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How to make a sweet, personalized t-shirt dress

For how-to Tuesday, I am providing some instruction based on a project I made this summer for my little niece, Zoe.  This little t-shirt dress is quick and easy and can often be made from scraps in your sewing room.  For this dress I used some fabric that I bought at (gasp!) Walmart.  And, actually, the t-shirt came from Walmart too!

This dress can be made with long sleeve t-shirts as well.  Check out the version I made for my wacky daughter, Ilse – which, by the way, she wore every week last winter – and the original version I made for my little neighbor, Molly.

The “Z” applique I created in my digitizing software. I am actually working on an entire letter set of big letter outlines to put in my Etsy store, but haven’t quite gotten it finished yet. But if you let me know that you like it – that might provide some motivation to get it on my store sooner.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial! Would love your feedback. Thanks.

How to make a t-shirt dress
How to make a t-shirt dress

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