12 Valentine’s Day projects to make on your embroidery machine

By on February 5th, 2023
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12 Valentine's projects to make on your embroidery machine
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Valentine’s Day can be a challenging holiday, especially if you aren’t coupled up. But it certainly doesn’t have to be. I, personally, believe that Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show some love to anyone in your life, whether it’s your kids, grand kids, classmates, or even your friends at work. Plus, if you own an embroidery machine, Valentine’s gifting is super easy to do. Ready for some inspiration Here are some of my favorite Valentine‘s projects to make on an embroidery machine.

Valentine’s projects to make on your embroidery machine

Valentine’s Underwear

My kids have decided that Valentine’s Day is all about underpants and underwear gifting has officially become our Valentine’s Day family tradition. Every year in addition to candy, I always gift my children a fresh set of undies.

But want to make it even more personal? Add a touch of embroidery to the skivvies you gift and you have a truly original valentine. You can add a single initial, I’m on grandma, even embroider, something cheeky on a pair of men’s boxers, like “Property of…”, and then at your name.

If you were worried about chafing of the back of the embroidery rubbing on delicate nether-regions, then consider using some Cloud Cover on the back of the embroidery.

Property of machine embroidery design

Valentine sweatshirts

Stitch out a heart or a cute love design on a turtleneck sweater or a sweatshirt for a subtle nod to the holiday.

A few years back, I appliquéd some heart patches on a sweatshirt as a gift for one of my friends. The project was inspired by this image my friend found online. (See how subtle she is when she wants me to make something for her?)

But as it turned out – the project was super quick and easy to stitch out. And, of course, she loved it.

heart sweater

If you are feeling ambitious and celebrate Galentine‘s day, why not embroider a heart sweater or sweatshirt for all your lady friends?

Valentine’s themed kitchen towels

Embroider a few kitchen towels with some heart embroidery designs and you have yourself very practical Valentine’s Day gift. This is an especially appropriate gift for someone who likes to decorate for the season.

Just gather up some Valentine’s themed designs and stitch them out on some plain kitchen towels. Heck – you may even be able to find some Valentine-themed designs for free!

Alternatively – if you want to make something more personal, you could embroider the recipients initials or monograms inside of a Valentine’ themed wreath.

Embroidered kitchen towels are great for everyday use—and you can pair one with a bottle of wine as a last-minute gift.

Valentine's hand towel

Heart Bookmarks

If your recipient is an avid reader, then embroider them some Valentine’s themed bookmarks! There are many different styles of Valentime-themed bookmarks you can make your embroidery machine. And, some of these designs you can even personalize!

A bookmark is a sweet little gift on it’s own – or you can pair it with a book of love poems (for your romantic partner) or a steamy romance novel for one of your gal pals.

Valentine’s inspired in-the-hoop jewelry

I have to admit, I’m was never much of a fan of much of the in-the-hoop jewelry projects available. This was until I started looking around in earnest and discovered many unique and modern in-the-hoop jewelry projects. In fact, you can even make something tasteful while checking off the Valentine-themed box.

Check out these darling free-standing lace heart pendants that you can fashion into a necklace or earrings. They make the perfect gift for your teens and tweens.

Photo provided by Natalia Patola and used with her permission.

If you are want to make a more bohemian Valentine’s themed accessory – check out this super cool heart with wings FSL design. Soon you will be channeling your inner Stevie Nicks!

ITH Valentine's pencil toppers from Ellia Jacksford Designs
Photo provided by Vernika Maar of Embrighter.com and used with her permission.

If you are looking for some jewelry for the younger set, check out this adorable flashing bracelet. This is going to make some kid very happy!

Valentine’s themed hair accessories

If you are looking for a little Valentine’s gift for the younger set that you can whip up on your embrodiery machine, consider an in-the-hoop hair accessory.

I’m a huge fan of these valentine headband sliders. They take an ordinary drug store headband and convert them into a unique and festive Valentine’s accessory.

