AMAZING in-the-hoop Halloween accessories

By on October 28th, 2019
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in-the-hoop Halloween accessories
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Sometimes my embroidery machine is a total life saver. Here we are, just a few days before Halloween, and I’ve got a bit of a costume situation.  I’ve got to do SOMETHING about my son’s Halloween costume.  But, instead of getting upset about the predicament, I’m just going to use this as an opportunity to test out some of the amazing in-the-hoop Halloween accessories out there.

But first, let me just share how this all went down.

I arrived back in town yesterday after being gone a few days, just narrowly missing my husband who was leaving for a trip at the same time I was arriving.  (it was actually pretty sweet – he left a car in short term parking and I just picked it up when I arrived).  Anyway – the kids and I had a Halloween party last night, so while I was gone – I clarified – everyone cool on their Halloween costumes? Do I need to order/make anything? And everyone assured me they were fine.  Even my 10-year-old boy, Thomas.  He told me that he and dad took care of it.

Well – I’m sure you can already see where this is going.  Last night we all got ready and he was still wearing his normal clothes. But, his face was covered in black, white, brown and red makeup, and he was sporting some really crazy monster teeth. I asked “where’s your costume?” And he looked at me like I was nuts and responded, “this is it!  I’m a zombie.”

Wait, what????  Makeup and regular clothes are not a costume.  This is EXACTLY what happens when you let dad and a 10-year-old “take care of it.” But being that we were already late for our party, I let it go. However, for Halloween night, I think we need to up our game.

Fortunately, I have my embroidery machine and there are a ton of amazing in-the-hoop Halloween costume accessories I can whip up that will add an extra punch to his Halloween ensemble.

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What is an in-the-hoop project?

Never heard of an in-the-hoop project? An in-the-hoop project is a stand along item that you can make entirely within your embroidery hoop. You use your embroidery machine to actually assemble items together. And the variety of in-the-hoop projects are pretty unbelievable.  Learn more about in-the-hoop projects.

Feeling a bit intimidated? You shouldn’t be. There are plenty of in-the-hoop projects that are suitable for beginners. And there are even quite a few in-the-hoop projects you can download for free.

But, since your mission here is to put together a Halloween costume, let’s focus on the in-the-hoop projects that can be suitable accessories for Halloween costumes.

AMAZING in-the-hoop Halloween accessories

Mermaids and monster masks from Happily After Designs

in-the-hoop Halloween Mermaid mask from Happily After Designs
Photo courtesy of Happily After Designs
in-the-hoop princess mask from Happily After Designs
Photo courtesy of Happily After Designs

So many costumes require a mask, and if you are in need of one to complete yours, check out the in-the-hoop designs from
Happily After Designs. They are simple, bold and striking. Shop owner, Meg has in-the-hoop masks for mermaids, superheros, vegetables, day of the dead skeletons,  monsters and more. It is a one-stop-shop in-the-hoop mask shop! 

Animal masks by Katie L Designs

in-the-hoop unicorn mask from Katie L Designs
Photo courtesy of Katie L Designs

Ok – and speaking of masks, if you are looking for a different design style, check out the fun animal masks at Katie Designs. Katie has awesome tiger, fox, unicorn, jaguar and more animal in-the-hoop masks.  they have great detail so there will be no mistaking what your kid (or you) are dressed up as.  Add a tail, a solid colored t-shirt and leggings and you are good to go! 

Specific character masks by The Hoop Booteek

Emmett from the Lego movie in-the-hoop mask f
Photo courtesy of The Hoop Booteek

Ok – one more store with fabulous in-the-hoop mask designs. The Hoop Booteek offers yet another different style of in-the-hoop masks.  Shop owner, Lauren, specializes in in-the-hoop mask designs of popular characters like Emmett from the Lego movie, Bart Simpson, and a bunch of Star Wars characters that I couldn’t name for the life of me, but my kids probably know.

