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How to save money on adhesive back stabilizer by patching

The other day I stopped in Make it Sew in St. Louis to pick up some green thread because I had run out mid appliqué (UGH) and I needed an exact match.  It was near closing time so I thought I would be rushed out but instead, Bev (one of the employees) was really chatty.  She was doling out embroidery tips so I just let her keep talking.

What you will see (below) is one of her hot tips.  She showed me how you can avoid un-hooping and hooping between every project by simply patching the hole in your adhesive back stabilizer and applying a patch.  Genius!  Think about all the stabilizer you will save?  I have no idea why Bev shared this information with me because she just talked me out of spending a lot of money (on a smaller hoop and more stabilizer) in her store.

Hopefully this tip will benefit all of you as well.



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