Gifts to make on an embroidery machine – personalized and under $10!

By on December 4th, 2020
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20 personalized gifts to make on your embroidery machine for under $10
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You know those people on your Christmas list who you just want to give a little something too? But then you don’t want the “little something” to look too…LITTLE? And cheap? Fortunately, you own an embroidery machine which means that you have the ability to turn very inexpensive items into personal and thoughtful gifts. Don’t believe me?  I’ll show you. Here are 20 gifts to make on an embroidery machine… FOR UNDER $10!

1) Personalized baseball cap

big mama embroidered baseball cap
The big mama baseball caps were a hit with all my mom friends.

Who doesn’t love a baseball cap? OK, maybe not my 75-year-old mom. But my dad wears baseball caps, and so does my husband, kids, my girlfriends and even myself! Plain baseball caps are cheap and you can stitch out just about anything on them – even if you only have a single needle embroidery machine. Not sure what to stitch? Check out all these crazy ideas for embroidering on a baseball cap. I am partial to the big mama design. (The big mama hats have been a hit with my mom friends.)  Go figure.

Recipient: kids, teens, men, women
Where to buy baseball caps: Amazon, Walmart
Cost: $6.00 – $7.50
How to: How to embroider on a baseball cap

2) Monogrammed Visor

And while we’re on the topic of hats, what about a monogrammed visor? I’ve got to admit, I’m not a visor wearer. But, some people LOVE them -especially if they are tennis players. And – especially if they like to wear their hair on top of their head which a baseball cap cannot accommodate. I recently personalized a couple of visors for a friend of mine –  per her request. So, I can assure you there are people that want this gift.

Recipient: kids, teens, men, women
Where to buy visors: Amazon, Walmart
Cost: $6.00 – $7.50
How to: How to embroider on a visor, How to make a personalized sun visor

3) Custom fabric mask

Yes – this is definitely the year of the mask! You need a mask to go anywhere! So, it will probably be the most appreciated gift you can make on an embroidery machine.

Fortunately, making a custom mask is easy and cheap. I have made a ton, following these instructions online. You just embroider the monogram on the fabric prior to sewing the mask together. Alternatively, you can make the entire mask in the hoop, and integrate the monogram while you are stitching it out!

Recipient: kids, teens, men, women
Where to buy fabric and elastic for masks: Amazon, Walmart,
Cost: $1.00 – $2.00 per mask
How to: How to make a fabric mask in-the-hoop

4) Personalized sherpa throw

Since we are all spending more time at home these days, why not make home a bit more comfortable?  A sherpa throw will keep you cozy and elevate your home decor, especially if you add an elegant monogram.

Recipient: teens, men, women, couples
Where to sherpa throws: Walmart
Cost: $8.88
How to: How to monogram a throw

5) Plush wrap

If you like the idea of coziness, but don’t like the inconvenience of wearing your throw around the house, you may like these plush wraps.  They are just as comfy as a bath robe but you’ll look a bit more “dressed.” Add a monogram and you have the perfect gift.

Recipient: women and teen girls
Where to sherpa throws: Walmart
Cost: $9.99

6) Personalized lunch tote

A personalized lunch tote is the perfect gift to make on an embroidery machine

OK so maybe we aren’t going into school and work as much as we used to these days. But, once life is back to normal, we will, for sure, be schlepping lunches with us.  And lunch sacks aren’t just for kids. There are a lot of adorable and sophisticated lunch totes that are definitely suitable for grown-ups. Add a name or a monogram and you have the perfect personalized gift.

Recipient: kids, teens, men, women
Where to buy a lunch tote: Amazon – mod canvas lunch tote, insulated lunch tote
Cost: $9.99

7) Monogrammed travel cord carrier

monogrammed technology pack

This loaded up travel cord carrier was on of my favorite gifts to make on an embroidery machine for Christmas 2019. I monogrammed them for just about everybody I knew, filling them up with chargers, earbuds and adaptors. It was a total home run with the teens and tweens.

Recipient: teens, men, women
Where to buy a travel cord carrier: Amazon
Cost: $6.99

8) Personalized Headbands

How to make a woven headband.Unfortunately, my girls are beyond the age of personalized headbands, but I definitely made my fair share a few years ago. I added names, monograms and fun sporty machine embroidery designs to pre-existing headbands, and I also made them from scratch using both woven and stretchy knit fabrics, adding personalized details prior to stitching them all together. Any way you go about it, they are sure to be a hit.

Recipient: girls
Where to buy plain headbands: Amazon
Cost: $2.99 (for pack of 3)

9) Monogrammed belt

The first time I monogrammed a belt for my husband, I did it upside down, and he still complains about having to put that belt on backwards. Hey – how was I supposed to know there was a right or wrong way to put on a belt? But I got it straight now, and I actually just made him a new one on which I monogrammed his initials in nautical letters. These simple d-ring canvas belts from Amazon look great and are really easy to embroider on.

Recipient: men, women and kids
Where to buy plain belts: Amazon
Cost: $9.99

10) Personalized pillow cases

This may seem like an odd gift. But, a set of personalized pillowcases with “Mr” and “Mrs” design embroidered on the cuff is an adorable present for newlyweds. You can also elevate a couple’s linens with an elegant single initial monogram embroidered on the cuffs.

And, if you know kids are as weird as mine, they might like pillow cases embroidered with their names on it. My kids thought this would be useful for keeping track of their pillows on road trips.

