Machine embroidery projects for Easter

By on March 3rd, 2020
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10 Easter projects to make on your embroidery machine
free machine embroidery designs

It’s hard to believe that the next big holiday is EASTER!  Yes, I understand it is a holy day, and I do recognize that. But when it comes to machine embroidery, Easter means going big with over the top Easter baskets, outfits and home decor. If you are looking for ideas this season, check out some of my favorite machine embroidery projects for Easter. Keep reading for inspiration, how-tos, links and a couple free embroidery designs to get you into the spirit of the season!

A personalized Easter basket

Yes – let’s start with the most obvious one.  An Easter basket is the PERFECT item to embroider, because the kid won’t grow out of it. So, go ahead and stitch out a name on that Easter basket or basket liner.  Plus, if you have multiple kids, you need some way to differentiate one basket from the other, right?

You basically have two choices when you personalize an Easter basket. You can either embroider on the basket itself, if the basket is made of a soft enough material and you can get it onto your embroidery hoop. Or, you can embroider on the liner of an Easter basket.

If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you can actually make the Easter basket entirely out of free standing lace!  I know, right?  Check out this FSL basket by BrodPic.

FSL basket
Picture by Sylvie of Brodie and used with her permission

Note: want to learn more about free standing lace (FSL)? Check out my previous post about FSL. 

Personalized stuffed bunnies

personalized bunny
Photo provided by Kelly Richie and used with her permission.

Forget the Corona virus – it’s bunny fever that seems to be going around in all my machine embroidery Facebook groups.  Personalizing a stuffed bunny by stitching out a name on a big floppy ear is super popular right now. They make a great addition to an Easter basket for a little kid, and you can get them pretty cheaply at Walmart or Amazon.

Personalized umbrella

personalized umbrella

Let’s face it. Just because it’s spring, doesn’t mean the weather is warm, at least not around here. But, one way to brighten a rainy day is with a personalized umbrella.

Believe me.  I was super nervous to try this one. It turns out, though, embroidering on an umbrella is a piece of cake. Monogram a small umbrella as a little Easter gift that will fit easily into an Easter basket.  And, for about $5 each – you may want to make a monogrammed umbrella for everyone this spring.

Personalized rain coat and rain boots

If you a really want to complete a kid’s rainy day look, try monogramming an adorable rain poncho and/or some rain boots.  The rain poncho is super easy to get on and off the embroidery hoops.  The boots, however, are a little trickier. I’ll admit, I’ve never monogrammed on rain boots, but I’ve heard of people with home embroidery machines that have done it.  In fact, why don’t you try that one out and get back to me….

Monogrammed springy swim suits

If you are more of a glass half full kind of person and prefer to focus on the impending warmer weather and not the current rainy state of affairs, then consider monogramming a cute swimsuit – for a boy or a girl!  It’s the perfect little compact gift to toss in that Easter basket. And, embroidering on a swimsuit is actually pretty simple.

personalized swimsuits

Religious jewelry

Easter is a perfect opportunity to stitch out some elegant free standing lace cross earrings.  The FSL cross design from A Stitch in Time Gifts is the perfect size to make earrings for a teen or a necklace for a younger girl.  And – you can stitch them out in any color to coordinate with an Easter outfit.

FSL cross earrings
Photo provided by A Stitch in Time Gifts and used with their permission.

Big bow

Monogrammed bow
Image provided by Skyler Gay of Bow Sew and Cute and used with her permission.

An easy way to add a little oomph to an Easter outfit is to add a big  grosgrain ribbon bow. And if you want to get really preppy, stitch out a monogram on that big old bow.  Attach the bow to a barrette or a ponytail holder and you’ve added the perfect, sassy finishing touch to an outfit.

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An Easter hat

A personalized hat is also a great gift that a kid will not grow out of.  And,  there are so many different styles of hats to monogram. You could monogram a hat to be worn on Easter day or go with something more for summer.  I love this cute straw hat with a black bow because it could go either way: an accessory to an Easter outfit or a summertime hat to shield sun rays.

monogrammed straw hat

Not sure how to monogram a straw hat? Check out my previous post: How to Monogram a straw hat. 

Easter themed hand towels

A few years ago my sister asked me to digitize her some appliqué Easter eggs to stitch on some hand towels. Her plan was to put them out in her powder room to decorate for Easter.

Honestly, I thought it sounded kind of like a dumb idea. But, when she executed it with some cute Lilly Pulitzer fabric scraps, I have to admit turned, it out pretty cute.

Want to try this?  The free design is available in my resource library

easter egg applique stitched out on hand towels

There are tons of other Easter themed embroidery designs that you can find on Etsy or other embroidery design retailers.

In the hoop egg holders

Easter egg holder
Photo provided by Kate Gallery Embroidery and used with their permission.

Another way to decorate your home for Easter is to put your dyed eggs on display.  There are a lot of different styles of in-the-hoop Easter egg holders, but I especially like these bunnies that gently cradle your Easter eggs from Kate Gallery Embroidery.

Feeling inspired? Well there are only 5 weeks left until Easter, so it’s time to get going!

Oh – and in case you were looking to save a bit of cash – check out these FREE Easter embroidery designs.

Enjoy and happy stitching!


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10 Easter projects to make on your embroidery machine

Want to remember this? Save “10 Easter projects to make on your embroidery machine” to your favorite Pinterest board.

10 Easter projects to make on your embroidery machine

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