Where to buy machine embroidery supplies

By on October 31st, 2020
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where to buy machine embroidery supplies
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Once you start using your embroidery machine, you will find, very quickly that this new hobby requires quite a few supplies.  For example, you will need consumables like a nice collection of embroidery thread, a variety of stabilizers, bobbin thread, etc., as well as some essential tools and accessories to make your embroidery easier.  But where should you purchase these machine embroidery supplies? It can be tricky to find exactly what you are looking for, especially if you live in a rural community where the closest JoAnn’s is a couple of hours away.

Fortunately, there are several online sources where you can find reasonably priced, high-quality machine embroidery supplies.  And, all these suppliers have different strengths. So, if you are needing a highly unusual machine embroidery thread as well as some standard tearaway stabilizer, it’s helpful to know the shops with the most extensive thread selection that also carry all the stock items.

Machine embroidery supply powerhouses


Allstitch discount embroidery supplies definitely lives up to its name. First of all, they offer just about every embroidery supply you can possible imagine, and secondly they have great prices.  And, if you buy in bulk you will save even more as many of the products have price breaks, so is you order more you get a lower price per unit.

If you place an order at Allstitch, it makes sense to get everything you possibly need because you get free shipping with orders of $150 or more.  You may also be able to find a promo code for Allstitch on sites like Retailmenot.


Embstore is much like Allstitch in that they have just about everything. I like to order the XL spools of embroidery thread. Subscribe to their monthly newsletter to get the latest information about monthly specials.

World Weidner

World Weidner is another every-embroidery-supply you could possibly need supplier.  They have thread, stabilizer, hoops, and even educational materials to help you take your embroidery skills to the next level.

MJ’s Sewing Supply

Don’t let the name fool you.  MJ’s is not just about sewing. They offer the full spectrum of machine embroidery supplies in addition to sewing and vinyl cutting materials.

Known for their threads but have all the machine embroidery supplies

machine embroidery supplies: thread

Red Rock Threads

If you are looking for a very specific type of thread or you want to sample every brand, Red Rock Threads is where you want to go. They literally have every color and type of embroidery thread you can imagine. Need an obscure shade of metallic embroidery thread? You can find it at Red Rock Threads.


As you may imagine, Threadart has A LOT of different types of embroidery thread. But they also have a great selection of embroidery blanks.  And, if you like doing in-the-hoop projects – check out the multi-colored packs of felt and vinyl.

Metro Embroidery Supplies

Metro Embroidery Supplies is known for their threads but also offer stabilizer, needles and many other tools and accessories. Oddly enough, they also have a collection of stuffed animals suitable for personalizing on your embroidery machine.


Madeira is known for being a superior quality machine embroidery thread brand. But, if you are looking for embroidery supplies, their site is worth checking out.  They only caveat is that they only sell to “commercial embroiderers” so you will need to set up an account, and have a tax id for your business.

Known for sewing and embroidery machines but are also great for supplies

machine embroidery supplies: embroidery machines


While Sewingmachines.com is primarily known for their JUKI brand sewing and embroidery machines, parts and accessories, you can also find all your basic embroidery supplies like stabilizer, thread racks and nippers.

Sewing Machines Plus

Sewingmachinesplus.com is definitely focused on selling sewing and embroidery machines, but don’t discount their embroidery supply offerings.  Since they offer free shipping on orders over $49, they are definitely worth visiting for restocking embroidery thread, stabilizer, needles and other frequently used supplies.

Known for fabric but also have embroidery supplies


Of course they have fabric, buy why not shop for some machine embroidery supplies when you are adding to your fabric stash? Fabric.com has stabilizer, embroidery thread, needles and more.

Known for their blanks

Sew for less

When I shop at Sew for Less, I’m usually buying sherpas and other fun and stylish blanks. However, I often forget that they have great prices on embroidery as well as laser cutting supplies.

Known for their gadgets


Dime’s mission is to provide inspiration and solutions for machine embroidery enthusiasts, and they certainly deliver on that promise. For example, their perfect placement kit helps an embroiderer locate the appropriate location of any embroidery design on a variety of clothing types and accessories.  In addition to all these nichey tools, they also carry embroidery supplies, for example, sets of machine embroidery threads in very pretty colors and their own line of stabilizers.

Smaller suppliers worth checking out

Be sure to bookmark these smaller retailers as you never know when you may find a deal or something special at one of these places.

Places you might not have though to look


I know, I know. This may be an obvious point here, but in case you were not aware, you can find many of your basic embroidery supplies on Amazon, many of which are available on Amazon Prime. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than free 2-day shipping when I’m needing to get a project done.  Amazon is also a great resource for blanks!


I don’t normally buy my embroidery supplies at Joanns but when I have a 50% off coupon and a desperate need for a specific colored embroidery thread, I’ll hit my local Joanns. They carry just about anything you will need for machine embroidery, plus you can buy yourself some candy on the way out the door.


Perhaps it hadn’t occurred to you to be trolling eBay for machine embroidery supplies, but if you keep your eyes open and browse regularly, you can often find some real gems. I recently ordered 10 extra bobbins for my embroidery machine on eBay and let me tell you – it’s been a game changer especially when I need to change my bobbin color for in the hoop projects.

You may just get lucky and find stumble upon a whole stash of supplies from someone wanting to get out of the embroidery biz or from an estate. If this type of hunt sounds exciting, you should check out Facebook marketplace and Craigslist as well.

The Dollar Store

Yep, believe it or not you can actually find embroidery and sewing supplies at your local Dollar Tree.  I was stunned by how many useful items I could find for next to nothing.

Frequently asked question about machine embroidery supplies and suppliers

What are the essential machine embroidery supplies for beginners?

The only absolutely essential supplies you need to get started with machine embroidery are stabilizer, machine embroidery thread and bobbin thread.

Now, the type of stabilizer you need depends on the fabric you are embroidering on.

The machine embroidery thread you use is up to you. While certain embroidery designs specify specific thread colors, you can certainly choose to use whatever you want. Eventually, though, you will want a variety of embroidery thread suitable for different designs and different projects.

The machine embroidery bobbin thread is usually just white or black.  Be sure to actually use machine embroidery bobbin thread so that your bobbin thread does not show up on top. And, also be careful to buy the correct weight bobbin thread for your machine.

Where can you find cheap embroidery supplies?

The absolute cheapest way to obtain embroidery supplies is to buy them from an individual who wants to get rid of them. An estate sale at a house once owned by an embroidery machine owner could offer a treasure trove of supplies. Periodically check Craigslist and Facebook marketplace for listings of embroidery supplies.

Another way to find cheap embroidery supplies is to buy in large quantities or to buy wholesale.

Can you buy machine embroidery supplies wholesale?

Yes – sites like Gunold only sell to people in the industry. If you are a legitimate embroidery business, you can register as a wholesaler on their website and gain access to the lowest prices in the industry.

So, are you ready to shop?

With all these options it shouldn’t matter where you live. You can get just about any machine embroidery supply in just a few clicks.

Enjoy! And Happy Stitching


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where to buy machine embroidery supplies

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