Stitching for Dollars: launch and run a thriving embroidery business


Before you launch your embroidery business – read this book!  This 100+ page e-book is chock full of tips, tricks and advice to set you on course for starting and running your embroidery empire.

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Running an embroidery business can be both fun and profitable! But, before you jump in with both feet, learn how to get your enterprise up and running and how to make it successful. 

This comprehensive e-book offers loads of valuable tips, tricks and advice for launching and running an embroidery business.

Topics covered include:

  • Determining how much money your embroidery business can make
  • Setting rates for embroidery services
  • Choosing the best embroidery machine for your business
  • Free and inexpensive marketing tactics
  • Successfully selling on Etsy 
  • How to build your own e-commerce website
  • Strategies for selling embroidered products at craft shows
  • Tips from embroidery business owners
  • Sources for embroidery blanks, digitizers, suppliers and used embroidery machines