Machine embroidery jewelry designs that you will actually want to make

By on September 15th, 2020
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If you had asked me last week if I had ever made jewelry with my embroidery machine, my answer would have been a resounding no. First of all, I don’t wear a ton of jewelry. And secondly, many of the machine embroidery jewelry designs I have seen are frankly, pretty tacky.  I’m just not into wearing big fabric Santas on my ears.  And I doubted there were machine embroidery jewelry designs that I would actually want to make.

But now that I’ve dug a little deeper and tried some of these patterns out myself, I’m singing a different tune. You actually can make some pretty cool and modern jewelry using your embroidery machine.

Plus, having a few go to machine embroidery jewelry designs in your bag of tricks is can be helpful when you need to come up with a unique last minute gift. As long as you have a few scraps of leather or vinyl and some jewelry hardware you can with these up pretty quickly.

How do you make jewelry with your embroidery machine?

There are a few different ways to make jewelry with your embroidery machine.  Some designs are comprised of small pieces of leather or vinyl with decorative stitching.  Others are made of free standing lace.  Most of the designs you purchase will include instructions for not only stitching out the decorative part of the jewelry but also on how to put it together.

After the stitching is done on the, you may need tools and additional hardware to complete the project. You can’t take those Santa Santa Santa your ears, right? Fortunately the necessary hardware such as earring hooks, clasps, ribbon and jump rings are pretty inexpensive and readily accessible. The same goes for the minimal tools you need to put them all together.

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Tips for making jewelry on your embroidery machine

Material selection and technique makes a big difference when it comes to the look of your finished product. If the jewelry you are making is comprised of small pieces of fabric, you don’t want to use anything too flimsy. And, of course higher end fabrics are going to make higher end looking jewelry. Felt earrings are going to look cheap no matter how well you stitch them out.

When you were making any free kind of freestanding lace item, generally you want your bobbin thread to match the top thread. Especially if the item is going to be seen from every direction. This is especially true when it comes to earrings so if you were making jewelry with freestanding links then be sure to change your bobbin thread to match up top.

Unique machine embroidery jewelry designs

Fortunately, there are a lot cooler machine embroidery jewelry designs available beyond the Santa earrings.  Here are some of my favorites.

Boho Free Standing Lace Fringe Earrings

fringe FSL earrings
Photo provided by Birochka Embroidery and used with their permission.

I adore these free standing lace fringe earrings from Birochka Embroidery because they are so fun, colorful and look so luxe.  And while they make such a big, bold statement they are also super lightweight being purely make of embroidery thread. For more information about how to make the earrings, visit their blog

Layered Leather In-the-hoop Earrings

layered leather in-the-hoop earrings

Photo provided by Applique and Embroidery Originals and used with their permission. For more information about how to make these earrings see: scraps of lightweight leather or vinyl can take be repurposed into some fun earrings.  Just choose a few different harmonious scraps of these materials and you can quickly make some fun and modern earrings using this earring embroidery design from Appliqué & Embroidery Originals.

Elaborately embroidered “bib” style necklace

in the hoop necklace

I love the look of this rich, tribal looking necklace you can make in-the-hoop on your embroidery machine from Ivana Studios.  And, you simply stitch in the ribbon ties as you are making the piece.  Once you are finished with the stitching, you can add bead embellishments to further amp up the bling.

Modern Free Standing Lace Earrings

free standing lace earrings modern

These free-standing lace earrings from Art Designs Embroidery are super simple yet incredibly ornate.  And I love how they are stitched out in purple thread. It gives them a super regal look.

Ornate free standing lace cuff

Ornate free standing lace cuff

If you have an embroidery hoop that can accommodate a 5″ x 7″ embroidery design then you can stitch out these cool free standing lace cuffs from Embroidery Rady.  Can you believe they are entirely made of thread? They get their 3D shape by forming them around your wrist after they are drenched in dissolved water soluble stabilizer.

Fringe In-the-Hoop Earrings

I am such a sucker for fringe, so these in-the-hoop fringe earrings from Lila’s Laundry are right up my alley.  And, they are the perfect way to use up small scraps of leather or vinyl.

Ornate Bracelet

cuff bracelet design

This cool ornate cuff embroidery design from Lirio Blanco is to die for.  I love the rich colors and the way the cuff ties around the wrist. 

Free standing lace feather earrings

Free standing lace feather earrings
Photo provided by EMB Home and used with their permission.

These gorgeous free standing lace feathers may make you feel like a peacock! I just love the organic shapes and the bright colors. You can get this set of 6 free standing lace earring designs from Emb Home.

Dainty flower free standing lace necklace and earrings

dainty free standing lace necklace and earrings

While this dainty flower necklace and earring set that you can make with free standing lace may be a bit more suitable for a little girl, I may actually be tempted to wear these coordinating free standing lace necklace and earrings. 

Mod In-the-hoop Cuff

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Meringue Designs and this cuff is definitely one of my favorites.  I love the simple graphics and cheery design. And, its definitely a style I could wear.  Bangles don’t work well when you are typing on a computer a lot.

In the hoop mod cuff

So, hey, have I convinced you to make some jewelry on your embroidery machine?

I am actually pretty astounded by what you can do with a few scraps of fabric and some embroidery thread.  Using your embroidery machine, you can make some seriously cool jewelry.

Happy stitching!



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  1. Thanks for this! I’m actually teaching a machine embroidery class next month on jewelry & am so relieved to see how ‘untacky’ this subject has become!

    1. Oh I am so glad it is helpful and inspiring. I’m curious where you are teaching it.

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