In-the-hoop USB stick holder keychain


A simple in-the-hoop USB stick holder keychain that is easy to personalize. Just add a snap to secure it in place and a keyring to attach it to your keys.

Note: this product is part of a monthly design bundle.  Check out the collection to save big.

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Keep your favorite USB stick close by creating this in-the-hoop USB stick holder keychain. Easy to personalize.


3-7/8″ x 3-15/16″ (rotated)
1-9/16″ x 4-5/16″ (non-rotated)

Note: two versions are included.  The rotated version is especially designed for 4″ x 4″ hoop as the non-rotated version will not fit. Use the non-rotated version if you have a larger hoop and/or if you want to stitch out several at once. 

Stitch Order

This design is intended to be stitched with faux leather, thin leather or vinyl.  

1) Hoop water soluble stabilizer.
2) Stitch placement stitching. When it’s done, lay down the vinyl to cover all the placement stitching with all the excess hanging of the top or the top right of the placement stitching (where you see the double lines of placement stitching) 
3) Stitch the next thread color which are simply to hold the vinyl in place. 
4) If you would like to personalize this project stitch out letters, monogram, name, etc… now. 
5) Remove the project from the hoop and cut a slit in the water soluble stabilizer along the double lines – wide enough to feed the excess vinyl from the front to the back.  Tape it down on the back of the stabilizer. 
6) Stitch the next round of stitching which will secure the layers together
7) Stitch the next round of stitching which will create the cut line around all the layers. 
8) Remove the project from the hoop and trim around the cut line. 
9) Install a snap to allow for opening/closing.
10) Feed the folded area through a key ring. 

Complete instructions with photos are included with the embroidery design files.

Please note: this is a set of embroidery designs.  You will need an embroidery machine or an embroidery module on your sewing machine to stitch out these designs.

When you purchase this listing, you will be sent a link to download all the files.  The file you will download is a ZIP file that contains all designs in the following formats: ART, HUS, PES, VIP, XXX, VP3, DST, EXP and JEF. You simply need to uncompress the ZIP file to gain access to all the designs.

Learn how to uncompress a ZIP file and get your embroidery designs onto your embroidery machine.

Please do not share files with your sewing and embroidery friends. Digitizing takes time and creativity. Feel free to sell items you sew that incorporate my executed (stitched out) design. Thank you for respecting my copyright.