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How to convert an SVG file to an embroidery design

How to convert an SVG file to an embroidery design

If you’re familiar with computer graphics, or you use a cutting machine, like a Cricut, a Silhouette, or a Brother Scan and Cut, then you’re probably very familiar with SVG files. These machines LOVE SVG files because they provide such a precise cutting line. While cutting machines and embroidery machines work a big differently, they […]

How to digitize with Embrilliance Stitch Artist

How to Digitize with Embrilliance StitchArtist

Do you love machine embroidery but don’t necessarily love the embroidery designs that are commercially available? If you want to create your own embroidery designs, you will need to learn how to digitize. You will also need digitizing software. One of the most popular programs used for embroidery digitizing (and my personal favorite) is Embrilliance […]

Embroidery Digitizing Lessons: Where to Find Them

Embroidery digitizing lessons: where to find them

Are you are trying to become an embroidery digitizer and master your embroidery software? Well – you’re in luck. There are a number of different places where you can find excellent embroidery digitizing lessons that will teach you how to use your chosen embroidery digitizing software. Some of these lessons are in-person, some online. Some […]

How to become an embroidery digitizer

How to become an embroidery digitizer

So you’re wondering how to become an embroidery digitizer? I get it. I remember the feeling. As soon as I started using my embroidery machine I immediately wanted to learn how to create the files that my machine could stitch out.  In fact, the goal of becoming an embroidery digitizer was the whole reason I […]

How to digitize an applique design using SewArt

How to digitize an appliqué design using SewArt

SewArt is a very inexpensive embroidery digitizing program, so it’s capabilities are sometimes underestimated. However, after downloading and playing with the software quite a bit, I’m pleasantly surprised by what I can accomplish with this inexpensive digitizing software.  Of course you can convert JPG images to embroidery files using some of its auto digitizing tools. […]

Top 10 digitizing programs for machine embroidery

Best embroidery digitizing software

After stitching out dozens of designs on your embroidery machine, are you beginning to crave the ability to make your own embroidery designs? I mean – how great would it be to stitch out anything you can dream up and not just other designer’s creations?  If this is where you are in your machine embroidery […]

How to use Embrilliance Essentials

How to use Embrilliance Essentials

Perhaps you have heard of Embrilliance Essentials and aren’t sure what it does. Or maybe, you just purchased it and you need to know how to get started. Either way – this blog post will cover some of the basics of the program in a simple and concise manner, demonstrating what you can do with […]

what is embroidery digitizing?

What is embroidery digitizing?

If you are new to the world of machine embroidery, you are likely starting to hear about embroidery digitizing and, perhaps, wondering that’s all about. It certainly didn’t take me long to start wanting to be able to stitch out the art I liked and not necessarily the embroidery designs that were available for sale. […]

how to digitize handwriting for machine embroidery

How to digitize handwriting for machine embroidery

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to recreate someone’s handwriting using your embroidery machine? Guess what? It’s actually pretty easy to digitize handwriting for machine embroidery. And it has a lot of practical applications. Years ago, I made a pillow for my parents comprised of the outlines and “signatures” of all my kids. It […]

how to convert a photo to an embroidery design

How to convert an image to an embroidery file for free

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to stitch out a picture of a loved one using an embroidery machine?  Guess what??  You actually can. Using inexpensive and even free software, it is indeed possible to convert an image to an embroidery file.  So – get out your iPhones and snap some pics, because I’m […]

SewWhat-Pro vs Embrilliance

Have you gotten to the point in your machine embroidery journey where you would like to edit and combine machine embroidery designs? If so, you are probably looking at investing in some machine embroidery software. Two of the most popular entry level machine embroidery programs are SewWhat Pro  and Embrilliance Essentials. But which one should […]

how to combine embroidery designs

How to combine embroidery designs using SewWhat-Pro

The other day I was digitizing a new set of designs for my latest monthly design bundle and it occurred to me that whoever downloaded these designs might want to add a name or a phrase to the design.  For example, it might make sense to add a “Happy New Year” below the clinking champagne […]