Free Valentine Embroidery Designs

By on February 13th, 2024
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free Valentine's embroidery designs
free machine embroidery designs

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which is the perfect opportunity to express your love to the important people in your life. And, is there any better way to show your love than by making something for someone? Lucky for you – you have an embroidery machine, so you have the ability to create a gift that is cute, useful, personalized and handmade.  And even luckier for you, there are tons of FREE Valentine embroidery designs that you can can stitch out on clothing and accessories to make the a lovely handmade Valentine’s gift. Heck – there are even free in-the-hoop Valentine’s projects, so if you have a bit of vinyl or felt laying around – you may already have everything you need to make the perfect little Valentine gift.

So what’s stopping you? 

In this post, I’ll show you exactly where to go to download these free Valentine embroidery designs. But what’s the point of collecting free designs if you can’t do anything with them?  

In addition to showing you where to go to find these juicy little freebies, I’ll also be providing some suggestions on what Valentine gifts you can make with them.   

Why are there free Valentine embroidery designs?

Many companies that sell embroidery designs offer some freebies on their site.  Why do they do this? You may wonder.  Well, it’s kind of like a free sample.  If you like the quality and style of the embroidery design, you would be more inclined to come back and purchase a design. 

Offering a free design is great for exposure.  People like me who write about freebies are sending you to their site.   If they weren’t offering anything free – I wouldn’t be mentioning them. 

Many companies trade freebies for email addresses.  So, if you want the free design, you need to supply an email address. This allows the company offering the free design to send you marketing emails in the future.  Of course, in the future, you can always unsubscribe. 

How to get free Valentine embroidery designs

Some companies set up their freebies just like regular products except that the price is $0. So you just add the free item(s) to the cart and checkout as you would normally. 

Other companies offer the freebies in a resource library, and in order to access the free goodies, you need to supply an e-mail address. 

Is there a limit to the number of free embroidery designs you can download? 

It depends on the site. Some sites (such as Ann the Gran) will only let you download a couple of freebies at any one time.  But, the limit is usually for a specific time period, so you can always go back and get more.  Tip: try using a different email address. 

How is the quality of free embroidery designs?

Of all the free embroidery designs I’ve downloaded, I’ve never had a problem with quality. Remember – a free embroidery design is like a free sample. If the quality was bad, would you ever go back and pay for an embroidery design from that site?  I wouldn’t think so. It’s in the digitizers best interest to make the freebie just as good as any other paid design on their site. 

One limitation of freebies is the sizes they offer. Typically free designs only are offered in one size whereas the ones you pay for usally come in a few different sizes. 

Free Valentine embroidery designs

You can find quite a variety of free Valentine embroidery designs. Some are traditional, filled embroidery designs, some are appliqués and, believe it or not, you can also find free Valentine-themed in-the-hoop projects. 

Free filled Valentine embroidery designs

A variety of crazy heart embroidery designs

Bunnycup Embroidery has a variety of filled heart embroidery designs. Striped, dot-rimmed, and slanted, Bunnycup offers quite a collection that you could use in many different ways.  Looking to make a little something for the special man in your life? Stitch out your name next to one of these hearts on a pair of some plain colored boxers and he’ll have a reminder of you wherever he goes. 

Hearts, hearts and more hearts has a lot of heart freebies. This simple scribble heart would look great as a border element or placed in the shape of a wreath. This elaborate and gorgeous flower filled heart stands out on its own. This simple two interlaced hearts design is great for an anniversary tribute. This lightly filled heart with a dot border would look great with a monogram on top. And, this simple “I Heart” design can be customized to highlight anything you love.

Gorgeous floral heart

Ann the Gran has the prettiest floral heart wreath embroidery design that would be darling on a little girl’s dress or romper. I would just buy a simple, cotton dress and stitch it out on the chest and BAM – you have the perfect Valentine’s outfit. 

You are loved design

you are loved free embroidery design

Remind your love one how much they are loved. This pretty “you are loved” embroidery design from the Ann the Gran site is a great reminder. Stitch it out on something your recipient might see every day like a reusable grocery bag

My heart only beats for you

What a sweet sentiment. This “my heart only beats for you” embroidery design from Ann the Gran with a slight medical vibe would be appropriate for your doctor/nurse sweetie. Stitch it out on thick canvas and frame it for someone you love. 

Lovebirds embroidery design

I think this may be my favorite free Valentine embroidery design I found. It’s a lovely little lovebirds in heart design from Apex embroidery that is well-suited to be stitched out on some hand towels in a couple’s bathroom.  I would stitch the couple’s first names together under the lovebirds.  Adorable. 

