Gifts for mom to make on an embroidery machine

By on May 8th, 2023
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gifts to make for mom using an embroidery machine
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OH man!  It’s that time of year again: the season in which I rack my brain trying to figure out what to give my mom and my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. Fortunately, I own an embroidery machine, and I have a fairly good track record for embroidering personalized gifts that they have loved.  Since some of you are likely in the same boat I’ll share with you some of my best gifts for mom to make on an embroidery machine.

Why make gifts for your mom on your embroidery machine?

For starters, there is the instant emotional connection that you’ll get with mom when she opens a gift that you lovingly labored over yourself.

And then there’s the practical factor: personalized gifts that you make yourself are often much less expensive than if you were to buy them retail.

Plus, they can also be made using materials that are easy to source and work with. Even though you may spend a bit more time embroidering the gift – you may save some time not having to wander around a bunch of stores looking for ideas.

Finally, a personalized gift from you will be unique and one-of-a-kind – something that your mom (or mother-in-law) is sure to appreciate.

So are you ready for a dose of mom gift inspiration? Here we go!

Gifts to make for a mom using your embroidery machine

Monogrammed straw hat

monogrammed straw hat

A monogrammed straw hat is the perfect Mother’s day gift. Your mom is probably starting to spend more time outside, and should be protecting her lovely face in style.

Fortunately, you can get a straw hat just about anywhere, including Amazon Prime. Monogramming only takes a minute – so even if you get the package on Saturday, you should be good to go.

Not sure how to embroidery on a straw hat? Check out my recent tutorial on how to monogram a straw hat.

A personalized tote

A monogrammed tote for a new mom.

I don’t care what age the mother is on your list.  Every mom I know schleps around just about everything under the sun which is why a personalized tote makes a great gift for mom to make on an embroidery machine.

I find myself lugging stuff around in tacky trade show give aways and ALDI bags. Will someone please make this for me?

There are tons of cute and inexpensive blank tote bags on Amazon and other blank suppliers.

Personalizing a tote bag using your home embroidery machine is actually fairly easy. Just make sure you have plenty of space for the name or monogram and don’t try to embroider over a snap or any other hardware!

A monogrammed candle

monogrammed candle
Monogrammed candle photo provided by Jo Ann Boggs and used with her permission.

When I first heard of this idea, I thought it sounded ludicrous. But it’s actually pretty easy. 

To put a monogram on a candle, you simply stitch out the design on water soluble stabilizer and tulle. Then, to get the design to stick onto the candle, you simply use a heat gun and melt it in to the wax.

Curious? Use Mother’s Day as an excuse to give this project a try!

Personalized glasses case

ITH glasses case
Picture provided by Pixie Willow Patterns and used with their permission.

Most moms can’t have too many pairs of readers. How about setting her up with some fresh styles packaged with some personalized cases.

It’s super easy to make an eyeglass case in the hoop, assuming your embroidery machine has a large enough hoop to accommodate this project.

I love this straight-forward in-the-hoop classes case design by Pixie Willow Patterns.  Just add the monogram prior to stitching it all together.

Monogrammed koozies

Who doesn’t like a cold drink? And, if she’s your mom, she probably needs it, right?

Monogrammed koozies are super fun and easy to make.  You can make them in-the-hoop, add a monogram and then stitch them together up the sides. Be generous with your mother and make her a whole set.

Is the mom on your list more of a beer drinker? Or maybe she hasn’t moved passed her college days and likes to drink out of a red Solo cup.  (Hey – I’m not judging.) You can get unsewn koozies for these as well!

Check out my previous post about personalizing koozies on your embroidery machine. In this post, I provide a free design that will stitch up the sides for you.

Monogrammed robe

monogrammed robe

Robes are one of the best gifts for mom to make on an embroidery machine because they are easy to fit and a pleasure to wear.

I didn’t think I needed a new robe until my sister monogrammed the softest, most plush robe for me for Christmas one year. Then all the sudden the ratty, poor excuses for robes I’d been wearing around went right to the Goodwill bin.