Recipient: kids, couples
Where to buy plain pillow cases: Amazon
Cost: $9.99 (set of 2)
How to: How to embroider on a pillow case

11) Monogrammed pocket t-shirt

You can make a really special t-shirt just by stitching on a monogrammed pocket using your embroidery machine.  Just stitch out a monogram on a piece of fun fabric. Then, use an in-the-hoop pocket embroidery design to attach the pocket to the t-shirt.

Recipient: girls, ladies
Where to buy plain long sleeve t-shirts: Amazon
Cost: $7.00 + $2.88 for in-the-hoop pocket designs

12) Monogramed beanie

monogrammed beanie

Hey – It’s cold out there! Who can’t use a new knit beanie with their monogram on it? I’ve made monogrammed beanies for my kids’ friends as well as my husband and father-in-law. A lot of teen boys like to wear beanie hats year ’round.  Adding a monogram will make it totally unique. Don’t be scared by embroidering on a knit. It’s easy and it will look great.

Recipient: kids, couples
Where to buy solid colored modern beanies: Amazon
Cost: $6.99
How to: How to embroider on a beanie

13) Monogrammed gloves

Want to add a little something else to that monogrammed beanie? How about some stylish monogrammed gloves?  I’ve both several pairs of these ladies plaid gloves, added an elegant monogram and given them as gifts. Just stitch out a small monogram in the top corner of the gloves.  And try not to completely stitch the gloves together. I’ve actually done that!

Recipient: ladies
Where to buy:  ladies plaid gloves at
Cost: $4.97

14) Monogrammed linen hand towels

modern hand towels

This is definitely one of those gifts to make on an embroidery machine that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Stitch out a super elegant single initial monogram on these plain one and towels and you will instantly elevate your recipients home Decour.

Recipient: couples
Where to buy linen tea towels: Amazon
Cost: $9.30 (set of 2)

15) Fun, personalized hoodie

I think I’ve earned a reputation for being the queen of silly hoodies now that I have made so many of them for my kids’ friends. And, you know how I know they are a hit? When the moms asks me to make additional silly hoodies for the siblings of the recipient. (Oh the curse of being so good at this….) Anyway – Fruit of the Loom zip up hoodies are a steal at Walmart and are very good quality.

Recipient: kids
Where to buy zip up hoodies: Walmart
Cost: $9.96

16) Monogrammed reusable grocery totes

If you are an ALDI shopper, you are probably aware of the fact that you must PAY for your shopping bags.  Normally that’s fine with me as we ruse the paper ones as recycling bin hampers. But lately they have been out and I’ve been forced to buy the pricier, uglier, less reusable thick plastic ALDI bags.  UGH – what to do with tall of them. I sure wish someone had made this gift for me.  Buy a couple reusable grocery sacks and embroider a name or a monogram on them.  I’m sure they will be put to good use.

Recipient: adults who grocery shop
Where to buy reusable grocery bags: Amazon
Cost: $4.99 / set of 2
How to: How to monogram a tote bag

17) Kitchen towel set

monogrammed kitchen towel

I am really not good about purging my old kitchen towels.  Some of mine are so stained and gross – it’s embarrassing.  So, it always feels like a luxury when I purchase a couple of new ones and embroider an elegant monogram on them.

A kitchen towel set with some fun holiday designs makes a great host / hostess gift – either monogram them in a seasonal style or stitch out a holiday design and add their last name.

Recipient: couples
Where to buy kitchen towels: Towels with loop from Amazon to hang from dishwasher or regular kitchen towels
Cost: Towels with loop from Amazon: $9.95 / set of 2, regular kitchen towels: $1.98/set of 2
How to: How to embroider on a towel

18) Monogrammed toiletry bag

monogrammed cosmetic bag

Last Christmas I monogrammed toiletry bags for my friend’s girls and they turned out great.  I loaded them up with all sorts of bathroom goodies and they were all set for holiday travel.

I’ll admit toiletry bags are a little tricky to get on the hoop if you only have a single needle embroidery machine. But, it’s definitely doable, if you flip them inside out and float them.

Recipient: men, women, teens, kids
Where to buy toiletry bags: solid colored from Amazon, chevron toiletry bag from Sew for Less
Cost:  $3.97 – $9.99

19) Monogrammed boot cuff

Never seen boot cuffs before?  Trust me – it’s a thing.  You wear them around your legs right just so that they peek out over your boot. They keep your legs warm and prevent the tops of your boots from rubbing agains your legs. Plus – they look cool.  Adding a monogram to the top of these is a sweet touch.

Recipient: women, teens, kids
Where to buy boot cuff: boot cuffs from Amazon
Cost:  $5.50 – 1 pair

20) Personalized pillow cover

If a throw pillow cover seems too basic, then you should spend some time checking out some of the cool, personalized embroidery designs you can stitch out on one.  Know a couple that just got married – embroider their name and wedding date with a cute Mr & Mrs design.  They moved into a new home? Great! Embroider a “home sweet home” design and add their address underneath. What a great tribute to their new residence! And if all else fails – stitch out a bold monogram.  Just make sure that the pillow cover matches their decor.

Recipient: couples
Where to buy pillow cover: Amazon soft pillow covers in a rainbow of colors
Cost:  $8.50/ea

So what’s your excuse for not starting your holiday shopping?

Well there you have it.  20 personalized gifts for under $10 that you can whip out on your embroidery machine. I hope that I’ve convinced you that a little gift does not need to be little!

If you are looking for other items to embroider, check out my post on “where to buy embroidery blanks” as well as “100 embroidery blanks you can Amazon prime.”

Happy stitching!




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20 gifts to personalize on your embroidery machine for under $20

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