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A snowflake embroidery design for free embroidery design Monday

Snowflake free machine embroidery design

We used to live in Boston, and a good number of my friends and former work colleagues still live there. So, a few days ago, my Facebook news feed was a litany of posts about snow, the snow day and freezing temperatures.  Smugly, I thought to myself: “poor suckers.”  And then the snow hit us… more snow than I ever remember seeing in St. Louis.   And I am stuck at home with a car that I don’t even want to attempt to get out of the driveway and my three little crazy kids.  So what else it there to do?  Embrace the winter weather as inspiration! And make a snowflake embroidery design for a free embroidery design Monday!

I hope you find this little snowflake design to be useful. I am thinking that it would look cute on a headband or as a little wintery detail on an item of clothing. The size is about 1.5 inches in diameter.


Download the snowflake embroidery design file

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A modern leaf embroidery design for free machine embroidery design Monday

Modern leaf - free applique design
Modern leaf – free applique design

After posting the acorn design last week, I’ve been thinking about other fall appropriate designs that might be of interest to my readers. Of course I thought about digitizing a leaf, however I didn’t want to the leaf to be generic and cheesy. What immediately came to mind was the style of the leaf that was part of the Michael Miller “Forest Life” fabric that I used on my daughter’s duvet cover I made last year.  I used that fabric for inspiration for creating this design.

This modern, simple, yet bold appliqué design can be stitched out in a number of different ways. You can just stitch out just the outline and use no appliqué fabric whatsoever. Or, you can use fabric in the leaf portion but cutaway the fabric in the leaf inner shape. Or you can even use two different fabrics on the outer part and the inner parts of the leaf.

This design I think would look really nice stitched out multiple times on a pillow, or perhaps a placemat. I have made the design less then 3.93 inches in height so that it can be stitched out in a 4 x 4 hoop.  But think about deploying it in multiples for a bigger statement.  I think it would look super cool.

If you do decide to stitch out this modern leaf appliqué design, send me a picture! I would love to see the creative ways that you have used it.

Download the modern leaf machine appliqué file

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Free embroidery design Monday: a witch’s hat appliqué design

Free witch hat applique design
Free witch hat applique design

Hello everyone and happy free machine embroidery design Monday!  (and it’s Thursday… I know, I know. I’m a little behind.)

My embroidery Facebook friends have been showing off some super cute Halloween outfits.  One even asked for suggestions on what Halloween iconography to appliqué on the front of a dress.  Well – here’s an idea – and guess what – it’s free!

This witch’s hat is sized to fit in a 4″ x 4″ hoop and saved in several different formats – so just about anyone with any type of embroidery machine can stitch it out.

If you are looking for more simple and cute Halloween applique designs – check out my Halloween designs in my Etsy store.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Download the free witch hat appliqué design

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Free machine embroidery design Monday – a simple duck appliqué

Free duck applique design
Free duck applique design

This past weekend while at our family reunion in Tennessee, we snuck out to explore downtown Nashville. (Anything to get away from that nasty hotel room). One of our favorite places to go in downtown Nashville is Hatch Show Print, a traditional printing shop known for their bold and creative posters and prints. They have tons of old Grand Ole Opry posters as well as posters advertising more contemporary concerts, and they also have really cool art prints.

A few years ago we bought a duck poster at Hatch Show and have always hung it in our current baby room. Now that our youngest is almost 4 – we might have to find a creative way to repurpose it or pass it along to another little one. Anyway – being at Hatch Show reminded me of how much I love this particular print. And my kids, trailing behind me on the streets of Nashville, reminded me of a mother duck with her little ones in a row.

So there you have the inspiration for this weeks free machine appliqué design: a duck. And I sized it to fit in a 4″ x 4″ hoop. I hope you find this one useful. I am thinking it might be cute on a baby towel or t-shirt combined with a name? Let me know if you use it and please send the pics!

Download the free duck appliqué design

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Another simple machine embroidery flower design for free embroidery design Monday

free simple flower machine embroidery design

It’s free machine embroidery design Monday and I’m only one day late in delivering the free design – yay! Anyway – this Monday I -once again dug into my archives of designs to share something with you: a simple flower outline design.