There will be no question who your kid (or you) are dressing up as for Halloween with these well-designed, specific masks.

Wand from Five Star Fonts

Sooooooo many costumes need a wand. And, fortunately wands are pretty quick and easy to make in your embroidery hoop. Add a couple of pretty ribbons streaming from the top with this darling crown design and you’ll have one happy little princes.

I love this  in-the-hoop wand design from Five Star Fonts because its simple and not too character specific.  And the ribbons….

in-the-hoop wand from FiveStarFonts
Photo courtesy of Five Star Fonts Embroidery

Mouse Ears on Headband from Snugabee

Got a little Minnie Mouse? Well, these mouse ears from Snugabee simply make the costume. It’s quick and easy to stitch and instantly recognizable.  Just head to the local dollar store for a headband and you are done! 

in-the-hoop minnie mouse ears from Snugabee
Photo courtesy of Snugabee

Devil Trident by Sevens Emporium

in-the-hoop devil trident from Sevens Emporium
Photo courtesy of Sevens Emporium

OMG. This Devil’s trident is so. much. better. than the stupid plastic one I bought for my son’s devil costume a few years back.  You could even stitch it out in a blue or silver sparkly fabric to make an awesome King Neptune get up.

In addition to this fabulous devil / King Neptune trident, owner, Kellie, even has a super galactic evil space character trident. I’m not a sci fi gal so I couldn’t name one of these, but I’m pretty sure they exist.  

Retro ice cream scooper hat, bowtie and apron from The Applique Place

in-the-hoop ice cream scooper accessories
Photo courtesy of The Appliqué Place

If your kid dreams of dressing up as a food service worker, then head over to The Appliqué Place for the perfect in-the-hoop costume accessories.  This ice cream scooper hat is adorably retro. There’s also a fabulous in-the-hoop bow tie and an apron that totally complete the look. 

Shoe wings by Christy’s digital files

Any little fairy needs some wing on her feet. These fun in-the-hoop fairy wings will transform any regular tennis shoe into dainty flying machines. You simply lace right through the eyelets in the wings and bam! you’ve got fairy shoes!

in-the-hoop fairy wings
Photo courtesy of Christy’s digital files

Knife through the head design by Nuf Doog

in-the-hoop knife headband slider
Photo courtesy of Nuf Doog

Ok, this one is my favorite.  How completely weird and silly is this in-the hoop knife through the head design and so appropriate for a variety of creepy costumes. Nuf Doog clearly has a great sense of humor. In addition to this fun design, they carry a bunch of shoe wings.  Screw Halloween! I think I’ll make the lightning bolt shoe charm just for my every day look!

Headdress and wristbands for super hero by Elite Embroidery Texas

in-the-hoop superhero headdress and cuff set
Photo courtesy of Elite Embroidery Texas

I mean, really. Why oh why am I just seeing this today? Had I found this design two days ago, I could have dressed up as a sexy super girl instead of wearing all my husbands clothes and a white wig in an attempt to look like a mad scientist at our neighborhood party.  It would have been A LOT more flattering.  

I absolutely love this in-the-hoop headdress and cuff set. Stitch it out, slap it on and… instant superhero. 

How I solved my costume dilemma with one of these AMAZING in-the-hoop Halloween accessories

After discovering all of these amazing in-the-hoop Halloween accessories, I was convinced that I could add some punch to my son’s zombie “costume.” So, I downloaded the knife through the head in-the-hoop design from Nuf Doog and stitched it out. The instructions were clear and super easy, and it turned out great.  With the help of this fun and creative in-the-hoop Halloween accessory, Thomas’ “costume” is becoming a legitimate costume.

Happy stitching and Happy Halloween, everyone!


in-the-hoop knife through head

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in-the-hoop Halloween designs

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  1. I had NO idea all this was out there!! Thanks so much for sharing (and doing all of the leg work!!)
    Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you! I loved discovering all these great in-the-hoop Halloween designs as well.

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