Best machine embroidery script fonts

By on August 26th, 2021
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best machine embroidery script fonts
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When I start looking at fonts, I can really go down a rabbit hole. There are just so many options, it can be hard to choose. Script fonts are especially tricky because there is an incredible amount of variety and each style projects such a unique and specific look.  In addition, some script fonts work really well in certain contexts, but not so much in others. So, let’s take a closer look at some of these machine embroidery script fonts and determine which ones are best suited for a bunch of different scenarios.

How to choose embroidery script fonts

Before we get too deep looking at specific embroidery fonts, you might be wondering why certain script fonts might be better suited for certain projects more than others.  Let me give you some examples.

Sometimes the material you are stitching on requires a thicker font, such as a towel. A towel has a lot of nap, and only thicker typefaces will tamp down that nap and be visible once they are stitched. So, if you want to stitch out a name or a phrase on a towel using a script font, you will need to find one that has a heavier weight.

Another factor to consider is the character of the typeface. Certain script typefaces can have a very formal appearance which may seem at odd stitched out on casual children’s clothing. Or, for example, the script might read too feminine to look appropriate on a boy’s garment.  Yes – I know – boys and girls should not be pigeonholed into traditional gender stereotypes. I’m just saying that some typefaces look more feminine than others which may or may not be the look you are going for.

Finally, another factor to consider is size. For example, if you are stitching out a long message on a handkerchief, you want to make sure you choose a typeface that is available and will be legible at a very small size.

Embroidery font file formats

Most digitizers offer their embroidery fonts in all of the common machine embroidery file formats. Each letter is exported as a separate embroidery design. Therefore, when you create a word or a monogram, you need to combine all of the various letters together to build a final file.

Programs like SewWhat-Pro allow you to map each letter on your keyboard to the individual letter embroidery files.  Once you create the mapping, you can literally type with the embroidery letters making it really easy to create a name, phrase or a monogram with the embroidery typeface.

Some digitizers offer machine embroidery fonts in BX format. The beauty of the BX format is that they can be imported into the free version of Embrilliance Essentials and easily build names, monograms, phrases, etc…

Best machine embroidery script fonts

A great place to shop for embroidery fonts is Etsy because you can buy from a bunch of different digitizers with just one purchase. Different digitizers have very different styles so you will get a lot of diversity within one shopping platform.  And, just because they are selling on Etsy does not mean that the digitizer is not experienced. Many of the well-known embroidery digitizers have their own sites as well as Etsy shops, just because a lot of people go to Etsy looking for embroidery typefaces.

Small and formal embroidery script fonts

Small and formal embroidery script fonts are often used to stitch out longer messages, such as sentimental messages on handkerchiefs at weddings. The script gives the writing a more handwritten and formal look. However, not every formal script fonts can be stitched out nicely at a small size.

These small and formal embroidery script fonts would be perfect for such a project.

Slim Elegant by Digitizing with Love

Slim Elegant Embroidery Font
Photo provided by Digitizing with Love and used with their permission

The Slim Elegant script font is aptly named as it is both slim and elegant. It’s perfect for establishing a delicate look for a formal affair.

Elegant Script by Digitizing with Love

Elegant script font for machine embroidery
Photo provided by Digitizing with Love and used with their permission

The Elegant Script font has a more rounded look to it. It’s a bit more playful and informal then its slim counterpart.

Mini Ballet Script by Rivermill

Small Ballet Script font
Photo provided by Rivermill and used with their permission

The Small Ballet Script is italicized and more formal that some of other small script fonts.  It’s also pretty compressed which would make it a good choice for stitching out a long word or phrase in a small amount of space.  The Ballet Script embroidery font also comes in a larger size.

Buckingham by Digitizing with Love

Buckingham script font for machine embroidery
Photo provided by Digitizing with Love and used with their permission

The Buckingham Script font is much more straight up and down And a bit more rounded than the elegant font . It is also. Very compressed allowing you to fit a longer order phrase in a smaller space.

Chain stitch script fonts

Chain stitch fonts look like a word has been sewn with a continuous running stitch. They are also sometimes referred to as redwork or bean stitch.  Because they are just comprised of a running stitch they stitch out quickly!  They also are very light so they would not work well on nappy fabrics like towels and blankets with any bit of pile.

Gracie Hand Stitch font by Herrington Artistry

Gracie May Hand Stitch Script
Photo provided by Herrington Artistry LLC and used with their permission

This script typeface is perfect for stitching out a baby’s name on a onesie. At 1.5″ in height – it’s a perfect size and fairly gender neutral.