Another option is to stitch out this free heart clip design. Put it togehter with a bit of scrap felt or vinyl and stick a simple metal barrette inside.

finished feltie hair clip

Button-covered ponytail holders are yet another option. Make them with some red or pink fabric and stitch out your single initial within a heart. Or, instead of embroidering an initial – why not just a simple stand-alone heart?

Valentine embroidered bags

If someone in your life is a bag-person, then consider embroidering one for them. Just pick some fabric that screams Valentine’s Day – like a pink polka dot fabric – whip up a simple tote, and add a name, initial or monogram in a complementary thread color.

Alternatively, you can purchase an inesxpensive tote in a Valentiney color. Then, just embroider an initial by itself or inside of a heart onto the bag.

Valentine’s themed tablecloth

If the person in question likes to decorate their home for the holiday, then embroider them a Valentine’s themed tablecloth.

Pick up an inexpensive white table cloths and some hearts on it. I would suggest stitching out the design as a repeatable pattern all the way down the center of the tablecloth. Or – if you are working with a smaller round or square table cloth – you could stitch out an ornate design right tin the center.

Valentine’s themed throw pillows

If embroidering a tablecloth is too large of an undertaking for you, then embroider some Valentine’s themed throw pillows instead!

Valentine's pillow
An adorable Valentine’s day pillow made by Marion J. Kerns. Photo used with her permission.

Just embroider a few hearts and/or words onto some fabric squares and stuff them with pillow stuffing. You can even make these into no-sew throw pillows by fusing

Making pillows is a bit labor intensive, so why not just buy some pre-made pillow covers. I’m lusting over these plush pink ones from Amazon that would look amazing with a white monogram.

Valentine’s embroidered cards

You may think of embroidery as something that only goes on fabric – but did you know you can embroider onto paper, too? And this is a great way to make some unique Valentines for the people in your life.

Just pick up some cardstock cards, choose an appropriate design (think redwork or low density designs), then stitch them out and send them out to your friends and loved ones!

Check out the Valentine’s card I made with one of my favorites: the interlocked pinkies redwork design.

Valentine's embroidered card

Love statement baseball caps

A baseball cap with a statement about love is the perfect Valentine’s gift to embroider for your politically-minded friend. For example, if your pal wants the world to know that “love is love” and “love wins” – stitch it out on a blank baseball cap so she can easily broadcast her point of view.

Scared of embroidering on a baseball cap? Don’t be – get yourself a Durkee hat frame and you will quickly see how easy it can be – even if you only have a single needle embroidery machine.

Classroom Valentines

Ever since my kids elementary school went candy free on Valentine’s Day, I struggled with what to send to school with my child on Valentine’s Day.

Then, I discovered you could whip up tons of different Valentine’s themed in-the-hoop projects that you could give out in lieu of candy and any kid would be sure to love.

For example, one year we made heart-shaped headphone holders. I made the headphone holder in the hoop on my embroidery machine, and purchased a 20 pack of headphones online to put inside. Needless to say it was a huge hit for these tech savvy savvy first graders.

in-the-hoop heart earbud holder

There are tons of other little in the hoop projects that would make great classroom valentines. For example, you can make heart shaped pencil toppers, “love” hand sanitizer holders, heart lip balm holder / love and heart keychains, to name a few. You’ll be sure to win over the class giving out any of these little cuties.

Ellia Jacksford Designs has a ton of cute in-the-hoop designs that are suitable for Valentine’s day.

So, are you ready to begin making Valentine’s projects on your embroidery machine?

No matter which embroidered project you choose to make this Valentine’s Day – make sure it is something special for the person receiving it. That way, even after all the chocolates are gone, they will still have something to remember the day by.

With embroidery, the possibilities are endless! From embroidered cards and decor for the home, to personalized gifts and accessories – you can embroider just about anything in any design you like. So get creative, have fun and give a gift that is truly one-of-a-kind this Valentine’s Day.

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12 Valentine's projects to make on your embroidery machine
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