Gift Ideas for Machine Embroidery Enthusiasts

By on June 27th, 2023
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Gift ideas for the machine embroidery enthusiast
free machine embroidery designs

OK – I know this is going to sound like a first world problem, but one of the more stressful parts of Christmas is not only coming up with gift ideas for other people, but also coming up with gift ideas for yourself. Inevitably, husbands, parents, children, Secret Santas, etc… ask what you want for Christmas, and they expect YOU to come up with an idea. I run into the same issue on my birthday every year. And then I wised up. Why not ask for a gift that supports your passion for machine embroidery? Whether you are a total beginner, hobbyist or run an embroidery business, there are loads of great gift ideas for machine embroidery enthusiasts.

Here you will find some ideas to add to your own birthday and Christmas wish lists, so when people ask what you want, you can be ready! And, why not? You help them out while getting something you actually like and use.  It’s taken me awhile, but, finally, I have learned that when I provide input into my Christmas gifts, I tend to like them better.

Go figure.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Machine Embroidery Neophyte

An embroidery machine

Let’s start with you beginners. If you are still on the fence as to whether you want to actually do machine embroidery, the first thing you probably need is an embroidery machine. Fortunately, embroidery machines can be obtained for less money than you think. And many home embroidery machines can be Amazon Primed right to your front door.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want an embroidery / sewing combination machine or strictly an embroidery machine. If space is a consideration and/or you don’t already have a sewing machine, I would definitely recommend a machine that can both sew and embroider. One of the most inexpensive options for a embroidery / sewing combination machine is the Brother SE 600.  It’s a little bit more expensive than its strictly embroidery machine counterpart, but essential if you need a machine that both sews and embroiders.

You can pay a little less if you buy a machine that only does machine embroidery.  Fan favorites for a dedicated embroidery machine include the Brother PE535 and the Brother PE800.  Both are available on Amazon and have a reputation for being great embroidery machines for beginners. Learn about the differences between the Brother PE535 and the PE800 machines in my previous post.

Brother PE535
The Brother PE535 is a great beginner embroidery machine
The Brother PE800 is also a fantastic “entry level” embroidery machine that has a few more capabilities than the PE535. Learn more.

If you are willing to shop around and don’t have a problem buying a used embroidery machine, you can find an awesome deal if you are strategic about where and how are you search. Here are some strategies for obtaining an inexpensive embroidery machine.

A machine embroidery course

For the total newbie (like someone who’s afraid to get their embroidery machine out of the box), perhaps a lesson or two are in order. There are several video and web-based courses that can help the timid embroiderer get started. Check out my course offerings, including my signature course perfect for newbies: Master the Machine: Learn to Embroider Like a Boss.

What about a machine embroidery starter kit? If you are really new to machine embroidery, it would be lovely to have all the supplies you need in one pretty box. This lovely box of embroidery goodies, including thread, stabilizer and even an instructional CD would be super helpful for someone just getting started.

Once you are set with the machine embroidery supplies, you will also need some important machine embroidery accessories.  A newbie probably doesn’t own these super essential machine embroidery accessories like a pair of nippers, appliqué scissors, a stitch eraser or a thread stand. Getting some key accessories to help with the embroidery process would be an awesome gift.

An Embroiderer’s Compass

If you are just starting out with machine embroidery you may be a little shaky about what stabilizer, needle and topper you should use when embroidering on different materials.  Let the Embroiderer’s Compass navigate you through these overwhelming number of options. You just rotate the dial over to your specific conditions, and what you need is revealed. It is a super simple but handy device, and it will help boost your confidence in working with a variety of materials.

embroiderer's compass

Placement aids

One of the most frustrating parts of machine embroidery is properly placing your embroidery in the desired spot. DIME has several tools that can help with placement. Check out their alignment laser and their perfect placement kits.

Gift Ideas for the Machine Embroidery Hobbyist

Embroidery thread

Once you get started using your embroidery machine, you will surely need embroidery thread. And the more thread colors you own, the better!  Getting a variety pack of embroidery thread is a real treat. Or, you can either ask for specific thread colors based on what you need. Keep in mind though, if your machine is really picky about specific thread brands, be sure to note this on your holiday wish list.

Embroidery thread set
Why am I drooling at the site of this box? I was stunned to find this was only $42.99.

Novelty threads

So maybe you have all the machine embroidery thread you could ever want. What about checking out some of the fun novelty threads?  I’ve become a big fan of metallics and have had excellent luck with the metallic thread set by DIMEDon’t believe it? You can even watch me embroider with metallics without breaking a thread!

best metallic embroidery thread
Add bling to everything with some metallic embroidery thread.

Metallic thread not your thing? What about glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread? There are tons of fun projects to make for kids using glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread.  And, to make it a bit more fun, stitch out some designs in a crazy array of glow-in-the-dark thread colors.

glow in the dark embroidery thread

Digitizing software

If you’ve been embroidering for a while, you might want to ask for some digitizing software. You could start with an entry-level package like Sew ART which can be purchased for $75. Or, go with some software that can be easily upgraded if you enjoy working with it, like Embrilliance Stitch Artist. Knowing how to digitize will transform what you are able to do with your embroidery machine.  Before investing, be sure to take the time to learn more about different digitizing programs. 

StitchArtist software

A subscription

A subscription to an embroidery club or a magazine is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. For $43, you can join John Deere’s Embroidery Legacy Club and get five embroidery design downloads per month!

You may also consider a subscription to one of the popular trade magazines such as the Designs in Machine Embroidery Publications or Creative Machine Embroidery.  Each month these magazines come with free embroidery designs. You can either buy individual issues or get a subscription.

DIME magazine

A gift card for embroidery designs

There are LOADS of amazing embroidery designs on ETSY.  Give a machine embroidery geek an ETSY gift card and she’ll be embroidery design heaven.


Books are great gift ideas for machine embroidery enthusiasts. And, there are a few classics that you should ask for if they’re not already on your shelf.  If you are interested in learning to digitize, I would wholeheartedly recommend Digitizing Made Easy by John Deere. I’m also a big fan of  Machine Embroidery on Difficult Materials by Deborah Jones for when I’m trying to embroider on a fabric that’s a little bit scary.

Gift Ideas for Machine Embroidery Business Owners (or Someone Thinking About Starting an Embroidery Business)

If you are in the business of selling embroidered items, ask for a gift that will make your life easier and/or help you grow your business.

Business Guidance

Why not take a course to help you get started with your embroidery business? Check out this very reasonably priced course that will help you figure out how to charge for your work and turn a profit with your embroidery business.

You should also check out the book series, “Embroidery Business from Home” by Martin Barnes, specifically geared toward helping you get started with your embroidery business.  Volume 1 focuses on setting up the business model and Volume 2 pertains to digitizing.

A Zebra label printer

This little Zebra label printer is a game changer when you are making and shipping out orders.  When shipping out my own orders, I used to print the shipping label on paper, then fold and tape it to the envelope, and it took WAY too much time. Now I print all my address labels on my little Zebra label printer and it’s so much quicker. Even the little noise it makes brings me joy.

Zebra label printer


If you are selling your handmade work, you should be promoting your brand. One of the best ways to get your name out there is to incorporate a label in all of your products. Ordering custom labels for the machine embroidery business owner is a great way to get started.

So… now go update your wish list!

I hope you found my machine embroidery lover gift suggestions to be helpful. If you love machine embroidery as much as me, maybe these gift ideas will motivate you to stay off of Santa’s naughty list….

Happy Stitching!


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gift ideas for machine embroidery enthusiasts
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