Bridesmaid Gifts to Make on Your Embroidery Machine

By on July 5th, 2020
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easy and adorable bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine
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Are you thinking about making something special for your bridesmaids on your embroidery machine? Or maybe you have a customer or friend who wants you to whip up something special for her bridal party? Bridesmaids are deserving of a thank you gift! They tolerated the ridiculous bridesmaid dress you picked out and toasted you at your bachelorette party. Plus, there are tons of fun bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine that these special women will absolutely adore. But if you are feeling a bit uninspired, let me tell you about my friend, Anna.

When I first met Anna, it was actually her wedding day. You see, my husband and her groom had been friends with her groom for years. But, Anna and my husband’s friend lived on the other side of the country and had a very quick courtship. So, we never had an opportunity to meet until the day they got married. 

As soon as we arrived at the wedding, I learned that Anna had not only made all the flower arrangements AND the wedding cake, she had also made all of the BRIDESMAID DRESSES. Seriously.

I was absolutely floored by all of the handmade touches at the wedding. And, I knew immediately that Anna and I were going to be friends.  Although I do think that constructing dresses for an entire bridal party sounds insane, I like the idea of making gifts for everyone involved. And if you have an embroidery machine, you can whip up some awesome bridesmaid gifts.  Unlike their bridesmaid dresses, they will actually use these gifts again and again.

Here are some of my favorite bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine.

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Bridesmaid Gifts to Make on Your Embroidery Machine

Monogrammed oversized men’s shirts

One of the most popular gifts to make for a group of bridesmaids on an embroidery machine are coordinating, monogrammed oversized men’s shirts.  They are perfect for lounging around drinking mimosas on the morning of the wedding while getting hair, nails and make up done. A button down keeps the ladies from messing up their hair dos and make up while undressing to change into their bridesmaid gowns. Plus oversized men shirts look sexy on women, and a group of bridesmaids in curlers and coordinating shirts makes for a fun photo op!

bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine: shirts
Photo courtesy of Lindsey Barnes White and used with her permission.

A common question I’ve seen in discussions about monogramming mens shirts (for ladies) is whether or not to stitch over the breast pocket. Some embroiderers actually remove the pocket enough to hoop it independent of the shirt. After monogramming it, they sew the pocket back on, allowing the pocket to still be functional. Many people don’t bother with this step and simply pocket closed in the process of stitching the monogram. I mean really, what are they going to use those breast pockets for anyway?

Monogrammed silk robes

Monogrammed silk or waffle robes also make bridesmaid gifts. And, like the oversized men’s shirt – the ladies can wear the robes while getting hair and make up done.

flouncy silk robe: bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine
This flouncy silk robe is cute, feminine and would adorable monogrammed for your bridesmaids 

But a personalized robe offers the added benefit that your bridesmaid will likely use it again, unlike an oversized men’s shirt. This is especially true if you spring for a nice one, like one made of silk. But, if the idea of embroidering on silk makes you break into a cold sweat, a spa-like waffle textured monogrammed robe is a great gift. And like a silk robe, it’s lightweight and great for travel.

waffle robe: bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine
A waffle robe is super easy to stitch on. Monogrammed ones would be a hit with bridesmaids.

Personalized key fobs

If you are looking for an elegant, personal gift that you can make on your embroidery machine that won’t break the bank, check out these gorgeous single initial key fobs.  Resist the urge to stitch out your anniversary date on this key fob and instead personalize with the recipients initial monogram.

Key fobs are a quick and easy project to make in the hoop on your embroidery machine. And if you are searching for the biggest variety of designs, look no further than Rivermill Embroidery.  They have tons, including the one picture below.  Don’t forget to purchase appropriate hardware (snaps and keychain clips) for your key fobs. If you really want to get fancy, you can even coordinate your snaps with your stitching.

elegant in the hoop key fobs make a great gift for your bridesmaids
Photo provided by Lynn Mitchell Frick and used with her permission.

Monogrammed flask or drink koozies

A personalized flask is traditionally a groomsman gift but why should they get to carry around their own secret stash of booze in a personalized container? If your bridesmaids are boozers, give them personalized drink accessories.

Most flasks can be engraved, but if you want to add personalization on an embroidery machine, you will have to find one with some type of cover or carrying case that you can get on your embroidery hoop. 

