27 Cheap Embroidery Supplies and Accessories (you can buy at the Dollar Store)

By on June 21st, 2022
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cheap embroidery supplies and accessories you can buy at the dollar store
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Embroidery is a fun and popular hobby, but it can be expensive to to purchase all the required supplies and accessories. I had heard you could buy some cheap embroidery supplies for next to nothing at your local Dollar Tree, but I needed to see for myself.

Boy, was I surprised. The Dollar Tree is a treasure trove for cheap embroidery supplies and accessories!

So, whether you are just starting out in machine embroidery or you are a seasoned pro, I’m betting you’ll be surprised by what you can pick up for next to nothing to support your sewing and embroidery habit.

Let’s take a look!

Cheap embroidery supplies and accessories for maintaining your embroidery machine

You need to keep your embroidery machine clean and well-maintained to ensure that it runs smoothly and lasts a long time. Luckily, you can find plenty of cheap embroidery supplies and accessories for maintaining your machine at the Dollar Tree.

Makeup brush

a makeup brush is a great tool fro cleaning your embroidery machine

Many sewing and embroidery machines come with a small brush to help you clean lint and thread build-up from your machine. Unfortunately, they tend to be a bit puny. Pick up a more generous version to make your cleaning more effective.

Dental floss

Use dental floss to "floss" your thread path

“Flossing” the thread path of your machine with some dental floss can be an effective way to remove bits of thread, fabric and lint from your machine. Grab a dedicated pack just for your sewing and embroidery machine maintenance.


Tweezers are a cheap embroidery accessory that will help you remove thread from small crevaces

Tweezers are essential for picking out thread and lint from small spaces. They can also help with the more elaborate threading of a multi-needle embroidery machine.

Rubbing alcohol

rubbing alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol) is a must for cleaning your embroidery machine. You can use it to remove goo and residue from needles and presser feet. If you use a lot of spray adhesive, having rubbing alcohol on hand is an absolute must.

Awesome cleaner

Awesome orange cleaner will help you remove the gunk from your embroidery hoop

This stuff (which is known to be a Dollar Tree staple) is awesome for removing the sticky gunk from your embroidery hoop. If you have a dirty embroidery hoop, I would definitely check out this stuff.

Cheap embroidery supplies to use in your projects

I was very surprised to find supplies that I could actually using in my sewing and embroidery projects at the Dollar Store. And with prices like these, I can afford to pick up a few extras to have on hand for when inspiration strikes.


Small pieces of appliqué fabric are another cheap supply you can buy at the Dollar Tree

Yes, there is actually a little bit of fabric at Dollar Tree. I was surprised to find that they had small rolls of cotton fabrics in pretty colors and simple (tasteful) prints.

The beauty of these prints were that they were all very small scale – making them ideal for appliqué. A fabric with a larger print often doesn’t work for appliqué because you can’t make out the design.


Ribbon is a cheap embroidery supply that you can buy at the Dollar Tree

Ribbon is not just for wrapping presents – especially the satin and grosgrain varieties. You can use it to embellish all sorts of sewing and embroidery projects.

Ribbon is often an essential element for in-the-hoop projects. For example, I often use ribbon for loops on ornaments or zippered pouches.

You can actually even embroider on ribbon which makes for a pretty and personalized hair accessory or a cute way to label a gift.

I actually found a really pretty selection of colors and prints at Dollar Tree.

Cheap embroidery supplies to help you store your sewing and embroidery tools

Tech cases

These tech cases are perfect for storing USB sticks

Have you ever put a USB stick through the wash? I have. And it didn’t turn out too well.

Keep all your USB sticks (for transferring embroidery designs onto your embroidery machine) in one location with these cute and colorful tech cases. They are just large enough to not fit comfortably in a pocket which will reduce the likelihood that one will go through the wash.

Plus – these bright colors and patterns will make this little case stand out among the chaos of your sewing room.

Self adhesive hooks

self-adhesive hooks are useful for hanging up your embroidery hoops

If you want to get really organized, these self adhesive hooks are great for hanging scissors, embroidery hoops, rotary cutters and other tools within easy reach.

Just be sure to place them on a surface that won’t be damaged by the adhesive.

Hanging organization tray

a hanging organization tray for your embroidery supplies

A hanging organization tray is a great way to organize all those little bits and bobs that tend to get lost in a drawer like a mini screwdriver, stitch ripper, pattern weights and disappearing ink pens.

Grommet totes

grommet totes for your sewing and embroidery projects

You know how a pile of unfinished projects can feel a bit overwhelming when you walk into your sewing room? Get them off the floor and out of sight with these grommet totes.

Metal storage bins

metal storage bin for sewing and embroidery supplies

These industrial looking metal storage bins are perfect for storing small sewing and embroidery tools. They also have a high end look that defies their low price.