Cupid arrows

free cupid arrow embroidery design

Here’s a more subtle nod to Valentine’s Day: a Cupid’s arrow embroidery design.  Just add your initials and stitch it on some handkerchiefs for your man to remind him how you were first struck. 

Be my valentine

Make a sweet Valentine long sleeve t-shirt for a little kit with this free “Be my Valentine” Embroidery design.  It’s a freebie on the SWAK website. 

XO embroidery design

XO free embroidery design

Ann the Gran has a simple and versatile XO embroidery design available for free.  I think this would look awesome embroidered on a zip up hoodie sweatshirt for a teen or tween.  

Free redwork embroidery designs

Redwork Valentine messages

Want to make a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s card? Why not stitch out these sweet free redwork Valentine’s messages from Kreative Kiwi on some notecards. It’s actually pretty easy to machine embroider on cardstock. And it will be a lot less expensive than buying an off-the-shelf greeting card as you can get plain cardstock cards for pennies per piece. 

Nervous about embroidering on cardstock?  Check out how I made a pretty mother’s day card embroidering on cardstock

Kreative Kiwi has some FREE Valentine animal themed rework designs as well. 

Free Valentine appliqué designs

Raw edge heart appliqué

If you hadn’t noticed already – I offer free embroidery designs on my site. And, one of my favorites is my simple heart, raw edge appliqué design. Yes – it’s simple, and that’s exactly the point.  You can stitch it multiple times in multiple colors all over a t-shirt, a pair a pants, a hoodie, whatever you want.  I used this simple heart appliqué to make a Valentine’s sweatshirt for my friend.  I simply opened up the sleeves and stitched out two instances over the elbows like patches, and I think it turned out really cute.  Check out exactly how I did it.  

Heart triple stitch applique

Now is a great time of year to find a sweatshirt on clearance that is perfect for this project.  If I recall correctly, I believe I snagged mine for less than $10 at Walmart. But a nubby fleece sweatshirt from Amazon would be ideal for recreating this look. 

Check out Embroidery Boutique for another free raw edge heart appliqué design.  This version is a little less traditional looking, but could also be use for sweatshirt elbow patches… or just about anything else. 

Raw edge candy message heart appliqué designs

free candy message heart appliqué

Five Star fonts offers a variety of appliqué candy message hearts.  And they even show an example of how they look stitched out all together. I, personally, think it would be really adorable to stitch out one of these on a baby onesie for a little one to wear around Valentine’s Day.  Kiss me?  YES PLEASE!  

Need a baby gift for a baby born around Valentine’s Day.  Make a set of these! 

Free Valentine in-the-hoop designs 

Heart coin purse

This adorable heart-shaped coin purse from Five Star Fonts would make a great Valentine giveaway or even a Valentine’s Day party favor.  Keep in mind that while the file is free, and the fabric to make these coin purses can likely come from the scraps in your sewing room, you will need a little zipper for each one you make.  Fortunately, you can buy them in bulk, in just about any length and color

Heart hair clip feltie

Here’s a quick way to make a Valentine’s Day accessory for a little girl. Stitch out these heart felties with built-in slots. Once you are done stitching them out – all you have to do is slip the barrette in through the slots and voilá – you have a heart-shaped clip!  Check out how I made it and how to download the free file from my resource library

finished feltie hair clip

Picture frame with a heart in the corner 

Oh my goodness – I love this idea. Kreative Kiwi offers a free in-the-hoop picture frame design with a heart in the corner.  All you have to do is find the perfect photo of the person you love and start stitching. 

You will obviously need some fabric for the frame area as well as some clear vinyl to cover the picture. 

Personally, I would also add a ribbon loop at the top so the finished picture frame could be hung anywhere.  if you are feeling really ambitious, you could make a hanging row of framed photos by stitching out this in-the-hoop project multiple times. 

Valentine in-the-hoop coasters

Another simple in-the-hoop project that makes for a sweet Valentine’s gift are in-the-hoop coasters. Kreative Kiwi actually offers three different styles of Valentine-themed in-the-hoop coaster designs: a heart, double hearts, and  the word “Love”.

Are there free embroidery designs for other holidays? 

Yes! It’s actually quite amazing. Check out some of these older posts where I show you how to find free embroidery designs for other holidays.

Ready to start making some Valentine gifts? 

I hope these free Valentine designs have provided some inspiration as well as a jump start on your Valentine’s Day embroidering.  Of course, if you have a very specific project in mind, these freebies may not meet your needs. Be sure to check out the collection of Valentine’s themed designs in the Machine Embroidery Geek store

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free Valentine's embroidery designs
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