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Looking for free embroidery designs? Joan will hook you up.

Joan's list of free embroidery designs
Joan’s list of free embroidery designs

When I login to WordPress to create a new blog entry for you all, my lovely readers, I often check my statistics.  I am curious to know how people are finding the site, and WordPress is fantastic because it tells you all this information. Today I noticed that under my Site Stats that several visitors had come to my blog via a site called “Sewn by Joan.” So – of course I had to check it out.

Joan has assembled a list of sites that offer free machine embroidery designs, and the list she has created is rather long. I am guessing that being that she has updated her site yesterday and I am just starting to see traffic coming from her site as of yesterday that she just added a link to my site yesterday.

I wanted to pass on this information on to all of you who might be interested in the free designs – and to say thank you to Joan for listing me on her site.



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Getting the inspiration knocked into me by a little acorn for Free Machine Embroidery Design Monday

acorn embroidery design
acorn embroidery design

It is finally feeling like fall here in St. Louis.  It’s cool, it’s windy, and acorns are pinging me in the head.  Yes – that really happened.  It was like a little bullet flying through the sky and right into my nogen – ouch!

Fortunately the flying pellet knocked a bit of inspiration into me.  As I was thinking about flying acorns, then acorns in general – I thought – “an acorn might be something cute to digitize and stitch out.”  For example, a couple of little acorns stitched on a napkin could autumn-up a table for a Thanksgiving meal.

So maybe my little acorn will knock some inspiration into you.  Enjoy!

Download the free acorn embroidery file

On a slightly related but different note.  I just re-uploaded all the free files that I have posted since beginning this feature on the blog.  I realized that the PES files were not centered properly so some people were having trouble opening them.  So I fixed them.  Please keep in mind that not all of the free files are sized to fit in a 4″ x 4″ hoop.  If you have any problems using them – please let me know.

Also – as a “thank you” for subscribing to my blog, tolerating my blabber and even submitting comments from time to time – feel free to use this promo code: GEEK20OFF on my Etsy store for 20% off all my designs.  This is in addition to any sale items or U.S. state designs that are currently buy one – get one free.  Thanks! 



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Getting you ready for Halloween on free embroidery design Monday!

Pumpkin face embroidery design
Pumpkin face embroidery design

As I was making plans for our annual mother and daughters holiday outlet shopping trip to Florida the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, it dawned on me that Christmas is really just around the corner. Not to freak you out or anything… but it’s only 14 weeks away! Then it occurred to me that there were still a couple of major holidays between now and Christmas. I mean, duh! It’s almost Halloween!

So with that in mind I started digitizing some Halloween designs that I will post on my Etsy store assuming that they stitch out nicely. In the meantime, why not post a Halloween themed design for free embroidery design Monday?

The design that I digitized is a small, embroidered pumpkin face in a single color.  Hopefully you will find this to be useful and versatile.  Happy Halloween!

Download the free heart pumpkin face design

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Another simple machine embroidery flower design for free embroidery design Monday

free simple flower machine embroidery design

It’s free machine embroidery design Monday and I’m only one day late in delivering the free design – yay! Anyway – this Monday I -once again dug into my archives of designs to share something with you: a simple flower outline design.

This flower was another graphic that was inspired by the “Forest Life” fabric in the duvet cover that I made for my daughter.  It’s simple, versatile and might look really cool stitched out multiple times in different colors – maybe even combined with the flower embroidery design that I posted last week.  Enjoy!

Download another free simple flower embroidery design inspired by the “Forest Life” Fabric.