Machine embroidery on satin

By on March 31st, 2022
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How to machine embroider on satin
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Machine embroidery on satin is a popular technique for adding a luxurious look to garments and home textiles. This blog post will show you how to machine embroider on satin with tips from professionals, as well as provide you with advice about choosing the right materials.

What is satin?

Satin is classified as a type of weave (not the textile) that creates smooth fabric with an extremely lustrous surface, which results in the appearance of flowing movement. Satin material has two sides: one side (the right side) is shiny while the other side (the wrong side) appears dull and flat. The satin weave structure allows it to be made from either cotton, polyester or silk. So, satin can be either a natural fabric or a synthetic. It just depends on the fiber used to create the satin weave.

Satin weave is created using two sets of yarns: one set for the warp (lengthwise) and another set for weft (across). The satin effect comes from how each thread floats over or under one or more other threads.

Is satin easy to embroider?

Embroidery on satin is a bit more challenging than embroidering on a fabric like cotton or linen. Satin has an extra smooth and slippery surface, which can make it difficult to work with when you are trying to create even stitches at high speeds. It has a tendency to pucker so it takes a bit of extra prep to ensure decent results.

Would I recommend embroidering on satin to a newbie? No. Stick to embroidering on sturdy materials like towels and denim before you give satin a try.

Is it possible to achieve good results embroidering on satin? Yes. If you proceed with caution.

Why machine embroider on satin?

There are a number of luxurious items made from satin that are perfectly suited for adding some machine embroidery. The luxe feel of satin makes any item made from this fabric a high-end looking gift. Here are some ideas of satin items that would perfect for embroidering which also make perfect gifts.

Monogrammed satin sheets and/or pillowcases

Satin sheets and pillowcases are great satin items for adding some machine embroidered accent work. You can stitch out a simple monogram or go with something more elaborate like all-over motifs, which would look stunning on this type of fabric.

When applying machine embroidery to bed linens, most people add a monogram at the top center of the bed sheet or at the ends of the pillow cases.

Oh – and – by the way – if satin sheets sound really pricey, you might be surprised to know that they are actually not.

Embroidered satin throw pillow covers

Turn a pair of ordinary satin throw pillow covers into something special by adding some machine embroidery. Satin pillows are luxurious and glamorous, making them the perfect accent pieces for living rooms or bedrooms.

You can actually buy satin throw pillow covers, which would be much quicker to embroider than having to take apart pre-made satin pillows. Alternatively, you can make your own pillow shams from satin fabric, designing them to fit whatever type of pillow you want to go inside.

Monogrammed satin robes

monogrammed satin robe
Satin robes are a popular bridesmaid gift. Monogramming them is a nice, personalized touch

Embroidery makes the perfect embellishment for satin robes because it adds so much meaning to an otherwise ordinary item. No one wants a plain, non-personalized bath robe that they are going to wear every day. With embroidery on satin, you can add some personality and make something special out of what could otherwise be quite ordinary.

Consider adding an ornate monogram to a satin robe. Can you think of a more perfect gift for your mom, sister or friend?

Satin robes are also common bridesmaid gifts. Quite often brides purchase a set of coordinating satin robes with coordinating embroidery designs or monograms for their friends so that they can be all matchy-matchy when they get their hair and makeup done before the big event.

Embroidered satin scarves

Satin is a fabulous fabric for creating embroidered scarves because the luxurious sheen of this type of weave looks amazing with any embroidery design. Plus it holds up to washing really well since it doesn’t fray much at all. You can buy satin scarfs and add some embroidery or you can easily make them yourself, as I did for my mother-in-law a while back.

Embroidered satin pajamas

Satin pajamas are an easy gift to make or buy for someone. Embroidered satin pajamas have a really luxurious look and feel which makes them perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, bridesmaids presents – almost any occasion!

You can embroider the top of the shirt with some monogramming or an all-over design or you can do the pants in a matching design.

Satin bags and small pouches for accessories

Tiny embroidered satin purses and small pouches are really popular right now because they’re so versatile, easy to carry around and work with any outfit – day or night. You can find them online pretty easily but you can also make your own.

Satin is a really popular fabric for creating different types of bags, pouches and clutches because it looks so elegant when embellished with some machine embroidery.

Monogrammed satin dress shirts

Turn an ordinary white satin shirt into something extraordinary by adding some monogramming or other type of embroidery.

Embroidered satin blankets for the sofa or bed

Satin blankets look lovely with embroidered designs, and can effortlessly dress up a couch or a bed. You can do all-over patterns or simply add a monogrammed initial.

Blankets and throws are easy enough to make yourself but you can also buy pre-made ones online if you don’t have the time or patience to make one.

Monogrammed satin ties

Satin ties are elegant and look even more distinguished with a simple and subtle monogram at the bottom. You can buy satin ties for next to nothing. Or, if you are feeling ambitious – you can make them yourself. Coordinating, monogrammed ties are popular for groomsmen’s attire at weddings.

Embroidered satin napkins

embroidery on satin napkin

It doesn’t get much fancier than satin napkins. If you want to create a formal table setting, embroider a pretty design on a set of satin napkins.

How do you machine embroider on satin?

Now that you might be feeling inspired, let’s discuss how to actually go about embroidering on satin.

Supplies needed


1) Fusible poly mesh cut away stabilizer is a great weight for embroidery on satin. But, I would avoid actually fusing it to my project. Some satins might melt if ironed on too high of a temperature. So, instead of fusing the poly mesh, I simply spray a bit of temporary adhesive onto the back and stick it onto the wrong side of the satin fabric. The piece of stabilizer should be slightly larger than your intended design.

2) Hoop a piece of adhesive backed stabilizer with the shiny side up. Make sure it is very taut. Score around the inside edge with a pin to create a tear in the paper. Peel away the paper to expose the sticky surface, then mark the center point of the hoop on the sticky stabilizer using a disappearing ink pen.

3) Place the satin fabric with the fusible poly mesh stuck on the back on the hooped sticky tear away stabilizer, centering the intended location of the embroidery design on the center you marked on the hooped stabilizer.

floating satin on tear away stabilizer for embroider

4) If you are embroidering on a pillow case that is comprised of two layers of satin. I would suggest pinning down both layers of satin to the sticky back stabilizer.

5) Start embroidering

Machine embroidery on satin

A few tips for embroidering on satin

Gently tear away any remaining sticky back stabilizer. Typically satin is quite flexible so you don’t want to have a a stiff area around your embroidery when the rest of the satin is soft and flexible.

I would suggest using a new 75/11 needle when embroidering on satin. Make sure you have a sharp needle in your machine when using it for satin projects! A dull needle will catch on the fabric more frequently, which leads to skipped stitches, puckered satin and thread breaks.

Start with less dense designs. The more stitches you pack in a given area, the more likely you will experience pulling and puckering.

Ready to stitch up some satin?

Machine embroidery on satin is a quick and easy way to add elegance to your personal wardrobe or gifts for friends. The fabric looks beautiful with monograms, all-over designs or even just a single letter at the bottom of an otherwise simple design. Keep in mind, with a tricky fabric like satin, preparation and patience is everything and don’t give up!

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How to machine embroider on satin

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