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How to remove the appliqué fabric using applique scissors in an enclosed shape

How to remove applique cut outs
How to remove applique cut outs

A while back I remember seeing some posts on my Facebook embroidery and appliqué groups asking about how to remove appliqué fabric after it has been completely stitched down. This is an issue that I encounter frequently – especially when appliquéing letters and numbers.  So when I made the number eight with crown birthday shirt the other day and had to remove the fabric inside the circles of the eight, I thought – here’s the perfect opportunity to create a “how-to.”

I was actually nervous about doing this when this situation came up initially.  But if you’re careful – it’s actually no big deal. So far – using this method – I haven’t cut any holes in any shirts.  (Knock on wood.)

Keep in mind that in order to do any type of applique, you MUST have a pair of applique scissors.  Honestly you really don’t need anything fancy.  I use a pair similar to these.


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