy bat design is just right. Head over to the SWAK to get this one for free as well!

Baby pumpkin appliqué by Creative Appliques on SWAK

You know what would be adorable to stitch out on a baby onesie for Halloween? A baby pumpkin! This free baby pumpkin appliqué is silly and sweet.

Spider monogram appliqué by Beau Mitchell Designs on SWAK

This spider appliqué design is perfectly sized for monogramming. Just set up a three letter monogram to fit in the body of the spider and you have a cute and creepy personalized design perfect for Halloween.  It would look especially good on a simple knit dress for a little girl.

Ghostie gift bag by Kreative Kiwi

Never done an in-the-hoop project? Well – here’s the perfect opportunity to try. These cute little in-the-hoop ghostie gift bags would make perfect party favors or trick or treat handouts.

In-the-hoop Halloween coasters by Kreative Kiwi

Hosting a halloween party? Well, then you will definitely want a few holiday-appropriate coasters. Check out the free in-the-hoop Bat coasters, Round Halloween coasters and pumpkin coasters  – perfect for Halloween.  Kreative Kiwi probably has the largest collection of free in-the-hoop designs I’ve ever seen. So, if in-the-hoop is your jam (or you want it to be your jam) – be sure to check them out.

Happy haunting mummy by Ann the Gran

happy haunting - free Halloween embroidery design

I love this funny mummy design as it reminds me of the – not one – but two different mummy costumes I made for my kids. Glad that’s behind me. I’ll take a pass on making another mummy costume this year and instead stitch out this mummy design on some dish towels to get my kitchen in the Halloween spirit.

Peace love and Halloween by Ann the Gran

I feel like a teen or tween girl would really like this “peace love and Halloween” embroidery design stitched out on a long sleeve t-shirt. It’s Happy Halloween with a bit of attitude

Cute little ghost by Ann the Gran

ghost and wizard hat - free Halloween embroidery designs

You could really stitch this not-so-scary ghost embroidery design out anywhere. It’s petite size and sweet nature makes it appropriate for baby gear. Halloween baby bibs, anyone?

Will trade wine for candy by Apex

Want the perfect design to stitch out on some dish towels and gift your wine guzzling girlfriends. Here you go. It’s hard to believe this hilarious “will trade wine for candy” design is actually free.

Witches brew cauldron by Apex

This witches brew cauldron is another perfectly simple Halloween embroidery design that could be easily personalized for a trick-or-treat bag or even to embellish a witch costume.

Creepy tree by Apex

For the kid who think he (or she) is not scared of anything. This cute and creepy tree is a fun design to use on a Halloween  t-shirt.

Flying witch in front of the moon appliqué by Lynnie Pennie

You could really use this simple witch in front of the moon appliqué just about anywhere. Consider adding a name on a curve in the bottom circle of the moon. How cute would that be on a little girl’s simple, cotton dress?

Ghost appliqué by Planet Applique

A perfectly simple, friendly and basic ghost appliqué design. If you stitch the ghost out with white appliqué fabric, it will really pop on some black kitchen towels.

Ready for some spooky stitching with all these free Halloween embroidery designs?

I hope I’ve provided some useful links and inspiration! Enjoy these free embroidery designs for Halloween and please let me know how your machine embroidery adventures go!

Happy stitching!



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free Halloween machine embroidery designs

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