Make an Embroidered Headband with Your Embroidery Machine for Next to Nothing!

By on December 28th, 2019
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how to make a personalized headband on your embroidery machine

Need a cute, cheap gift for a little girl? Or an inexpensive and unique party favor to make on your embroidery machine? Learn to make an embroidered headband.

Maybe you’ve seen the popular brand of knit headbands, Logo Loops? They’re adorable and come in a variety of colors featuring cute embroidered designs and girl-power themed sayings. But the retail for around $15-$20!!

The first time I encountered them at a local store, I was flabbergasted that people actually paid so much for a headband. But apparently they do.  All I kept thinking was “oh my gosh, I could make these for SOOOOO much less.”  (And of course… why didn’t I think of this idea???)

It makes sense to DIY

Embroidered headbands themselves are simply a scrap of fabric and embroidered design. So, the materials would only cost a few cents, and because the embroidered area is so small, the embroidery would only take minutes. Also, headbands are pretty much one-size fits all, so no need for special fittings.

Of course – you don’t actually need to make the headband part yourself. You can buy pre-made headbands on the cheap from just about any retailer, and then stitch out a design on them. But, if you go this route, the backside of the embroidered design might get exposed and you have rough stabilizer rubbing the wearer’s hair.

If, on the other hand, you make a headband from scratch, you can stitch out the design on the headband before stitching the headband together and achieve a much more polished look. And, the whole process is pretty quick and easy.

Before you make the embroidered headband, there are just a few things you want to keep in mind…

  1. Use the right type of fabric! A two-way stretch fabric is ideal for this project, meaning that the fabric stretches in both directions. A lycra suitable for swimwear or exercise would be great.  Or use a piece of an old t-shirt.  It works great. To make sure the fabric is two-way stretch, pull it in both directions and make sure it stretches before getting started.
  2. Use an appropriately sized embroidery design. For this particular headband, you will want your design to be no taller than 2″ ( 51 mm) and a width of about 6″ (152 mm)
  3. Stitch out the design with a ball-point jersey needle. When embroidering on stretch fabrics, you should always use a ball-point jersey needle because the round point does not damage or break knitted fibers. Learn more about needles for machine embroidery.
  4. Stitch together the headband using a serger or zig zag stitch on a regular sewing machine to allow the fabric to stretch without popping the stitches.

Here’s what you need to make an embroidered headband

  1. 1 piece of two-way stretch fabric  – 18″ x 5″
  2. An embroidery design no taller than 2″ ( 51 mm) and a width of about 6″ (152 mm)
  3. Embroidery stabilizer – I prefer adhesive backed tear away
  4. Water soluble topper

And here’s how to make the headband

1) Cut out a piece of knit fabric 18″ x 5″

fabric needed for personalized headband

2) Lay fabric centered on hoop.  In this case I added a layer of sulky because this particular knit was a bit textured and I did not want fibers from the fabric popping through the stitching.

lay fabric on embroidery hoop

3) Stitch out design on the fabric using a water soluble topper. Remember to use ball point needles when embroidering on knits.  Ball point needles push through the fabric as opposed to piercing it.

heart design stitched out on headband

4) With right sides together, stitch the long sides of the fabric together. Do NOT stitch all the way to the end. Leave at least on inch on either end unstitched.

form a tube with the fabric

5) Turn the fabric right-side-out.  Then pin the short ends of the tube together right side to right side to form a circle.  Stitch them together.

stitch short edges of tube together

6) Now slip stitch the remaining hole together, and the headband is complete!

So, wait, you don’t have any knit fabric, only cotton broad cloth?  Check out my previous tutorial on how to make a personalized headband with a non-stretchy fabric.



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how to make a personalized headband on your embroidery machine

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