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How to photograph your emroidery

How to photograph your embroidery

Are you an embroidery enthusiast wondering how to photograph your embroidery projects? I don’t blame you! Photography can have a huge impact on how your products are received. This is especially important if you are selling online where the customer must rely on photographs to be able to learn all they can about your embroidered […]

how to set up an e-commerce website for your embroidered items

How to set up an e-commerce website for your embroidery business

Are you an embroiderer with a burgeoning business? Are you looking for new ways to sell your products? If so, then you need to start selling embroidered items from your website! Sound like too much work?  Or too technical.  Or not worth your time?  It’s actually not.  In this article, I’ll  walk you through the […]

selling embroidered items on Etsy

Selling embroidered items on Etsy

Looking for more customers for your embroidery business? Well, maybe it’s time to consider selling embroidered items on Etsy. Never heard of it? Etsy is an enormous global marketplace where people can buy and sell handmade goods. Etsy has over 1 million active sellers, and the site continues to grow in popularity. Etsy is well-known […]

Can you make money with an embroidery business?

Can you make money running an embroidery business?

If you are wondering whether you can make money running an embroidery business, the answer is definitely yes.  But,  how much money can you make? Could you replace your current salary? If so, how much would you have to work and would running an embroidery business be better than what you are doing now? Advantages […]

how to start an embroidery business

How to start a home embroidery business

Getting an embroidery machine is fun and exciting. But, once you start adding names and monograms to everything you and your kids own, people start to notice. And then, they will likely ask you if you will embroider for them – which may make you wonder… should you start a home embroidery business? Can you […]

best machine embroidered items to sell at craft shows

Best embroidered items to sell at craft shows

If you are thinking about participating in a craft show but wondering what the heck to sell, you have come to the right place. There are tons of different projects to make with your embroidery machine, but what will give you the most bang for your buck if you are trying to actually turn a […]

how to market your embroidery business

How to market your embroidery business

You have started an embroidery business.  That’s great! Now all you need are some customers. Lucky for you, customers who want to purchase embroidered items or require your embroidery services can be found almost everywhere. But you need to let them know what you can offer. How do you it?  Well – there are a […]

Digitizing embroidery designs with Sue Taylor

Digitizing Embroidery Designs and Finding Your Niche

When I first started off in machine embroidery, I joined every machine embroidery group I could find. And, when the subject of digitizing embroidery designs came up and how to learn how to do it, people often mentioned the name, Sue Taylor (formerly Sue Lough). Sue Lough has been in the machine embroidery business, digitizing […]

20 tips for starting an embroidery business

Tips for starting an embroidery business

So… you love embroidery and are thinking about starting an embroidery business. Great idea. Embroidery is an in-demand service. Companies, sports teams, organizations, and even individuals all want and need embroidered items. Plus, it’s a business that you can run from home around your schedule. While I support this idea wholeheartedly, I would like to […]

should I buy a multi needle embroidery machine

Should I buy a multi-needle embroidery machine?

So…. you got your first embroidery machine. It’s awesome, isn’t it? Even if your machine is pretty basic and your maximum hoop size is only 4″ x 4″, hopefully you’ve learned that even with an inexpensive embroidery machine, you can still make a lot of cool stuff. But then you start hearing about multi-needle embroidery machines […]

how to convert embroidery files

Is there a free embroidery file format converter?

Looking for a free embroidery file format converter? Fortunately, there are quite a few options. But, why, you might ask, would you need such a thing? You see, embroidery files come in a BUNCH of different file formats.  If you have browsed any of the sites that sell embroidery designs, you have likely seen them: […]

How to make a patch on an embroidery machine

How to make a patch on an embroidery machine

One of the most common requests I get from my readers and through my Etsy store is if I can stitch out one of my designs as an embroidery patch. And, I’ve actually made a patch for a customer from one of my designs. But, I’ll admit, initially I was a bit confused about how […]