100 Machine Embroidery Blanks You Can Amazon Prime

By on February 8th, 2020
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100 Embroidery Blanks to Amazon Prime
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When I go to visit my friends and family members who live in more remote locations, I realize how spoiled I am when it comes to convenient shopping. Target, Walmart and Old Navy are literally within a five minute drive from my house. So, when it comes to picking up blanks for last minute embroidered gifts, I have quite a few options. Despite the close proximity of these stores, not much beats the convenience of machine embroidery blanks you can Amazon Prime

When I’m looking for embroidery blanks at big box stores, it takes time to find what I’m looking for. And, there’s no guarantee it will be in stock. But, with Amazon Prime, as long as I come up with an idea by Thursday night, I can be assured that I can have a gift ready for a party Saturday night. So needless to say, I’m a big fan of Amazon Prime for machine embroidery blanks.

Here are 100 of my favorite machine embroidery blanks you can Amazon Prime with examples of some of the gifts I’ve made with these embroidery blanks. Below you will find blanks for all possible recipients: from babies to grown-ups to couples and grannies. You’ll find blanks for housewarming gifts, birthday parties, special occasions, and just about every gift giving occasion.

So let’s get started.

Recommended Products


There are a lot of different types of towels you can Amazon Prime. I personally love the lightweight Turkish towels in fun striped colors. When it’s really hot in the summer, it’s almost too much to wrap up in a bulky, thick beach towel. These Turkish towels do the trick and are a lot more stylish than their thicker counterparts. Nevertheless, a personalized, classic striped beach towel makes a great kid birthday party gift. 

Monogrammed bath towels make an easy couples gift for an engagement party gift or wedding shower. Hand towels and kitchen towels stitched out with a fun design or an elegant single initial monogram make a perfect hostess gift. 


I’ve been Amazon Prime-ing a lot of sweats recently, mostly because my teenage girls are wearing them quite a bit.  It’s quick and easy to stitch out a monogram on the front hip of a pair of sweats for a perfect teenage girl gift. I also stitch out a lot of silly appliqué designs on zip up hoodies for grade school recipients. Sometimes you can find an expensive plain hoodies at Walmart, but it’s a heck of a lot easier to just Amazon Prime them. A simple crewneck sweatshirt is perfect for a little boy because you can stitch a simple stack monogram on the front and make it look like a million bucks.

Baby stuff

There is a plethora of baby items that are simple and easy to monogram, all of which you can get through Amazon Prime. You can get packs of short sleeved or long sleeved onesies, fleece blankets, burp cloths, bibs, soft hats and gowns. Or what about a plush toy? You can stitch out the baby’s name on the ear of a stuffed elephant. Stock up and you’ll be prepared for the next 100 baby showers you are invited to.

Home Decor Items

Home decor items make a great gift for a couple especially if you don’t want it to be super personal. It would be kind of weird to show up with monogram robes for a hostess gift at a party. You can get a ton of great home decor items on Amazon Prime. I’ve gotten pillow covers, throws and even plain duvet covers on which I’ve added a monogram or an embroidery design.

A set of pillow cases embroidered with a Mr and Mrs designs makes a cute engagement gift. And, yes, you can Amazon Prime that set of pillow cases.


I know you’re probably thinking this is a pretty crazy idea, but embroidering on swimwear is easy peasy. In fact, I wrote an article about this for Creative Machine Embroidery magazine a while back and I actually wear that swimsuit I stitched out just for this article. In fact, I have worn it so much that it’s getting really worn out. So, I just ordered a couple of these ladies suits to embellish with a new design for the summer.

Men’s and boys swim trunks are even easier to personalize because they’re not stretchy. And there are some really cute options that are super cheap on Amazon. I usually just add a guy’s initials on the bottom left leg.

There are also tons of little girl swimsuits. Yes – I know that a little girls will grow out of swimsuits quickly, but, really, how long to swimsuits last? I kind of think that swimsuits are the perfect item to personalize because they will never be a hand-me-down.

A lot of teen and tween girls like monogrammed bikini tops and there are tons of simple bikini styles suitable for monogramming on Etsy. 

If you don’t feel comfortable embroidering on a swimsuit, you can always personalize a swim cover-up for a lady or a little girl.



OK, yes I know Amazon is not Patagonia when it comes to technical outerwear. However you can find a lot of really cute fleece vests, pullovers and as well as puffy vest and windbreakers for kids and adults. In fact, recently Amazon got a lot of attention recently because a coat on their site was worn by a celebrity and it was reasonably priced and very cute.

Accessories – outerwear

Hats, gloves, scarves are fun to personalize and are kind of a one-size-fits-all item. For men, I love to embroider hats with the recipient’s initials stitched out in nautical flag letters. Teens and tweens seem to love the Bluetooth beanies, and you can make them even more special by adding a monogram on the front. Just be careful not to stitch through the wires.

Gloves, especially ladies and kids gloves are fun to monogram as well. But they are a little bit tricky to get them on the hoop if you only have a home machine. The first time I monogrammed gloves, I completely stitch them together. So be sure to watch out for that.


I am kind of obsessed with this small duffel which can be folded together and zipped up in a compact little package. I probably purchased 10 of them over the holidays and gave them out as gifts with the recipients name or initial stitched out on them. They’re super reasonable and super versatile and come in a wide variety of colors.

There are many other adorable and useful bags like tote bags, cosmetic bags, yoga bags, even bags for technology cords and cables.


Yes – this probably sounds like a crazy idea: embroidering on shoes. But, embellished or monogrammed shoes make a truly unique gift. You can add an embroidery design or a monogram to flip flops, slippers, slides, tennis shoes, rain boots and espadrilles. It helps to have a commercial embroidery machine to get into the shoe, but embroidery on many types of shoes can be done on a home embroidery machine with a little creative wrangling.

Kitchen and Dining Accessories

Every time I visit my in-laws, I see the placemats, and fancy napkins, I personalized for them, and think “dang” – I should make some for us. But yet – I never do. Needless to say – monogrammed placemats and napkins make a great gift – and not just for your in-laws.

Other kitchen items like table runners, dish towels, pot holders and oven mitts are also quick and easy to spice up with a little embroidery. These, too, are all obtainable in 48 hours, thanks to Amazon Prime.


Accessories are my favorite embroidery blanks to Amazon Prime. You can stitch out designs on lunch totes, purses, clutches, belts, infinity scarves , ties, baseball caps. Just a word of warning – if you stitch out a monogram on a belt, make sure you stitch it on the correct side. My husband still complains about how I stitched out his initials on his belt upside down. And if you are interested in personalizing a baseball cap, check out my tutorial on how to embroidery on a baseball cap!

Shirts of all types

You can Amazon Prime just about any type of shirt: t-shirts, tank tops , dress shirts, polos, etc… And they are all suited for a different type of embroidery. Consider a fun appliqué on a t-shirt for a kid or embroidering your man’s initials on the cuff of a dress shirt.

Feeling Inspired?

Here are some of the projects I’ve embroidered using machine embroidery blanks from Amazon Prime. Enjoy! 

modern wreath on linen towels

monogrammed baseball cap is one of the best gifts for a teenage girl to make on your embroidery machine

lego applique with Amazon Prime hoodie

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100 Embroidery Blanks to Amazon Prime

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100 Embroidery blanks you can Amazon Prime

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