10 fun ideas to machine embroider on a baseball cap

By on July 17th, 2020
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10 fun ideas to machine embroider on a baseball cap
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Here I am on vacation at the beach and I find myself with no hat. This is despite the fact that I specifically put “baseball cap” on the packing list I made for myself and all my kids. I can’t even follow my packing list! Anyway, before I left town I picked up a couple of solid colored baseball caps at Walmart which were a total bargain at $4.99 each and made some fun custom baseball caps for my two girls. And I actually embroidered the hat on my single needle embroidery machine! But, now I am wishing I had done just one more because there are really so many fun embroidery designs to machine embroider on a baseball cap. I really should’ve made just one more for myself.

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You can machine embroider a baseball cap on your single needle embroidery machine

If you thought you couldn’t machine embroider on a baseball cap using a single needle embroidery machine, I can assure you that it is indeed possible. Yes, it takes a bit of babysitting and patience, but it can definitely be done. 

I think the key is to choose a suitable design to stitch out on the baseball cap. Don’t try to stitch any design that is too large. Also – consider choosing a raw edge appliqué design (instead of a filled embroidery design or satin stitch appliqué design) because they stitch out so quickly, which means less time to babysit the embroidery machine.

If you haven’t tried to machine embroidery a baseball cap I highly recommend it.  It makes a great gift for almost anyone on your list. Why?Sizing is usually not an issue. Hats are adjustable, so they generally work for the smallest and largest of heads. Also, the front of a baseball cap is a very small space to machine embroider but it has the potential to make a very large impact. And, finally, hats are cheap. If you’re screw it up, you’re not out much! It’s not like stitching out a monogram on a cashmere blanket where the stakes are much higher.

So, are you ready to give it a try? Here are some of my favorite ideas to machine embroider on a baseball cap.

Area code baseball cap

area code numbers embroidered on baseball cap

I just made some area code hats for my two girls, and they were total winners. In fact they’ve already told me that their friends want the same ones. (Note to self: make these as birthday gifts).

Anyway, I made these hats two different ways: one with appliqué numbers with the raw edges and the other with filled stitch numbers. I do like how they both turned out, however the raw edge appliqué version stitched out so much quicker. So, I have to say that I prefer it.

314 area code baseball cap

The 314 hat was a nod to our hometown of St. Louis, and the 757 hat was a shout out to the Norfolk / Virginia Beach area where my in-laws live. When my sister-in-law sun hat she told me that the area was even considering re-branding as the 757 and then I could sell a lot of those hats. I think I’ll leave that project to someone else.

Nickname hat

fun nicknames to embroider on a hat
I made this “big mama” hat for a friend who is not exactly a “big mama.”

OK, this is a real easy one, but sure to be a winner. Just use any type face and stitch out the recipient’s nickname on the baseball cap. For example, my best friend from college was nicknamed “Surfchick.” This is a PERFECT nickname to stitch out on a hat, especially in a surfy typeface. Heck, I should actually do that!

This trick will work for just about anyone with a good nickname. So if you are scrambling for a last-minute gift for someone, this may be the perfect solution. You can thank me later.

Political statement hat

First of all, I’m not a very political person. In fact, politics generally bore me, and I try to swipe past all of the political ugliness on Facebook. But if you were more vocal about your political leanings, you can certainly make that known on your baseball cap, I stitching out a Republican elephant or Democrat donkey on your baseball cap.

Or better yet, make fun of politics! One of my dear friends is a scientist and actually researches sperm (of all things). It always cracked me up hearing about the sign on her door that one of her colleagues made that said “making sperm great again.” Now that’s the kind of silliness that should be machine embroidered on a baseball cap.

State pride

kentucky love machine embroidery design

Here’s a fun idea for someone with some serious state pride – embroidering the outline of their state on a baseball cap with a “love” stitched through the middle of the state. Again, the raw edge appliqué stitches out quickly, but has a big, bold effect.   

Note: I have a few raw edge appliqué states with love in my store. If you don’t see the state you want, please let me know. 

Big old monogram

Who doesn’t love a monogrammed baseball cap? I made these monogrammed caps as teenager gifts. And, based on some casual observations, I think they got a lot of wear. There are tons of fun monogram fonts that would look great on a baseball cap. But an appliqué font gives you an opportunity to integrate some fun patterns onto the baseball cap.

Want to get fancy? Consider an appliqué monogram with a Lilly Pulitzer print fabric.  That baseball cap just went from a $4 Walmart find to a $30-$40 boutique purchase. 

monogrammed baseball cap

Peace, love and happiness

A baseball cap is a perfect opportunity to put some good vibes out into the world and to remind ourself to look at the bright side of things. A simple peace sign, symbol of serenity, Namaste, sunshine or rainbow are a sweet addition to a baseball cap, and project a positive attitude. 

serenity hat

3-Letter region

Another way to show your region price is to stitch out the three letter code associated with the area you are supporting. For example, the Outer Banks of North Carolina is “OBX”.  Typically you see these three letter codes on white and black oval shaped bumper stickers, but they would look even cuter machine embroidered on a baseball cap

All you have to do is is appliqué a simple oval shape onto a baseball cap. Then you just add your letters.  Choose a basic sans serif typeface and you’ve completed the look. 

applique on baseball cap

Simple sports icon 

If you are a hockey/swim/soccer/baseball/basketball mom and you want to show your support for your kid’s team – what better way to do it by making your own fan club hat! Just get a baseball cap in one of the team’s colors and add a sports icon with the team name. BAM – official team merch, and you are now their #1 fan. 

baseball machine embroidery design

Your company’s logo

Want to get the word out about your (or your partner/friend’s) fledgling business? Well by all means – you should embroider that logo on a baseball cap and wear it EVERYWHERE. Your head is the perfect advertising platform. 

Even if you don’t have digitizing skills, you may be able to digitize your own logo using a program like SewArt. Or, if you don’t want to mess with it then use a digitizing service to get it digitized.  Once you have it in an embroidery format, you can stitching it on anything. But start with a baseball cap

Signs and symbols to show your support

Want to show your support for your favorite cause? Well by all means – stitch out an appropriate symbol on a baseball cap. Every organization has some type of symbol to represent itself. For example, the puzzle piece is used to represent Autism awareness and ribbons of every color are used to represent every type of cancer. The most common cancer ribbon is probably the pink one that is associated with breast cancer.  Stitch that baby out on a hat for your next fund raising walk. Then wear that baseball cap to show your support every day.

3 color ribbon

So, are you feeling inspired to machine embroider a baseball cap? 

I’ve hope I’ve given you some inspiration to stitch out some fun designs on baseball caps. It is really quite amazing how you can convert a $5 baseball cap into something that is special and unique and perfectly suited for an individual. 

Good luck my embroidery friends and happy stitching!



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10 fun ideas to machine embroider on a baseball cap

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