Machine Embroidery Tips and How-tos

Like any discipline, machine embroidery has a bit of learning curve. So, learning a few machine embroidery tips and how-tos can help you avoid some of the pains of learning the hard way.

So, what types of tips and tricks am I talking about here? There are tips associated with almost every aspect of machine embroidery, from how to operate your machine to how to download embroidery files and get them loaded on your embroidery machine, or even how to embroider on a wide array of materials. Here’s what I mean.

Understanding and working with embroidery files

Embroidering on Difficult Materials

lining up design on ribbon - machine embroidery
Embroidering on a ribbon is not as difficult as it may seem.

Some materials are more difficult than others to embroider on, but knowing a little trick here or there can make all the difference.  The following posts demonstrate how to embroider a wide array of fabrics and even non-fabrics.

Embroidering with Different Types of Embroidery Thread

metallic thread
Disco ball design stitched out with metallic thread.

Some machine embroidery threads are not the easiest to work with, but I’ve tried a lot of them and have some tips for stitching with even the most cantankerous embroidery thread.  Learn how to embroider with:

Embroidering on Specific Items

embroidering on a onesie can be tricky

Some items are harder to machine embroider than others. For example, a baby’s onesie has very small openings to the front is difficult to access. Check out these articles where I manage to machine embroider on some very challenging items.

Digitizing (Creating Embroidery Files)

digitizing tips

Mastered this whole embroidery thing and now you are interested in creating your own embroidery files? Well this site is loaded with tips and how-tos for aspiring digitizers.

Helpful machine embroidery hacks and techniques

how to remove jump stitches
Removing and avoiding jump stitches will make your machine embroidery project much more polished.

Troubleshooting machine embroidery issues

Stuck?  When you run into problems using your embroidery machine, it helps to have access to some machine embroidery tips and how-tos that help you resolve these  problems.

how to avoid birdnesting
A classic bird nest. Photo provided by Kristie Basciano and used with her permission.

Project how-tos to make with your sewing and embroidery machine

monogrammed bow tie
A monogrammed bow tie makes a great gift and is quick and easy to make using your sewing and embroidery machine

Want to make some fun projects on your embroidery machine but are not sure how to get started? Check out these project based posts chock full of machine embroidery tips and how-tos. I offer many files and patterns for these projects for FREE in my resource library.