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By on July 14th, 2021
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free in-the-hoop embroidery designs to download
free machine embroidery designs

In my opinion, one of the most fun and satisfying things you can make on an embroidery machine is an in-the-hoop (ITH) project.  It’s pretty amazing that you can assemble a complete and functional item all within your embroidery hoop. Nevertheless, I do remember those days when I was first starting to figure out what an in-the-hoop project was and why I would ever want to make one.  Since I didn’t know what I was doing, I wasn’t up for investing a lot in purchasing in-the-hoop designs.  Fortunately, I was able to track down quite a few free in-the-hoop embroidery designs that allowed me to sharpen my skills.

And now that I have plenty of in-the-hoop experience under my belt, I decided to pay it forward.  Since I am able to digitize my own designs, I’ve made quite a few in-the-hoop designs and even offer them for free in my resource library.

Free in-the-hoop designs offered by Machine Embroidery Geek

Since you’ve landed here, I assume you are interested in free in-the-hoop designs, so be sure to checkout some of my free in-the-hoop offerings, including:

Lucky for you, this site is not the only one offering free in-the-hoop embroidery designs.  There are quite a few others that have some amazing offerings. Here are some of the amazing in-the-hoop designs you can score for free

Other free in-the-hoop embroidery designs

Free in-the-hoop face mask

in the hoop face mask free

Hopefully we won’t be needing face masks for much longer, but until then – why not crank out a few using your embroidery machine? Pickle Pie designs was offering a free in-the-hoop face mask that’s quick and easy to make.  In fact – I tried it out myself. And the resulting mask has been my go-to accessory during the pandemic.

Urban Threads also offers a different version of an in-the-hoop face mask and it is free as well.

Don’t forget the elastic!

Free in-the-hoop cord holders

free in-the-hoop cord holder

Tame the sea of cords floating around in your bag with these adorable in-the-hoop cord holders. These are a quick and easy stitch out, but while this is a a great little freebie – you will need a snap kit in order to finish it off.

Free in-the-hoop mug rug

in the hoop mug rug

Avoid leaving nasty rings on your table by using a mug rug. Check out this free quilted mug rug design.  Don’t like the words on it?  Just don’t stitch that part out and you have a simple and cute, basic in-the-hoop mug rug. Since this is quilted, you will need to incorporate a thin layer of batting to be able to create the quilted look.

Free in-the-hoop bookmark

free in-the-hoop bookmark

Well, it doesn’t get much easier than this! Check out this blog post on Auntie Em’s crafts where she shows you how to make a book mark in-the-hoop and provides you with the free design!  You can stitch them out one at a time or do a whole bunch in your hoop at once.

If you make a large batch at once, it helps to have a rotary cutter and mat to be able to quickly slice them apart.

Free in-the-hoop hand sanitizer holder

free in-the-hoop hand sanitizer holder

Thanks to COVID – hand sanitizer is a hot commodity. To keep your little tube close by, stitch out this free in-the-hoop mini hand sanitizer holder.  It’s so compact – you can even make it in a 4″ x 4″ embroidery hoop.

Keep in mind you you will need some snaps and keychain hardware to be able to finish it off.

Free in-the-hoop gift tags

free in-the-hoop gift tag

Looking to dress up your holiday packages? Well, then you NEED, these free in-the-hoop gift tags.  They are so pretty and well constructed, you will want to reuse them year after year.

Notice that the pictured designs are stitched out with some sparkly metallic embroidery thread which gives them a super luxe look.  Also – you will need some thin satin ribbon or cording to be able to attach the gift tags to the gift.

Free in-the-hoop stuffie

free in-the-hoop stuffie

If you have any leftover minky fabric – here is the perfect little project to make: an in-the-hoop pig stuffie! A stuffie is a mini stuffed character designed to be cuddled and chewed on by babies and dogs.

Free in-the-hoop baby bib

free in-the-hoop baby big

Need a quick and easy baby gift? You can actually make an entire baby bib in the hoop.  And here’s a free ITH baby bib design with instructions right on the blog post.

For this project, however, you really need a larger embroidery hoop. Babies are pretty messy and no mini bib from a 4″ x 4″ hoop would do much good.

Don’t forget to pick up some soft velcro for easy opening and closing of the bib.

Free in-the-hoop potholder

free in-the-hoop potholder

Now this is a VERY practical item: a free in-the-hoop potholder. What a perfect way to use up some scraps and protect your hands from kitchen burns. I love this particular design because it’s just simple and basic – allowing you to add your own touch.  But, keep in mind – you’ll need some batting to create this quilted look and fee.

Free in-the-hoop zipper bag

free in-the-hoop lined bag

Talk about getting serious mileage out of your little 4″ x 4″ embroidery hoop.  You can actually make this entire bag even if you are limited to a tiny hoop size! And what a practical and cute little gem it is!  Plus – it’s free!

Keep in mind that you’ll need a small zipper and a keyring to be able to complete this look.

Free in-the-hoop coasters

in-the-hoop coaster - free

When it comes to free in-the-hoop coasters, you have A LOT of options.  Just on the Kreative Kiwi site, you can find free designs for the following coasters:

Free in-the-hoop towel topper

free in-the-hoop coaster

Never heard of these?  A towel topper is bit of fabric with a hoop that you stitch onto the corner of the towel.  It makes it much easier to tame your kitchen towels while adding a bit of whimsical kitchen decor.  I love this free apple in-the-hoop towel topper – and it even comes with a in-the-hoop apple coaster design as well.

To complete the loop at the top of the towel topper, you’ll need some thin satin ribbon or cording.

Free in-the-hoop key fob

free in-the-hoop key fob

Here’s an adorable key fob that you can customize with a picture inside.  And guess what – it’s free!  Make sure to get some sparkly vinyl, heart-shaped snaps, key chain hardware and clear vinyl to go over the picture.

How do you make these in-the-hoop projects?

If you have no idea what I mean by “in-the-hoop” project, check out my previous post where I go into much greater detail about what, exactly, in-the-hoop projects are and what supplies you need to get started making them.

Fortunately, when you download any in-the-hoop design, most designers include a set of instructions (usually with pictures) showing you exactly how to assemble the item. Some vendors even go so far as to have videos associated with the design so you can see exactly how the item is put together.

Need more in-the-hoop designs?

Check out some of my favorite in-the-hoop projects for beginners.  This may further inspire you to start creating in your embroidery hoop!

Want to create your own in-the-hoop and other embroidery designs?

I was amazed to learn that I could actually make original in-the-hoop designs using SewArt and SewWhat-Pro which are very inexpensive embroidery digitizing and embroidery editing programs. In fact, can actually purchase a license for SewArt or SewWhat-Pro on this site. Then, check out my course: the SewArt, SewWhat-Pro and SewWrite Master Class: a comprehensive, step-by-step class with over 50+ video lessons designed for efficient and thorough learning.

Sewart, SewWhat-Pro, SewWrite Master Course

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free in-the-hoop embroidery designs to download

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