Worried that your mom already has a favorite robe? What about something more lightweight to wear around the house or even out to the pool in the upcoming warmer weather.  I personally love the waffle textured robes that they loan you at the spa, and I’m sure your mom will as well.

Or you could go with a satin robe. These are nice and lightweight, elegant, surprisingly inexpensive and satin is actually not too difficult to embroider.

Monogrammed slippers

Sound hard to do on your embroidery machine? Actually, it’s not too bad if the slippers come apart.  Just take the slippers apart and start stitching away. 

If you really want to spoil your mama, then coordinate the monogrammed slippers with the monogrammed robe.

And if you are feeling super duper ambitious – why not make the slippers from scratch? Yes – you can do this! Just find a pattern for slippers and some adorable fabrics and you have a great gift.

Personalized food travel totes

monogrammed food travel tote

Have you ever transported food to a party and ended up with it mostly on your lap on the way to the party? Well – I have. And you know what, this situation can be avoided altogether if you have the right food transport gear.

Structured canvas bags with the metal frames and insulation are really useful for picnics and other outdoor events. You can throw a few ice packs in the bag and your food stays nice and cold.

The canvas totes designed to carry pyrex casserole dishes are amazing and super easy to embroider. With her monogram on the set, her dish won’t get left at a party.

Monogrammed packing cubes

monogrammed packing cubes

The mom on your lift like to travel? How about personalizing some packing cubes? Monogramming these things are cinch as they open up completely and stick very easily to hooped stabilizer.

Packing cubes have been a game changer for me. My husband says that when I enter a hotel room, my suitcase spontaneously vomits. 

To be honest, that’s not much of an exaggeration. But packing cubes have helped me keep my clothes a bit more organized when I’m on the road.  Plus, they can double as a little tote bag if you need to take a few items with you to the beach, pool on gym. I highly recommend them.

Monogrammed patio pillows

Want to make a mom’s patio furniture even cuter and more comfortable? You can easily monogram some indoor / outdoor pillow covers and fill them with a durable outdoor pillow form.

While it’s pretty easy to make the pillow covering yourself, you can also just order the covers and add the monogram.

Monogrammed windbreaker

monogrammed windbreaker

Mother’s day falls right into windbreaker season, so why not treat your mama to a monogrammed windbreaker? Don’t let the slick fabric scare you.  They are not difficult to embroider on and they make such a useful gift.  Check out how I monogrammed a windbreaker.

Monogrammed pillow shams

Another easy gift to make on an embroidery machine for a mom who likes to spruce up her decor from time to time your embroidery machine is to monogram pillow shams. These things are a breeze to put together, and make the room feel more put together and finished. 

Of course you can buy pillow shams. But why buy them when you can make them yourself. Check out how I did it.

A monogrammed cardigan

monogrammed sweater

I love a good cardigan. I wear them all the time because they are an easy layer to add to almost any outfit. Go Laverne style and personalize one with a single initial! Might I suggest the College Girl font for that single initial?

Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of embroidering on a knit. I’ve monogrammed cardigans and stitched embroidery designs all over a sweater and it was a breeze.

A monogrammed scarf

a monogrammed infinity scarf is a great gift to make for a mom using your embroidery machine

Scarves are a must have these days. They add a bit of style and also keep your neck warm when it’s chilly out. So why not go the extra mile and monogram a scarf for mom?

Infinity scarves are super easy to make and you can choose any fabric to personalize it. You can get really creative with different fabrics and textures as well!

If your mother is more on the fashionable side, she will definitely appreciate a personalized scarf. Don’t feel like making one? You can purchase blank lightweight infinity scarves and personalize those fairly easily using your embroidery machine.

Ok – so now that I’ve given you all my best gifts for mom to make on an embroidery machine…

What are your best gifts for mom to make on an embroidery machine? There have to be other ideas out there. Let me know, because I’ve already made all of these! Seriously –  I’m desperate! Help me, please!!!

Ok great.  Thank you in advance.

Happy stitching!! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas!



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gifts to make for mom using an embroidery machine
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