How to embroider on toilet paper

By on April 15th, 2020
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how to embroider on toilet paper using your embroidery machine
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I want to start by saying that I can not believe that I’m writing this blog post. For years, I’ve seen questions about and examples of embroidery on toilet paper in my machine embroidery Facebook groups. And every time I do, I wonder why anyone want to know how to embroider on toilet paper. That seems like the stupidest project ever.

Then, the Corona-19 virus hit, and now we are living in a world where no one has a square to spare! Toilet paper is a hot commodity, a prize possession. This may be the one time in our lives where a gift of a roll of toilet paper is actually a legit GIFT! And, adding a bit of embroidery takes a precious roll of toilet paper to the next level.  This may also be the one time in my life where I’m actually interested in embroidering on a roll of TP.

Embroidering on toilet paper is actually a great project for someone who is new to machine embroidery.  The toilet paper is surprisingly more durable than what you might expect.  Plus – if you mess up, just tear off another square or two and start again.

Can you embroider on toilet paper?

Yes, believe it or not, you actually can embroider on toilet paper. And, it’s a pretty ideal material to work with.  It has very little nap and it doesnt’ stretch.  The only caveat it’s just a bit more fragile than other materials you may be used to embroidering on. 

What type of toilet paper to buy if you want to embroider on it?

The first step in starting this project is obtain a roll of TP for the project. And, when it comes to toilet paper, there is quite a range when it comes to quality. If you’re going to try to embroider on it, you definitely should avoid the cheap “jail house” variety.  For this task, thicker is better.

I realize that in the midst of the Corona-19 pandemic, when there is hardly any toilet paper at all on the shelves, it seems futile to recommend a specific brand of toilet paper for this project. However, I am hopeful that this is only a temporary inconvenience and there will be a day in the near future where we might actually have a choice in brand when it comes to buying toilet paper.

The toilet paper embroidery pros have recommended the following brands.

Full disclosure… In my demo below, I used what I had on hand which was just the Walmart house brand, albeit the plushest one they sell.

Why embroider on toilet paper? 

Embroidered toilet paper makes a great addition to personalized bathroom gift set set. Once you wrap up stitching out your monogrammed towels, just embroidery the monogram or a single initial to a roll of toilet paper. It makes an elegant addition to a monogrammed towel set.

And actually, my new Facebook friend, Jo Ann Boggs, who supplied this picture, also told me that she embroiders on candles and soaps… whaaaattt? We will have to get back to that later.

monogrammed towels, soap, and toilet paper
Photo provided by Jo Ann Boggs and used with her permission.

Embroidered toilet paper also makes a great gag gift – especially during a pandemic when toilet paper is scarce.  If you pick the right design – you can make a gag gift that’s perfect for almost any occasion. For example, Boutique Fonts has a “in case you get crap for Christmas” embroidery design that would be fun to gift any host or hostess around the holidays.

And we’re just getting started. There are tons of other embroidery designs that are just as funny. 

Embroidery on toilet paper designs

I’m actually flabbergasted as to how many different designs for specifically for machine embroidery on toilet paper.  You can find snarky “poo” themed designs, as well as one for almost every holiday.    Here are some of my favorites.

Silly messages to embroider on your toilet paper – appropriate for any occasion

Don't know what you've got til it's gone toilet paper embroidery design
Photo provided by BunnyCup Embroidery and used with their permission.

Don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone

I love this “don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” embroidery design by Bunnycup Embroidery because it reminds me to keep the house well stocked with toilet paper!  It actually serves a very important purpose. You can keep it on a shelf in the bathroom for decor or keep it in your linen closet to help remind you when the shelf gets a bit low.

Let it go! 

Looks sweet but a little snarky.  This “Let It Go!” embroidery design, of course, alludes to the move Frozen. But it’s also encourages the bathroom visitor to “let it go.” 

Wash your hands!

A helpful reminder, right? Especially during a pandemic.  This “wash your hands” embroidery design is appropriate any time of the year. And, it’s pretty too – it will enhance your bathroom decor. 

Silly poop sayings

If you want to get a little bit raunchy, this set of 6 poop-themed embroidery designs are pretty hilarious and absolutely perfect for embroidering on some toilet paper. 

Holiday-themed toilet paper embroidery designs

Holiday character faces embroidery designs

bunny face machine embroidery design
Photo provided by Wingsicle Whims Embroidery and used with their permission.

How cute is this bunny face embroidered on a roll of toilet paper? Plop it on the back of your toilet and you’ve decorated for Easter. paper Wingsicle Whims Embroidery also has a snow man face design as well as a Santa. What an easy way to decorate for any holiday! 

Wipe your tail embroidery design

Stitch out this cute “use this cotton to wipe your tail” embroidery design on some toilet paper to add a little Easter decor to your bathroom.  

In case you get poo for Christmas

Crap for Christmas machine embroidery design
Photo provided by Boutique Fonts and used with their permission.

Love and poop

Yep. There are even toilet embroidery designs specific to Valentine’s Day.  Romance and poop.  This set of four Valentine embroidery designs, intended to be stitched out on some toilet paper, actually make it work.

So, are you surprised there are so many embroidery designs specifically for toilet paper? Frankly, I was. 

How to package your embroidered toilet paper

The last thing you want to happen to your embroidered toilet paper is for the roll to get wet! So, the best way to package your toilet paper is in a transparent, water resistant bag. Fortunately, you can buy simple transparent bags for next to nothing on Amazon.  Add a bow on top and you have a perfect presentation.

transparent water resistant bags are essential for protecting your embroidered toilet paper.

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How to embroider on toilet paper

What you need


Start by hooping a piece of cut away stabilizer.  Although I normally use tear away stabilizer, I wouldn’t recommend it for this project. The tearing that you need to do with a tear away stabilizer could easily result in a tear in your toilet paper.

hooped cutaway stabilizer

Use your temporary spray adhesive to spray a small (4″ x 4″) spot on your hooped stabilizer.  Use a cardboard mask to avoid getting spray on your hoop.

Roll about 4 squares out and fold 4 back (toward the inside) doubling it on itself.  Then press the toilet paper onto the stabilizer so that the stitching will land on the second square.

If you want to mark the center of your design on the toilet paper, use a pencil instead of a wash away pen. The color of the wash away pen will not disappear without getting the toilet paper wet which will, of course, destroy the toilet paper.

toilet paper stuck to stabilizer

Make sure you have a new very sharp needle in your embroidery machine. You want to cleanly pierce the toilet paper. It will improve the look of your stitching.

Lay down a layer of water soluble topper on top of the toilet paper before you start stitching.  You stitches will want to sink into the toilet paper. If you don’t use a topper they will appear a bit jagged around the edges.

Once you start stitching, be sure that there is plenty of slack between the toilet paper you are stitching on and the rest of the roll. You don’t want to rip off the squares you are stitching.

When you are done, carefully cut the cutaway around the toilet paper. Trim any jump strings. Gently tear away the water soluble topper. Don’t get it wet, or you will end up with a mess! Finally, package your toilet paper in a durable, water resistant bag and top with a bow for a perfect presentation.

embroidered toilet paper: emergency use only

Lessons Learned

I have to admit, embroidering on toilet paper was a lot easier than I expected. It actually turned out pretty well! And, who knows, I might be using this as my go-to hostess gift during the holiday season, assuming toilet paper will be readily available again!

Happy Stitching!



P.S. Like my “For Emergency Use Only” embroidery design? It is available FOR FREE in my resource library.  Just subscribe to the newsletter for access.

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how to embroider on toilet paper using your embroidery machine

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