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S&S is a company based in Knoxville, TN that makes some very useful embroidery software. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced embroiderer, the S&S Software suite of programs will serve many of your machine embroidery embroidery design creation and manipulation needs.

While they offer six different applications, the three most popular and robust ones are Sewart, SewWhat-Pro and SewWrite.

As a reseller of S&S software, I offer all six programs on my website. I also offer a self-paced online course that teaches how to use SewArt, SewWhat-Pro and SewWrite while giving you a brief overview of the other three programs.

Software mentioned in this article


SewArt embroidery digitizing software

SewArt is an inexpensive embroidery digitizing program. It allows you to import pixel-based images (JPGs, PNGs, TIFs, etc…) as well as vector-based images and turn them into embroidery designs that you can stitch out on your embroidery machine. SewArt

SewArt works a bit differently than typical embroidery digitizing programs, because it’s primarily an auto digitizing program, focusing on converting images into embroidery designs – not on manual digitizing. But, by focusing on the conversion process, Sewart is able to deliver powerful results quickly.

Although you can import both bitmap and vector-based images into SewArt, vector-based images work particularly well for converting to embroidery designs in SewArt because they have definitive borders. Therefore, SewArt can be a useful tool for converting logos into embroidery designs.


SewWhat-Pro Embroidery Design Editor

SewWhat-Pro is a comprehensive program for machine embroidery design editing. It is a powerful tool to manipulate existing designs. It’s a super comprehensive program that offers a lot for its cost.

In addition to assorted editing functions (resizing, merging, etc.) SewWhat-Pro can also export designs in a variety of formats. Therefore, it can also be used to convert one embroidery file format into another.

SewWhat-Pro is quite comparable to Embrilliance Essentials. See how these two programs compare.



SewWrite lets you create embroidery designs from letters quickly and easily. It has several built-in pre-digitized fonts to help ensure that your resulting letters stitch out beautifully.

S&S often releases new fonts, so just by owning the program, you will be obtaining new embroidery fonts on a regular basis. In my opinion, SewWrite is a great value and an incredible useful program.

Other programs by S&S Computing

S&S Computing offers a few other programs that are quite useful but not quite as popular as the other ones.


SewCat - Embroidery Cataloguer

SewCat is a cataloging program for embroidery designs, allowing you to easily search through your embroidery library.



SewClean is a program for cleaning up duplicate embroidery designs.



SewIconz is a utility that allows you to preview your embroidery designs. When you have this program installed, you will see what the embroidery design looks like without having to open it.

How to learn to use S&S Computing Software

Like any software, mastery comes from practice. But, if you are looking to expedite your learning process, check out my course: The SewArt, SewWhat-Pro and SewWrite Master Class

Ready to get to know S&S Computing Software?

S&S Software is a company that makes some very useful embroidery software. Their most popular and robust programs are SewArt, SewWhat-Pro, and SewWrite. These three programs allow you to create embroidery designs, edit existing designs, and build designs from pre-digitized letters. If you’re looking to learn how to use S&S Software or want more information on their other programs, check out my online course that teaches how to use these powerful tools.