2 thoughts on “How to embroider on a polo

  1. OMG…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Good job! I understand and am smiling, all 8 without a screw-up! WOW!!!! Have had to do some crazy, last minute, way out of my comfort zone projects and the adrenaline just pumps. Then it’s over! Would be so cool to get a pat on the back. So just consider this your ” At a boy” and have another drink!!! ( By the way, thanks for the cool designs…searched the web for days for a particular type of designs and you had them! Thanks!!!!!)

    1. My sister says I have a “pathological need for approval.” I guess I have turned to my blog followers to fill that need…. hahaha! Thanks for you kind words and I’m so happy you found what you were looking for in my designs.

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