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By on May 2nd, 2019
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As a machine embroidery junkie, I’m always on the lookout for great deals on plain garments and linens suitable for machine embroidery and appliqué.  Some of my favorite finds have been in average chain stores like Target, Walmart and Old Navy. A simple $4 hoodie on the clearance rack at Old Navy is a great find but inventory in stores like these are always changing so it’s really hit or miss. Whether you are running an embroidery business, or just embroidering for fun, it’s always helpful to know where to buy blanks for machine embroidery and appliqué.

Fortunately there are several online sources that specialize in machine embroidery blanks where you can find loads of inventory just for this purpose.  And if you want to go into business selling embroidered items, you need a reliable and consistent source for the products you will embellish.  

Some of the following businesses require you to have a tax id. However, others have no minimums which allows you to order small quantities and test out new product ideas.

Essential Baby Blanks

What are embroidery blanks?

Embroidery blanks are simply blanks clothing and accessories suitable for embellishment.  If you want your embroidered work to take center stage, it’s best to stitch on clothing and accessories that won’t outshine your handiwork.

What are blanks suppliers?

Companies that sell plain colored clothing and accessories specifically for adding embroidery or even vinyl embellishments are referred to (in the industry) as blanks suppliers.  They differ from typical brick and mortar retail stores in that they typically only catalog/web based. 

Another difference is that they often offer quantity discounts. And, finally, while they often bring in new styles, some of the blanks suppliers offer the same products year-round.

For example, let’s say you need 50 blue golf shirts on which you plan to embroider logos.  And it’s December.  You are will not likely find the inventory you need at your local Walmart or Old Navy.  This is when a blank supplier is absolutely necessary.

What are wholesale embroidery blank suppliers?

Some embroidery blanks suppliers are strictly wholesale suppliers.  This means that in order to purchase embroidery blanks from them, you will need to first establish an account.   The requirements of setting up a wholesale account are most often a tax id and some form of credit reference. 

The credit reference part is usually pretty simple.  They might just make you pay for your order up front using a credit card and this will suffice.  The tax id part is a bit more complicated.  You will need to register your business with your state, doing so will get you your tax id.

Providing your tax id to the wholesale blank company lets them know that you intend to resell the product (after embroidering it) and are not purchasing the product for your own personal use.

Once you have a tax id, you will need to remit the sales tax you charge on your products to the state.  Fortunately, if you sell via Etsy, they take care of this part for you.  But, if you sell on your own website or at craft shows, etc… you will need to charge sales tax and submit it to the state.

Embroidery blanks suppliers

Non-wholesale embroidery blanks suppliers

These blanks suppliers do not require a wholesale account. Anyone can go onto their site and place an order. And, look closely, because some of these suppliers do offer quantity discounts.

Sew for Less

Sew for Less is my hometown store here in St. Louis. (While the website is, the store in St. Charles, MO is called The American Sewing Company.) They carry all the cute clothes, shoes and accessories that you find at the fancy boutiques around town. Actually (thanks to insider information) I KNOW the fancy boutiques shop there.  

Machine Embroidery Geek

Yep. You can get your blanks right here. Check out all the cuteness we have available and take 10% off your first order using the coupon code: BLANKS10

Discount Embroidery Blanks

Holy Cow!  They have everything here: towels, bags, laundry bags, etc… They even have embroidery supplies like thread, stabilizer, etc…

Dharma Trading

Dharma Trading grew out of the hippy dippy days of tie dye mania in Northern California. While the web site may look a bit deceiving as it highlights fiber art supplies like paint and dye, they have a huge selection of clothing that is suitable for tie-dye and fabric paint but also perfect for machine embroidery.

There are quite a few items on their web site that I believe would be great items to embroider. They have cute, blank dresses for little girls  on which you could add a simple embroidered graphic below the neckline to give it a personalized touch. And, at less than $10 – it’s a bargain.

What about personalized text book covers for a teen? Aprons for a cook?  A sun hat for a young child? A tote bag for a shopper?

And if you really want to challenge yourself – order some dye while you’re at it. Combining textile dying with embroidery is sure to produce some interesting results.