This flower was another graphic that was inspired by the “Forest Life” fabric in the duvet cover that I made for my daughter.  It’s simple, versatile and might look really cool stitched out multiple times in different colors – maybe even combined with the flower embroidery design that I posted last week.  Enjoy!

Download another free simple flower embroidery design inspired by the “Forest Life” Fabric.

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New Mexico flag machine embroidery design for free embroidery design Monday

New Mexico Flag Machine Embroidery Design
New Mexico Flag Machine Embroidery Design

It’s free machine embroidery design Monday, but being that I am out of town today (and did not travel with my embroidery machine) it is difficult for me to digitize something new and stitch it out. Instead I’ve rustled through the archive of designs I created in the past and found something to offer up to my blog followers this week: the New Mexico state symbol that you see on the state flag.

Have you ever wondered what the symbol on the New Mexico state flag means?  It’s actually a Zia sun symbol that was discovered at the Zia Pueblo in northern New Mexico.  The symbol and it’s four lines have meaning to the Zia culture: four seasons, four directions, etc… The symbol was appropriated by archaeologist, Dr. Harry Mera, who won a contest in designing the state flag in 1925.

So why offer the New Mexico state flag embroidery symbol this week? I don’t have a good one for you there – but I am hoping that it proves to be useful to you all.

Download Free New Mexico Flag Machine Embroidery Design Files

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Free machine embroidery design: “Cheers!”

Wine bags with machine embroidery
Wine bags with machine embroidery

It’s free embroidery design Monday and today I am going to share with you a file that I created over the weekend and actually used in a project. The file is the word “Cheers!” in a celebratory cursive typeface. It is the perfect size to stitched out on a gift bag, wine bag, apron, or any home decor item.

This weekend I attended a party given for my friend, Zellie, who recently completed her PhD. (I made her a really cute monogramed scarf… in case you missed it.)  For the two hostesses I gave them bottles of wine in homemade, embroidered wine bags. On one, I stitched out the word, “Cheers!” and the other, “Thank you.”

Want to use the “Cheers!” design and make a homemade wine bag?  Tomorrow I will be sharing exactly how to make these bags. But for the time being I hope you enjoy this free machine embroidery design.

Download the “Cheers!” Design


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Western star machine appliqué design – Monday’s free embroidery design

Western Star Applique Design
Western Star Applique Design

Once again it is free machine embroidery design Monday, and today – the file that I am offering is a triple-stitch appliqué design of a western star.  I created the file over the weekend and stitched it out on a t-shirt to make a birthday gift for a little boy (friend of my daughter’s).

The triple-stitch applique design is ideal for knit fabrics.  You stitch down the appliqué pieces and then trim – leaving a bit of excess fabric outside the stitching line.

If you have been following the blog or have checked out my designs on Etsy, you probably have noticed that I like Old Western iconography, and this Western star design fits squarely in that category.

The only caveat with this design is that it requires a bit of careful trimming.  I actually laid the white inset star pieces down separately, because I though it would be easier to trim.  This required me to stop the machine after it tacked down each piece and then set down the next one.  After doing this I think it would be easier to lay down one piece of fabric covering the five inset pieces and then trim around all 5 of the small pieces.  It’s a quick design to execute but does require some trimming.

I hope you all like it.

Download the Wester Star Design.

Oh – and if you like bargains… I am offering 2 new $1 designs on my Etsy store this week.   The Mr. and Mrs. pillowcase embroidery design, and the star in heart appliqué design.

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Cupcake and Birthday Girl Machine Embroidery Design

I was inspired to make a headband for my girls on their upcoming birthday.  This presented a great opportunity to do some digitizing as well as embroider on knits.   I think the digitizing went pretty well but I still don’t have the technique down for embroidering on knits.

I simply cut out a large piece of cut-away fusible cut-away stabilizer, fused it to the t-shirt fabric and hooped both the t-shirt and the stabilizer.  I experienced a bit of puckering.  I think that I should have used another layer of stabilizer.

(I found a great message board re: embroidery on knits).
I will post the resulting headband once I am finished… too tired tonight.  But here is the design stitched out.

2013-01-09 21.52.43-1