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My big Spring Break thrill: meeting Patricia from Project Runway in Taos, NM!

Meeting Patricia Michaels in Taos... wish I dressed a little nicer.
Meeting Patricia Michaels in Taos… wish I dressed a little nicer.

I am a HUGE Project Runway fan.  I know, I know, the show has been on for years, it’s formulaic, it’s reality TV – but I love it anyway.  As a creator – I totally appreciate how much work goes into every piece these designers crank out and I totally get it… it’s NOT easy.   Another reason why I like the show is that (unlike The Bachelor)  it’s pretty kid appropriate.  So now my kids are big fans too.

One of my favorite designers from the past few seasons is Patricia Michaels, a Native American woman from Taos, New Mexico.  Patricia had such a quiet grace on the show and seemed to never succumb to hurling insults at her fellow competitors.  Plus her work was exquisite, ornate, unique and totally reflective of her Native American culture with a few whimsical twists.

My best friend, Alix, who is often featured on this blog, just happens to live in Taos, New Mexico and met Patricia at a show in town recently. Prior to meeting her, Alix and I had talked about how much we loved her and her work on the show, so this was exciting!  Alix quickly discovered that Patricia is just as sweet and talented in person as she is on the show.  Patricia even invited Alix to another show (featuring Native American made products in Taos) this past weekend, and guess who just so happened to be in town… ME!

So – yes – I got to meet Patricia and ask her just a few of my many stupid questions about the show.  And as you can see – I have a picture here to prove it.  (The two five-year-olds couldn’t resist getting in on the action.)

I’m looking forward to future visits to Taos to pick up my own Patricia Michaels original and maybe even check out her studio.  Maybe I will come back to Taos and pry her full of alcohol to get all the real behind-the-scense dirt on Project Runway… just kidding.

Anyway – being you, my dear readers, are all creative people – I thought you would appreciate my thrill in meeting Ms. Patricia.  If you can’t make it to Taos, to meet her yourself, be sure to  check out the Patricia Michaels web site, PM Waterlily.

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It’s Inspiration Sunday and I’m inspired by the challenge on Project Runway

Flower design inspired by Belk's logo.
Flower design inspired by Belk’s logo.

If you have been reading this blog a while you probably know that I love, love, love Project Runway.  Did I mention that I love it? Anyway – this past week the challenge on Project Runway was to design a look for the “modern southern woman.”  Where the heck did that idea come from?  Well – the sponsor of the episode was Belk – an on-line retailer whose tagline is “fashion for the modern southern woman.”

Naturally the hip city slicker designers were perplexed, but the two Southerners thought they had the challenge in the bag.  But what do you know – (spoiler alert) – the Southerners ended up in the bottom.  If you really want to know more about the episode – check out the recap.  (By the way – I totally agree with the writer of this recap – I loved Helen’s look. She was not one of the top looks.)

Naturally the episode had the exact outcome producers were hoping for – at least it did for me.  I immediately wanted to know more about this Belk company.  Who are they and how do they define the “modern southern woman?”  I had to go check out the Belk site.

While I am not super inspired by the clothes on the site (kind of old lady in my opinion… is that what they think Southern means??)  – I do love their logo! I think a design with overlapping leaves that form a full flower could be super cute.  So I mocked it up.  What do you think?  Funny how when you are looking for something you find something much much better.