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How to make an in-the-hoop Easter egg

Easter is on the horizon, and for the machine embroidery enthusiasts out there, it’s not just a season to dye eggs; it’s a time to craft some adorable gifts and home decor. One fun and productive way to use your embroidery machine this Easter season is to whip up some in-the-hoop Easter eggs! They are […]

In-the-hoop toys and games to make for the holidays

So, have you tried making any in-the-hoop projects? Well, now may be your time to tackle it, especially since there are so many AMAZING in-the-hoop toys and games to make on an embroidery machine that make super cute and unique holiday gifts.  The kids will love them and parents will love them even more.  Products […]

gifts to make for mom using an embroidery machine

Gifts for mom to make on an embroidery machine

OH man!  It’s that time of year again: the season in which I rack my brain trying to figure out what to give my mom and my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. Fortunately, I own an embroidery machine, and I have a fairly good track record for embroidering personalized gifts that they have loved.  Since some […]

10 Easter projects to make on your embroidery machine

Machine embroidery projects for Easter

It’s hard to believe that the next big holiday is EASTER!  Yes, I understand it is a holy day, and I do recognize that. But when it comes to machine embroidery, Easter means going big with over the top Easter baskets, outfits and home decor. If you are looking for ideas this season, check out […]

12 Valentine's projects to make on your embroidery machine

12 Valentine’s Day projects to make on your embroidery machine

Valentine’s Day can be a challenging holiday, especially if you aren’t coupled up. But it certainly doesn’t have to be. I, personally, believe that Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show some love to anyone in your life, whether it’s your kids, grand kids, classmates, or even your friends at work. Plus, if you […]

graduation gifts to make with your embroidery machine

Machine embroidered graduation gifts

Graduations are a perfect opportunity to get out your embroidery machine.  A young adult heading off to college, graduate school, or a job needs a lot of new gear: clothing, home goods, accessories, etc… So, there are tons of ideas to choose from. But, why not make the gift a little more special and personalized? […]

how to sew an Easter basket

How to sew an Easter basket and personalize it with your embroidery machine

Are you searching for a more elegant alternative to the plastic, throwaway Easter basket? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we are going to teach you how to sew an Easter basket from scrap fabric and a bit of batting and then personalize it with a split egg appliqué design. The genius behind […]

101 things to machine embroider

101 things to machine embroider

Got an embroidery machine but don’t know what to make. There are so many things to machine embroider! In this blog post, I will provide you with a list of 101 things you can embroider with your embroidery machine. From the basics like towels and aprons, to more advanced techniques like baby onesies and gloves, […]

how to make an in-the-hoop gift card holder

How to make an in-the-hoop gift card holder

Now that my kids are getting older and (gasp) even driving – they have the capability to buy any gift they want. So, these days, gift giving is a bit more challenging. Gone are the days when I could appliqué a goofy design on a sweatshirt and hit a home run.  My kids’ tastes have […]

How to make a Santa pillow

How to make a Santa pillow with an appliqué belt

Around Christmastime, my husband often refers to me as the Scrooge because I’m not the most willing participant when it comes to Christmas decorating. This is probably because I am usually embroidering, wrapping gifts, sending out Christmas cards, or doing some tasks that ago along with celebrating the Christmas season.  Would the Scrooge be willing […]

how to make in-the-hoop towel toppers

How to make in-the-hoop towel toppers

It seems like every time I walk in our kitchen, there is at least one towel on the floor as well as 4 or 5 wadded up in different locations around the kitchen.  Mostly, I blame my 3 teenage roommates. But, in their defense, we don’t really have a great place for them to hang […]

how to make an in-the-hoop ornament stuffies

How to make in-the-hoop stuffies

If you need to make a large quantity of ornaments quickly and inexpensively, I have the solution for you. These super basic ornament stuffies inspired by classic Christmas silhouettes come together in a snap. In this post I’ll show you how to make in-the-hoop stuffies using my own ornament design. And, I’ll also point out […]