Monogrammed drink koozies are super quick and easy to make on your embroidery machine.  Just buy the un-sewn variety. Then stitch out the monogram and sew them back together.  

monogrammed koozie: bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine

Check out the un-sewn beer bottle koozies. They seem a bit more appropriate for an elegant affair like a wedding. 

monogrammed beer bottle koozie: bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine

Monogrammed bikini or bathing suit

If you’re getting married in a tropical locale or during the summer when beaching or swimming may be involved, a personalized bathing suit or swim cover-up might be a perfect bridesmaids gift for your ladies.  And, yes, you can actually monogram a swimsuit.  I’ve done it and it’s not as bad as you might imagine. If you go with the swimsuit option you may want to stick with a basic tank or two piece with a colorful monogram. 

swimsuit: bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine 

If the idea of embroidering on a swimsuit makes you nauseous or trying to get swimsuit sizes right for your bridesmaids makes you sweat, then consider monogramming a simple swim coverup.  Still too personal? Then monogram a big, floppy beach hat.

 coverup: bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine

Personalized shirt, sweater or wrap for the rehearsal dinner

If you really want to get a jump on cute photo ops, then why not make a wearable gift for the bridesmaids that allow them all to coordinate at your  rehearsal dinner? Western themed wedding? Monogram a denim shirt for all your bridesmaids. Fall wedding? Monogram a simple sweater or a wrap for all your special ladies. Just keep it tasteful and you will have a darling wedding party photo and they will have a new item of clothing they can wear after the event.

monogrammed sweater

Personalized Cosmetic Bags

I am a big fan of the personalized cosmetic case as a bridesmaid gift to make on your embroidery machine because you can do as much or as little with it if you want. An elegant, personalized design on a functional cosmetic bag is a NICE gift. But, if you want to add a bit more, stash in a few cosmetics or a piece of jewelry. 

These very pedestrian cosmetic bags have been completely transformed with the addition of these lovely flower by Designs by Juju. The addition of a name makes them truly one-of-a-kind and a thoughtful bridesmaid gift. 

personalized cosmetic bag: bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine
Photo provided by Lisa Sterns Garcia of the Sugar Bee Design Co. and used with her permission

Monogrammed silk pajamas 

Ok, ok the pajamas don’t need to be silk if that seems to scary to embroider on. But, how nice would that be – to receive a monogrammed set of fancy jammies as a thank you for being my bridesmaid gift?  If I were the bridesmaid, I would be hoping for a second marriage! Seriously though, silk pajamas look and sound expensive, but they are actually not.  Adding a monogram will make them look truly luxurious. 

silk pajamas: bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine

Beach bag beach chair and towel with pocket

If the beach/pool wedding if your jam – you could gift the bridesmaids a bit of comfort when hanging out in the sun. It’s actually possible to embroider a beach or camping chair, but it can be tricky.  Instead, you can monogram beach/pool towels with zippered pockets (to stash your stuff) that go OVER the lounge chair. Cool, idea, huh?

 zipper pocket beach towel: bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine

If that doesn’t feel like enough, a monogrammed big beach bag to go to the pool is another easy win. 

bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine: beach bag 

And finally, the perfect personalized gifts to make on your embroidery machine if and when your bridesmaids overdo it

This is by no means an endorsement of excessive drinking.  But, weddings can be LONG events where oftentimes alcohol plays a role in almost every part. It’s easy to drink too much at a wedding, especially when drinks are free and waitstaff are quick to refill your drink.  So why not ease the pain of the next day with some thoughtful and personalized gifts that you can make on your embroidery machine. 

These In the hoop heat/cool packs are pretty genius.  You can warm them up in the microwave to soothe sore muscles, or get them cold in the freezer to numb the pain of a headache.  You stitch them out entirely in the hoop which allows you to add a name or a monogram as you stitch them together. 

A sleeping mask is another item  you can make entirely in your embroidery hoop. I would make it in silk and stitch out the bridesmaids names in an elegant script like the Melanie font from Rivermill Emboridery.  

Feeling inspired?

Ok – so while you may not want to be like my friend, Anna and make every part of your wedding. But, hopefully you can now see that making personalized gifts for your bridesmaids is easier than you think. And with all of the fun and adorable bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine, what are you waiting for? 

Happy stitching!



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Easy and adorable bridesmaid gifts to make on your embroidery machine

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