All About Blanks

All About Blanks carries preppy towels, home goods and adorable makeup bags.  If you are looking to make a personalized gift for a preppy teen or tween girl – you may find the perfect blank here.

Blanks Boutique

Blanks Boutique has really cute children’s clothing and doll blanks.  Who knew that dolls needed monogrammed clothing? Apparently they do. If you like ruffles, this is the supplier for you.

Jiffy Shirts

If you’re looking for shirts, it’s hard to beat the price and selection of Jiffy Shirts.  Jiffy Shirts would be the perfect supplier for an embroidered shirt for a sports team or special event. And they offer more than just shirts!  They have a lot of other sporty items and their prices are pretty unreal.


While these online embroidery blanks retailers are amazing, never discount the power of Amazon.  You can often find just the blank you need on and get the benefit of Amazon Prime delivery.

AllStitch Discount Embroidery Supplies

AllStitch offers great prices on machine embroidery supplies such as thread, pre-wound bobbins and stabilizer.  But, they also carry the popular stuffed animals that are suitable for personalization with an embroidery machine.

Embroider This

Embroider This carries a wide variety of very “giftable” embroidery blanks.  They offer COSTUMES FOR WINE BOTTLES!!! Enough said. 

Another cool thing about this site is that they offer a bunch of free machine embroidery designs!  Head on over there and download some free designs while stocking up on some blanks.

ARB Blanks

ARB Blanks does not have the largest selection by far. But, what they do have is really cute, like great baby blanks and stylish women’s clothing. You can actually buy matching little girl and doll pajamas.   Pretty cute.

Love that Cotton

This is certainly not the cheapest option, however Love the Cotton has blanks that you don’t see on every other site.  They have adorable, super-preppy baby rompers and pajamas.  It’s a great place to look for a special occasion personalized outfit.


Fashionable and athletic blanks for kids and adults: t-shirts, sweatshirts, athleisure, etc…

Totally Blanks

Totally Blanks has a little bit of everything. I like their small seersucker duffle bag that’s perfect for monogramming.  They also have some adorable kids’ pajamas.

AJ Blanks

AJ Blanks is focused on t-shirts of all types.  They have some cute “bubble” style Ts for kids and babies that you don’t see on every other site.  They also have a ton of different baby gowns and matching caps.

Love My Blanks

Love my Blanks has pretty baby quilts as well as some soft cotton t-shirts and rompers for little kids and babies in pretty pastel styles.

Sytlize It has some very high quality formal, yet soft, t-shirts for little girls and boys.  I was actually able to get my hands on a couple of samples and they held up very well to machine embroidery. 

Wholesale embroidery blanks suppliers

These suppliers require you to establish an account and show proof of your wholesale status (as described above)

All About Blanks Wholesale

All About Blanks carries all the basics plus some nice higher end and unique items like the travel garment bag and the weekend bag.  Not eligible for a wholesale account? Don’t fret.  They also have a site with all the same products for non-wholesale customers.

Sugarbee Blanks

Preppy little kid clothes and pajamas. This is a great source for Christmas pajamas.

Totally Blanks

Totally Blanks has a little bit of everything. I like their small seersucker duffle bag that’s perfect for monogramming.  They also have some adorable kids’ pajamas.

Wholesale Boutique

Wholesale Boutique has an enormous collection of women’s clothing, home goods, kids clothes and even embroidery supplies.  However, you need to register to become a retailer and see prices.

Bayou Blanks

Loads of preppy baby and kid blanks. They offer a whole line of seersucker and gingham  clothing for little ones. And… they have adorable shoes for little kids. I don’t think I would try to monogram these but they would look great with any personalized outfit.


A huge selection of athletic blanks sorted by specific brands.  Want Fruit of the Loom shirts?  They’ve got it – plus tons of other blanks made by big name brands.


Another blank wholesaler with a selection that will blow your mind.  If you are lucky enough to be near one of their warehouses, you can opt to pick up your order and save on shipping.


The offer a lot of the same brands as Alphabroder but have lower minimums for free shipping!   (Spend $50 or more and get free shipping).


P.S. Check out my latest post on 100 AMAZING Blanks you can Amazon Prime.  I’ve actually used a lot of these and have some examples of my own projects.

Essential Kid Blanks

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