12 Must-Try In-the-Hoop Projects for Babies

By on October 25th, 2022
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in-the-hoop projects for babies
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In-the-hoop projects and babies go together like peanut butter and jelly. Both are on the smaller side, so they tend to be a natural fit. But what type of in-the-hoop projects for babies can you make? And will these items actually be used and appreciated by the baby – or more importantly – the baby’s parents?

Absolutely. Being a mother of 3 – I can assure you that both me and my babies would have appreciated any of these gifts.

So – let’s take a look at 12 of my favorite in-the-hoop projects for babies that are all perfect for new moms, baby showers, and more!

Why make in-the-hoop projects for babies?

These items make great baby gifts because they:

  • are quick to make
  • don’t require a lot of fabric
  • are easily personalized
  • can be made in any color to match the nursery décor
  • are actually useful

In-the-hoop projects for babies

In-the-hoop wet wipe container / dispenser

Babies are messy little creatures which is why many new moms carry around a pack of wet wipes. They are incredibly useful for wiping babies’ bums as well as their little sticky fingers.

But – the problem with wet wipes is that they can dry out – which renders them useless. Creating an in-the-hoop wet wipe carrier out of a waterproof fabric will offer an extra layer of protection from dry out. It can also help a new mama identify which pack of wet wipes are hers and which ones belong to another mom and baby when socializing with others. 

The only issue with making a wet wipe container in-the-hoop is that you will need a fairly large embroidery hoop to accommodate this project. Most wet white pouches are at least 8 x 4“ so many of the files require you to have a much larger hoop.

In-the-hoop tissue container / dispenser

Like this idea of making a wet wipe dispenser in-the-hoop but don’t have a large embroidery hoop? Another useful item for new moms is a tissue dispenser.

There are several in-the-hoop tissue holder designs available that can be made even in a 4” x 4” embroidery hoop. And – unlike with wet wipes – you could make one of these from just about any type of fabric because there’s no need to keep moisture in.

The point of a mini tissue holder is to prevent the tissue pack from getting lost in the bottom of your bag as well as picking up dirt and debris.

In-the-hoop hand sanitizer dispenser

Babies are also petri dishes full of germs. It’s important to clean their hands regularly to minimize the amount of nastiness that is transferred from their little chubby fingers into their mouth.

But washing hands is not always possible when you’re on the go . This is why it’s helpful to carry some hand sanitizer. And, to make it readily accessible you can stitch up a little hand sanitizer dispenser which can clip on just about anything from a stroller to a diaper bag.

In-the-hoop baby booties

I know it may seem ridiculous to suggest making shoes for a creature that doesn’t even walk However, when I had little ones, I learned very quickly that a pair of soft shoes help keep a baby’s socks on her feet.

Believe it or not – you can make baby shoes in-the-hoop. Pick out some colorful, thin leather or vinyl and whip up a pair.

Some of these designs require very little sewing and it’s just a matter of layering pieces of material on top of each other in sequence and following the instructions carefully.

I love this adorable in-the-hoop baby bootie pattern inspired by a baby deer.

In-the-hoop binky holder

My kids never cared much for binkies. But, I do know that many babies and their parents can’t live without one. This is why it’s important to have a place to keep a little binky close at hand at all times.

This adorable pacifier clip made entirely in the hoop provides you with a secure place to keep a pacifier.

In-the-hoop stuffie play toy

in-the-hoop stuffie toys make a great gift for a baby

If you’re looking for in-the-hoop project ideas to make for babies that are both cute and practical, then you need to check out some of the in-the-hoop stuffie play toys available.

A stuffie baby toy is a small, lightweight toy. Usually you can attachm them to a diaper bag or stroller. It’s perfect for entertaining a baby while on the go. A brightly colored in-the-hoop stuffie toy with ribbons is an interesting object for a baby to view while stuck in a car seat. It is also pretty nice to chew on.

There are several different in the hoop baby toy stuffie toy patterns. And don’t fret, even some that can be made within a 4“ x 4“ embroidery hoop.

In-the-hoop feltie toys

An in-the-hoop feltie toy is a small, flat toy made out of felt. Felt is a great material to use for in-the-hoop projects because it doesn’t fray. IN addition, felt is easy to embroider.

There are in-the-hoop feltie patterns available for just about everything from cars and trucks to animals and food.

One of my favorite in-the-hoop feltie toys is this set of keys. I mean – babies love keys but they are not the best toy to give a baby as they’re more than likely going right into their mouth. And. I certainly hope no baby ever sucks on my keys as I often drop them on the ground and shove them into the nether regions of my purse. Fortunately – you can make a set of soft and chewable play keys in the hoop for your little babe.

Heck – they’ll probably like these better as they are nice and colorful and much much softer.

In-the-hoop bath mitt

If you’re going to make in-the-hoop projects for babies, you might as well make some that are useful in the bath. And, whether you’re using the sink or tub – you’ll need some supplies to make bath time more fun and less stressful.

This in-the-hoop bath mitt is the perfect companion to a personalized hooded towel. Plus, it makes gently scrubbing your grimy babe just a little bit easier.

In-the-hoop banner

In-the-hoop banners are a cute way to decorate a nursery or child’s room.

You can make in-the-hoop banners out of just about any type of fabric – and when you buy a set of letters designed to create a banner – you can spell any word or phase you want.

This in-the-hoop letter banner is perfect for a baby shower or first birthday party.

Check out my previous post where I show you how to make an in-the-hoop banner for free!

In-the-hoop bibs

in-the-hoop baby bibs are a quick an easy in-the-hoop project for a baby

Some babies are so drooly that a bib becomes part of their daily attire. Bibs are a fun project to make in the hoop. However, if your maximum hoop size is only 5 x 7“, you will be limited to making bibs for a pretty small babe. Fortunately, these small sizes work fine for newborns, and therefore make great new baby gifts.

There are a bunch of cute in-the-hoop bib patterns some with quilting and some even with food catching pockets integrated in the front of the bib.

In-the-hoop rattle

Babies seem to love noise makers, which is pretty ironic. I mean – don’t they make enough noise without additional assistance?

Had you considered making a baby rattle in-the-hoop? You can actually integrate a beads inside of your rattle so that it will make some noise when the baby shakes it!

This in-the-hoop rattle is perfect for a new baby. It’s soft, sweet and has just the right amount of jingle.

In-the-hoop burp cloth

Babies can sure be spitty. Protect your shoulders with a solid burp cloth. You make them out of super cute fabric and even add a name or a monogram.

Check out this super simple in-the-hoop burp cloth that is shaped to fit your shoulder and soak up all that spit-up.

So, are you ready to make some in-the-hoop projects for babies?

These 12 must-try in-the-hoop projects for babies should get you started!

One of the best things about in-the-hoop projects is that they make great baby gifts! So, if you’re looking for a unique and personal baby gift – try one of these in-the-hoop baby embroidery projects.

Don’t like in the hoop projects but still need some baby gift ideas? Check out my previous post on baby gifts to make on your embroidery machine.

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In-the-hoop projects for babies
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