Brother PE535 embroidery machine review

By on March 3rd, 2021
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Brother PE535 Review
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The Brother PE535 is an entry-level, single needle home embroidery machine.  It’s probably one of the cheapest and most popular embroidery machines on the market. But why? Does it deserve all of the hype?  How does it compare to other Brother embroidery machines as well as other embroidery machines in its class?

What is the Brother PE535 embroidery machine?

Never heard of it? The Brother PE535 is an embroidery only machine made by the Brother sewing and embroidery company. The PE preface in the model number is intended to communicate the fact that it is solely for embroidery. And it is to differentiate the machine from the SE models (like the SE600) which can both sew and embroider.

Essential Stabilizer for Machine Embroidery

What does the Brother PE535 come with?

Brother PE535
Photo provided by Carmen Richardson and used with her permission.

What you get

  • 80 built-in embroidery designs.  But – honestly – I would not even consider these to be a factor in your decision to buy this machine. Honestly – how many will you really like? The exception to this would be if you are a major Disney fan, then you might want to buy the Disney version of this embroidery machine, the PE550D which comes with a bunch of built-in Disney embroidery designs.
  • 9 built-in typefaces on the machine itself . You simply type out the word you want to stitch, set your letter size and you can stitch out any name, word or phrase – as long as you can fit it into your embroidery area (about 3.9″ x 3.9″)
  • USB port to load in additional designs
  • Minor accessories like a seam ripper, screw driver, bobbins, etc…
  • Built-in tutorials on the machine

What you don’t get

Pros of the PE535

There are many reasons why this machine is so popular.

  • Price – there are not many other comparable machines in this price range
  • Ease of use – the Brother machines are known for being super user-friendly
  • Popularity – a LOT of people own this machine.  You can find answers to your questions pretty quickly online.
  • Resale value – these Brother machines hold their value pretty well
  • Quality of stitching – the Brother embroidery machines are known for their “pretty” stitching

Cons of the PE535

  • Hoop size, hoop size, hoop size. The 4″ x 4″ sized hoop can be very limiting.

How does it compare to other embroidery machines with 4″ x 4″  hoops?

There are actually very few other embroidery machines made by other companies that compare to the Brother PE535, both in price and in reputation.  For example, the least expensive Singer and Viking / Husqvarna embroidery machines are both sewing/embroidery combination machines and they both retail for around $1000.

Janome makes an entry level embroidery only machine (the MC230E) that is quite comparable to the PE535.  It does offer a larger hoop area for about the same price.  But, these machines don’t seem to be as popular as the Brothers ,so you may have a harder time finding someone to service it and fewer resources online to help you use it.

Where to buy the Brother PE535

You can buy this machine in a lot of places. The only challenge is being able to get it. Its popularity in conjunction with the pandemic has made getting any embroidery machine for a good price and in a timely fashion a bit of a challenge.

Some of the retailers that offer the Brother PE535 include:

You might have an easier time finding it used because it tends to be a gateway drug. Once people start using it and enjoy machine embroidery, they want a machine with a bigger hoop. Because it’s pretty inexpensive, I have noticed that a lot of people get the Pe535 as a gift.  If they don’t take the time to learn the craft, they may want to unload it. In my opinion, for these reasons, you tend to find more of these machines used than embroidery machines with bigger hoops.

Frequently asked question about the Brother PE535

Brother PE535
Photo provided by Gunnar Turiace and used with his permission.

Can you sew with this machine?

Nope.  It’s an embroidery only machine.  The model prefix “PE” are given to machines that are embroidery only. The “SE” prefix designates machines that can be used for sewing and embroidery.

What embroidery file format does the Brother PE535 use?

Just like all the other Brother embroidery machines, the PE535 reads PES files. PES files are probably the most popular embroidery file formats, which is a good thing.  Probably any embroidery file design set that you purchase will contain a PES version.

Is this a good embroidery machine for a beginner?

Yes!  It’s not a huge investment, it’s easy easy to learn and it’s super popular.  You can see how it compares to other embroidery machines suitable for beginners.

The only complaint I’ve read is that people love it and use it so much that they want to upgrade to a machine with a larger maximum hoop area. So, if you purchase it, keep this in mind. You may want to purchase it from a dealer that allows you to “trade up.” Or think about selling it online when you are ready to move on, which brings us to our next question…

Can you sell a used PE535 if you don’t like it or you decide to upgrade to a new machine?

Um. yeah.  I can’t believe some of the prices I see on Facebook marketplace for used Brother embroidery machine. They are not much cheaper than a brand new machine! Perhaps this is because machine embroidery has gotten more popular. Nevertheless, this should provide you with some assurance that if you want to unload one, you can.

Can you use regular sewing thread to embroidery on this machine?

Yes, you could, but why would you want to?  It will not have the sheen that embroidery thread does.  It also may mess with the tension of your machine.  It’s definitely not recommended.

Can you do appliqué on this machine?

Sure!  The appliqué area just needs to be smaller than 3.85″ x 3.85″.

Can you use a repositional embroidery hoop with this machine?

Yes! Check out this set of hoops that are compatible with the PE535!  Just keep in mind that you will need to split the embroidery design in order to take advantage of the larger hoop area.

How does the Brother PE535 compare to the Brother PE800?

These are very similar machines. The biggest difference is the maximum hoop size. The PE800 has a 5″ x 7″ maximum hoop size while the PE535 only has a 4″ x 4″ maximum hoop size.  Of course there are many other differences, but this is the biggest one that warrants the higher price. Learn more about how these two embroidery machines compare.

How does the Brother PE535 compare to the Brother SE600?

These machines are quite similar. They both have a maximum hoop size of 4″ x 4″. The primary difference is that the Brother SE600 is a sewing and embroidery combination machine. The PE535 only embroiders.

How does the Brother PE535 compare to the Brother PE550D?

Now these machines are even more similar.  In fact they are pretty much identical except for the fact that the PE550D comes with a bunch of Disney designs and a Micky Mouse / Minnie Mouse sticker on the front.  If Disney is your jam, this may be the preferred model for you… otherwise really no notable differences.

How do you use the Brother PE535 embroidery machine?

It’s actually pretty simple.  You plug it in, attached your hooped project (either hooped stabilizer with your garment stuck to the stabilizer or the hooped garment and stabilizer. Then you thread the machine, load up the bobbin and you are ready to go. Check out my previous post where I helped an embroidery buddy set up her new Brother PE800 and embroider her first project. The process is exactly the same. You will just be working with a smaller hoop.

Could I start an embroidery business with the Brother PE535?

Sure, but you would be somewhat limited in what you could embroidery.  Remember, you can not stitch out designs larger than about 3.85″ x 3.85″ on this machine.  But you could certainly offer products where the monograms are small, such as on baseball caps, gloves and shirt cuffs.  When you need a more powerful machine, you can always upgrade.  But this machine is certainly a good place to start.

Well – I hope this review helps you decide if this embroidery machine is the right one for you.

Happy stitching!



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Brother PE535 Review
Photo provided by Gunnar Turiace and used with his permission.

2 thoughts on “Brother PE535 embroidery machine review

  1. This model is definitely my “gateway drug”. I purchased this a few months ago and I’m already looking at different models to upgrade! It’s definitely user friendly – I was stitching 15 minutes after opening the box. I did discover that it was difficult to find new – I was on a waiting list for about a month to purchase new – BUT I also saw that most USED models were the same price as new, so that’s why I decided to wait for a new one. It’s been so much fun!

    1. Hey Rebecca! Thanks for the info. Your experience supports what I’ve heard. I’m so glad you are enjoying your machine. Thanks so much for the comment!!

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