Mailing envelopes

mailing envelopes for storing patterns

What do you do with your PDF patterns after you print them. Well, I suppose you could throw them away or recycle them. But, if you want to make the project again, it’s nice to have the pattern already printed out.

This is why you need mailing envelopes. They are the perfect size for holding a folded up paper pattern. And, you can use your (soon to be mentioned) Sharpee marker to label them.

Peg board accessories

I love my peg board for storing all my embroidery tools and supplies within sight. I was very surprised to see that The Dollar Tree carried a variety of peg board accessories that would allow you to hang up small tools and supplies.

Cheap tools to help your machine embroidery process

Mini cutting board

A mini cutting board is useful for sewing and embroidery tasks

I am a big fan of my large cutting mat and rotary cutter for cutting large pieces of fabric. But a mini one is quite useful as well. I like to use it for cutting small pieces of fabric or ribbon for my appliqué and in-the-hoop projects. I also use it as a small ruler and even a straight edge.

You can also use a mini cutting board as hooping mat for small embroidery hoops as it provides a bit of cushion when you are putting a lot of pressure on your embroidery hoop pushing two pieces together.

Sharpee markers

Sharpee markers are useful for labeling and coloring in thread

There are a lot of uses for permanent markers in the sewing and embroidery process. I keep Sharpees around to label pattern envelopes, storage containers, and plastic bags full of stabilizer and HeatNBond Lite scraps.

Permanent markers (in a rainbow of colors) are also handy for correcting embroidery mistakes. If a satin stitch finish is not perfect, you can color it in with a permanent marker that coordinates with the thread.

Lint roller

A lint roller is a useful and cheap embroidery supply that will pick up loose threads and fuzz

A lint roller is an important tool to have on hand – especially if you are doing a lot of machine embroidery. I use my lint roller after I am finished embroidering to give my project a final once-over to make sure there are no stray threads or pieces of stabilizer clinging to it.

Clothes pins and clamps

clothes pins

You can never have too many clothes pins or clamps. I use them to hold fabric out of the way when embroidering on hard to access areas like baby onesies.

Clamps are a helpful cheap embroidery supply for keeping your excess fabric out of the way

I also like to keep a few extra around to clamp down pattern pieces when I am tracing them onto fabric or interfacing.

Clear ruler

A clear ruler is one of the best cheap embroidery supplies you can buy

A clear ruler is an important tool for precise positioning of your embroidery or appliqué design on your project. I like the clear ones because they are easy to see through which is helpful when you are want to see what is underneath.


Paper cutting scissors are essential in a sewing room

If you don’t want to be tempted to use your good fabric scissors to cut paper, be sure to have plenty of paper cutting scissors around. At this price, pick up few so you are always within arm’s reach of a pair.


readers can help you thread your sewing and embroidery machine

And speaking of seeing things… Is your vision not quite what it used to be? Do you find yourself squinting to thread your machine? Me too.

Pick up a couple pairs of readers just to keep in your sewing room. They come in a variety of strengths so you can find the perfect ones for you.

Clip on light

clip on light

It’s much easier to see small sewing and embroidery details with a little extra light. My Dollar Tree carries a couple of different styles of small lights that would fit the bill. I like these little clip on ones as you can fasten them in different spots as needed.

Desk lamp

desk lamp

Need even more light? A small desk lamp is perfect for providing focused light on a particular area.

Masking tape

masking tape

Masking tape has a million and one uses around a sewing and embroidery room. I often use masking tape to hold down pieces while building in-the-hoop projects. And, I also rely on masking tape to help me keep excess fabric out of the way when embroidering on hard to reach areas.

Spray bottle (to fill with water)

spray bottle for water

A small spray bottle is great to have on hand when working with water soluble toppers. A quick spritz of water will quickly dissolve the topper without you having to douse the project.

Clear shower curtain liner

clear shower liner is a cheap embroidery accessory

You’re probably wondering what the heck a clear shower curtain liner has anything to do with sewing and embroidery. Well – a transparent, flexible (and cheap) material like this is ideal for creating templates to help you position your embroidery.

Let’s say you are embroidering 10 large polos. You can position one, then lay the plastic over the shirt and mark the center of your design. If you also mark other landmarks of the shirt on the plastic sheet, you can use it again and again to find the same location on other shirts. Genius!

Ready to spend a few dollars on these cheap embroidery supplies and accessories?

Just writing about this makes me want to go back and get more. I’m sure once you start looking at your local Dollar Tree, you will find all sorts of other items that can be used in your sewing room to aid your embroidery and sewing. And at these prices, it won’t break the bank if you do!

What are some of your favorite cheap and useful sewing room tools and supplies? Leave a comment below!

Happy stitching!



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cheap embroidery supplies and accessories. you can buy at the dollar store

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