The Gracie May Hand Stitch script is a fairly straightforward font it’s not as whimsical girly and young looking  as some of the other ones. Well it certainly lens itself to be to be used for sitting at a little girls name on a pretty smart dress if it also be a good choice for a stitching on a name on a gift for an adult.

Melanie Bean Stitch by Rivermill

Melanie Bean Stitch font
Photo provided by Rivermill and used with their permission

If you are looking for a chain stitch font with a little more whimsy – check out the Melanie Bean stitch font.  The letters have more variation in size which gives it more of a playful look. They also have a it in a satin stitch version.

Scarlett Script by The Classic Appliqué

The Scarlett Font
Photo provided by The Classic Appliqué and used with their permission

The Scarlett Script font is a much loopier than the straight-forward Gracie May chain stitch font. It also has a bit of a vintage vibe.

Handwritten embroidery script fonts

A handwritten script looks fun, celebratory and organic.  They can communicate a very spontaneous and whimsical vibe.

Farmhouse Lemonade by Creative Appliqués

The Farmhouse Lemonade script font has a lot of character!  It’s very casual and a little bit country. Also – the letters are fairly uniform in size and somewhat compact.

Magnolia by Klinstitch

If you’re looking for a fun and spontaneous looking script font –  Magnolia is where it’s at. It looks like it was quickly written with by hand with lots of variation in the what are the sizes which gives it a lot of energy.

Bethany by Lovesome Embroidery

The Bethany script font also look looks handwritten. However, each letter has a consistent stroke width throughout. It’s a bit understated and rustic looking.

Better Together by Digitizing with Love

Better Together Font
Photo provided by Digitizing with Love and used with their permission

The Better Together script font is similar to the Bethney font but has a little bit more energy and whimsey. The variation in the letter sizes give it a fun and spontaneous look.

Calligraphy embroidery fonts

A calligraphy font is one that looks like it has been drawn with a calligraphy pen which tend to look more formal that other script embroidery typefaces. But, one of the challenges with these types of script fonts is the extreme variation in stroke width within the letters. The fatter parts of the script would be very visible on a high nap fabric whereas the thinner parts could get lost within the nap of a high pile fabric.

Rosemary Script by Rivermill

Rosemary script font
Photo provided by Rivermill and used with their permission

Then Rosemary script font has a sweet and slightly formal appearance but is not too stuffy to be used on kid clothes. 

Kristen Script by Rivermill

Kristen Embroidery font
Photo provided by Rivermill and used with their permission

The Kristen script font has minimal differences in stroke weight throughout, making it a good choice to be stitched out on nappy fabrics like towels. Some of the letters are slightly larger than others giving it a more playful look, especially for a calligraphy font.

Old School embroidery script fonts

Some script fonts evoke an era of the past which can be very useful when you are trying to communicate a retro feel.

Elegant Script Font by My Sew Cute Boutique

Elegant Script Font
Photo provided by My Sew Cute Boutique and used with their permission

This Elegant Script font has a much different look than the previous one we looked at. It has a much more retro / 1950s vibe.

Smoothie Shoppe by Digitizing with Love

Smoothie shop embroidery font
Photo provided by Digitizing with Love and used with their permission

The Smoothie Shoppe font also alludes to an earlier time. However, it has a thicker stroke which makes it more appropriate for names and monograms stitched on nappy fabric

Medieval Lettering by 5SHP

If you want more of a Medieval look, this embroidery font it is exactly where to go. It would be suitable for any Knight of the Round Table!

Palm Beach by Stitchtopia

The Palm Beach font by Stitchtopia is a nice thick script font that is a perfect for beach towels. In fact, the retro style of the font reminds me of a 1940s beach club.

Embroidery font sets

If limiting yourself to just one embroidery font seems too painful to bear, why not purchase a big old set of embroidery typefaces? These sets of designs are an amazing value  – allowing you to stitch out names, monograms and phrases in a variety of styles.

Set of 50 Script Embroidery Fonts by Digitizing with Love

Huge set of script embroidery font
Photo provided by Digitizing with Love and used with their permission

If you were looking for a nice variety of script fonts you can’t pass up the set of 50 script embroidery fonts. It is a total bargain and gives you a quite a variety of different embroidery script fonts.

10 Best Sellers embroidery fonts by Zin Art Stitch

Set of script fonts for machine embroidery
Photo provided by ZinArtStitch and used with their permission

Here’s another script font variety pack that is a great value.  Just keep in mind it’s only available in the BX format.

Feeling Inspired?

Script fonts are really fun and now you can see that you can create all sorts of different looks by embroidering with a variety of typefaces.   Download them now and enjoy!



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best machine embroidery script fonts

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